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Commits on Mar 21, 2011
  1. - Merge CURRENT into ofed base.

    jeff authored
Commits on Mar 20, 2011
  1. @jillest

    sh(1): Describe subshell environment, command substitution more corre…

    jillest authored
    POSIX does not require the shell to fork for a subshell environment, and we
    use that possibility in various ways (command substitutions with a single
    command and most subshells that are the final command of a shell process).
    Therefore do not tie subshells to forking in the man page.
    Command substitutions with expansions are a bit strange, causing a fork for
    $(...$(($x))...) because $x might expand to y=2; they will probably be
    changed later but this is how they work now.
  2. Use 'list scan' in favor of 'scan', as 'scan' has a different purpose.

    gjb authored
    Pointed out by:	bschmidt
    MFC after:	1 day
  3. @kostikbel

    Retire opt_ffs_broken_fixme.h.

    kostikbel authored
    Instead of directly calling ffs_snapgone(), use UFS_SNAPGONE() with
    usual layering.
    Requested by:	bde
    MFC after:	1 week
  4. @jillest

    index(3): Mention that index/rindex are deprecated and not specified by

    jillest authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  5. Disable a check I added a while ago to ensure the initial NF cal comp…

    adrian authored
    Give it a good go (32 attempts) and then print out a warning that's
    going to occur whether HAL debugging is enabled or not. Then don't
    abort the radio setup; just continue merrily along.
    This should fix the issue that users were having where scanning would
    occasionally fail on the active channel, causing traffic to cease
    until the radio scanned again.
  6. Update a comment. The sending process has not mapped the buffer pages

    alc authored
    since before r127501.  Strictly speaking, the buffer pages are not
    "wired".  They remain in the paging queues.  However, they are pinned in
    memory using vm_page_hold().
  7. - Add script for preparing disks in GPT/ZFS boot environment

    mr authored
    - Add merge script for integrating amd64 slice into i386 disk image
  8. Cave in and disable the ADC DC gain/offset calibrations if they're

    adrian authored
    not needed.
    These calibrations are only applicable if the chip operating mode
    engages both interleaved RX ADCs (ie, it's compensating for the
    differences in DC gain and DC offset -between- the two ADCs.)
    Otherwise the chip reads values of 0x0 for the secondary ADC
    (as I guess it's not enabled here) and thus writes potentially
    bogus info into the chip.
    I've tested this on the AR9160 and AR9280; both behave themselves
    in 11g mode with these calibrations disabled.
  9. * Remove a not-needed check in the AR5416+ case

    adrian authored
    * Restore the chip default of the DCU backoff threshold to 0x2,
      mirroring what ath9k does.
  10. Bring over a copy of the AR5212 TX queue reset and setup routines, in…

    adrian authored
    … preparation
    for fixing them based on the ath9k related TXQ fixes.
    I've done this so people can go over the history of the diffs to the original
    AR5212 routines (which AR5416 and later chips use) to see what's changed.
  11. Remove dead code.

    dchagin authored
    MFC after:	1 Week
  12. Add a PSPOLL queue type, in preparation for (eventually) porting

    adrian authored
    over the TX queue setup code from ath9k for the AR5416 and later
Commits on Mar 19, 2011
  1. @nwhitehorn

    Add support for checking out ports and doc trees from a CVS repository,

    nwhitehorn authored
    in addition to CVSUP, and add support for alternate SVN roots for src.
    Requested by:	jhb
  2. Correct broadcast frame handling. Setting bit6 of MCR0 register

    yongari authored
    enables broadcast filtering. Make sure to clear the bit to receive
    broadcast frames. While I'm here rename the bit definition to
    reflect reality.
    Reported by:	brad@OpenBSD
    MFC after:	1 week
  3. ouch, newrt is used on the return path, my fault.

    dchagin authored
    Partialy revert the previous change.
    MFC after:	1 Week.
  4. - Make a panic message better reflect the actual problem.

    marius authored
    - A closer inspection of the OpenSolaris code indicates the block store
      workaround is only necessary in case of BUS_DMASYNC_POSTREAD.
    - Mark some unused parameters as such.
  5. A bit rearranged rtalloc1_fib() code.

    dchagin authored
    Initialize a variable when it is really needed.
    To avoid code duplication move the miss label to line up and jump on it.
    MFC after:	1 Week
  6. @glebius

    Remove spl(9) remnants.

    glebius authored
  7. In case reading PCIR_MINGNT fails don't use it for calculating the

    marius authored
    latency. This is more or less a theoretical problem though as it
    typically indicates way bigger problems.
  8. Properly check for an IPv4 socket after r219579.

    bz authored
    In some cases as udp6_connect() without an earlier bind(2) to an
    address, v4-mapped scokets allowed and a non mapped destination
    address, we can end up here with both v4 and v6 indicated:
    	inp_vflag = (INP_IPV4|INP_IPV6|INP_IPV6PROTO)
    In that case however laddrp is NULL as the IPv6 path does not
    pass in a copy currently.
    Reported by:	Pawel Worach (pawel.worach
    Tested by:	Pawel Worach (pawel.worach
    MFC after:	6 days
    X-MFC with:	r219579
  9. Remove a now unused variable.

    dchagin authored
    MFC after:	1 Week
  10. For now remove options FLOWTABLE from the remaining GENERIC kernel

    bz authored
    configurations and make it opt-in for those who want it.  LINT will
    still build it.
    While it may be a perfect win in some scenarios, it still troubles users
    (see PRs) in general cases.  In addition we are still allocating resources
    even if disabled by sysctl and still leak arp/nd6 entries in case of
    interface destruction.
    Discussed with:	qingli (2010-11-24, just never executed)
    Discussed with: juli (OCTEON1)
    PR:		kern/148018, kern/155604, kern/144917, kern/146792
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  11. Add in the channel survey data structures. These will be filled out

    adrian authored
    by the HAL at some point in the future.
  12. Make sure that the AR_MISC_MODE value from the initvals are properly …

    adrian authored
    This commit really is "fix the OFDM duration calculation to match reality when
    running in 802.11g mode."
    The AR5212 init vals set AR_MISC_MODE to 0x0 and all the bits that can be set are
    set through code.
    The AR5416 and later initvals set AR_MISC_MODE to various other values (with
    the AR5212 AR_MISC_MODE options cleared), which include AR_PCU_CCK_SIFS_MODE .
    This adds 6uS to SIFS on non-CCK frames when transmitting.
    This fixes the issue where _DATA_ 802.11g OFDM frames were being TX'ed with
    the ACK duration set to 38uS, not 44uS as on the AR5212 (and other devices.)
    The AR5212 TX pathway obeys the software-programmed duration field in the packet,
    but the 11n TX pathway overrides that with a hardware-calculated duration. This
    was getting it wrong because of the above AR_MISC_MODE setting. I've verified
    that 11g data OFDM frames are now being TXed with the correct ACK+SIFS duration
    programmed in.
  13. Use the HAL method rather than directly calling ar5212ResetTxQueue().

    adrian authored
    Since ath9k does some slightly different bit fiddling when setting up
    the TX queues, it may that the TX queue setup/reset functions will need
    overriding later on.
  14. A cut and paste here was wrong also.

    jfv authored
  15. Correct broken define

    jfv authored
Commits on Mar 18, 2011
  1. - Build disk image (for USB sticks) and iso image

    mr authored
    - Change name to reflect this
    - Install all kernel modules
    - Choose image size that i386 and amd64 can be combined into one image
    - Mount tmpfs over /boot/zfs for zpool imports
  2. o Move the IVT and supporting functions to the front of the text

    marcel authored
        segment so that it's always mapped by the loader.
    o   Change the alternate fault handlers to account for PBVM. Since
        currently the region is handled by the VHPT, no alternate faults
        will be generated for it.
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