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Jun 14, 2009

  1. Merge from head.

    simon authored
  2. Also disable jpake on arm.

    simon authored
  3. Alexander Motin

    Fix type of lowaddr variable.

    amotin authored
  4. Add missing passthrough printing entries for VT100 and workalikes

    in /etc/termcap:
        VT100 spec indicates that passthrough printing can be enabled
        by sending ESC[5i and disabled by sending ESC[4i These entries
        should be listed as po and pf in /etc/termcap, but are absent.
    PR:		conf/71549
    Submitted by:	Andrew Webster <>
    MFC after:	1 week
    edwin authored
  5. Termcap updates for screen and linux console:

    	screen entry: F11-F20 keys added
    	linux entry: F10-F20 keys added, ACS line graphics added
    PR:		kern/108899
    Submitted by:	Joseph Terner<>
    MFC after:	1 week
    edwin authored
  6. Add -m and -t options.

    PR:		129554
    Submitted by:	gavin
    MFC after:	3 weeks
    brian authored
  7. Remove HOME= - this has surprised me several times in the past.

    PR:		132135
    Submitted by:	Craig Leres
    MFC after:	3 weeks
    brian authored
  8. Don't set $PATH - if the caller doesn't have /bin and /usr/bin in their

    PATH then they can expect things to break.
    PR:		135417
    MFC after:	3 weeks
    brian authored
  9. Add missing terminal definition for Wyse 120 in termcap

    Although the PR contains also the definitions of the Wyse 60, they
    are not copied into it since there are already definition for them
    in the termcap file since 1997.
    Also, the PR didn't use the :tc=xxx: feature, so I've imploded them.
    PR:		conf/81882
    Submitted by:	Meister des Chaos <>
    MFC after:	1 week
    edwin authored
  10. Add missing termcap entry for rxvt-unicode.

    	The termcap database does not have an entry for rxvt-unicode.
    	This means that programs that need an entry such as vi fail
    	to work when connecting via ssh using this terminal emulator.
    The added data is not the same as the PR submitted by Richard, it
    uses the :tc=xxx: option to inherit everything from rxvt-mono.
    PR:		conf/117323
    Submitted by:	Richard Bradshaw <>
    MFC after:	1 week
    edwin authored
  11. Fix typo... bad imp.

    imp authored
  12. Tool to compare two (roughly similar) termcap entries (like rxvt-mono

    and rxvt-unicode) so see which fields should don't need to be copied
    if the :tc=xxx: option is used.
    edwin authored
  13. After Marcel's change to DEFAULTS, we were bringing in a bogus copy of

    uart_8250.  Remove it here since the UART on the ADM5120 isn't the
    typical 16550: its completely different.
    imp authored
  14. Formatting nit.

    imp authored
  15. Missed style fixes.

    marius authored
  16. Fix style.

    marius authored

Jun 13, 2009

  1. note abi change for IEEE80211_IOC_STA_INFO

    sam authored
  2. Rev IEEE80211_IOC_STA_INFO abi: ni_flags grew from 16 bits to 32

    bits but isi_state did not follow; expand it to 32 bits and pad to
    maintain alignment.  Note this is an incompatible change that
    requires rebuilding of user applications.
    Submitted by:	rpaulo, cbzimmer, avatar
    sam authored
  3. purge HAL_TXSTAT_ALTRATE; you can figure this out by checking ts_fina…

    and it cannot be used with MCS rate codes
    sam authored
  4. - Also probe DP83865, which is an is an ultra low power version

      of the DP83861 and DP83891.
    - Reset the PHY during attach so it's in a known state.
    - Add a comment describing why we hardwire 10baseT support in
      the BMSR.
    - Always explicitly set IFM_HDX for half-duplex. [1]
    Obtained from:	OpenBSD [1]
    MFC after:	2 weeks
    marius authored
  5. When a Solaris10 client does an NFS mount using krb5i or krb5p, the

    server would crash because the Solaris10 client would attempt to use
    Sun's NFSACL protocol, which FreeBSD doesn't support. When the server
    generated the error reply via svcerr_noprog(), it would cause a crash
    because it would try and wrap a NULL reply. According to RFC2203, no
    wrapping is required for error cases. This one line change avoids
    wrapping of NULL replies.
    Reviewed by:	dfr
    Approved by:	kib (mentor)
    rmacklem authored
  6. kmacy

    update backend_changed to reflect .m prototype

    kmacy authored
  7. Add another new file from OpenSSL 0.9.8k.

    simon authored
  8. Jilles Tjoelker

    Avoid leaving unnecessary waiting shells in many forms of sh -c COMMAND.

    This change only affects strings passed to -c, when the -s
    option is not used.
    The approach is to check if there may be additional data
    in the string after parsing each command. If there is none,
    use the EV_EXIT flag so that a fork may be omitted in
    specific cases.
    If there are empty lines after the command, the check will
    not see the end and forks will not be omitted. The same
    thing seems to happen in bash.
      sh -c 'ps lT'
    No longer shows a shell process waiting for ps to finish.
    PR:		bin/113860
    Reviewed by:	stefanf
    Approved by:	ed (mentor)
    jillest authored
  9. Jilles Tjoelker

    Don't skip forking for an external command if any traps are active.

      sh -c '(trap "echo trapped" EXIT; sleep 3)'
    now correctly prints "trapped".
    With this check, it is no longer necessary to check for -T
    explicitly in that case.
    This is a useful bugfix by itself and also important because I plan to
    skip forking more often.
    PR:		bin/113860 (part of)
    PR:		bin/74404 (part of)
    Reviewed by:	stefanf
    Approved by:	ed (mentor)
    jillest authored
  10. Eliminate an unnecessary clearing of a page's dirty bits in

    alc authored
  11. Add more new files from OpenSSL 0.9.8k.

    simon authored
  12. Eliminate unnecessary variables.

    alc authored
  13. Correct the method of waking the page daemon when the number of alloc…

    pv entries surpasses the high water mark.  The problem was that the page
    daemon would only be awakened the first time that the high water mark was
    surpassed.  (The variable "pagedaemon_waken" is a non-working vestige of
    FreeBSD 4.x, in which it was external and reset by the page daemon whenever
    it ran.  This reset allowed subsequent wakeups by the pv entry allocator.)
    alc authored
  14. Also disable jpake on amd64.

    simon authored
  15. After further thought, for now disable SEED and CMS as they are not

    enabled upstream by default in 0.9.8.
    simon authored
  16. jpake is marked experimental so disable it by default.

    simon authored
  17. Enable the symmetric key block cipher SEED.

    This is not done by default in stock OpenSSL 0.9.8k, but I don't really
    see this causing problems.  It is enabled by default in OpenSSL 1.0.
    This also fixes a build error (as we don't define OPENSSL_NO_SEED).
    simon authored
  18. Rename the host-related prison fields to be the same as the host.*

    parameters they represent, and the variables they replaced, instead of
    abbreviated versions of them.
    Approved by:	bz (mentor)
    jamie authored
  19. Use getcredhostuuid instead of accessing the prison directly.

    Approved by:	bz (mentor)
    jamie authored
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