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Commits on Feb 11, 2013
  1. @kostikbel

    The siis dma load callback siis_dmasetprd() does not handle the case

    kostikbel authored
    nsegs == 0. Restore the direct call to siis_execute_transaction() for
    the ccbs which do not specify I/O.
    Discussed with:	jeff
Commits on Feb 3, 2013
  1. @kostikbel

    Restore the ABI of the cam ccb_flags. Carve the needed set of bits from

    kostikbel authored
    the flags which were removed and which are never passed from the usermode.
Commits on Feb 1, 2013
  1. @kostikbel

    ARM developers do not want the flushes of the partial cache lines

    kostikbel authored
    surrounding DMAed data area for mbuf.  Inform _bus_dmamap_load_buffer()
    that the current load is for mbuf, and make the bus_dmamap_sync_buf() to
    behave as if the buffer was aligned.
  2. @kostikbel


    kostikbel authored
  3. @kostikbel
Commits on Jan 31, 2013
  1. @kostikbel


    kostikbel authored
  2. @kostikbel

    Use pmap_kextract() instead of inlining the page table walk.

    kostikbel authored
    Remove the comment referencing non-existing code.
    Reviewed by:	cognet, ian (previous version)
    Tested by:	ian
  3. Force commit to mark MFC for r246153.

    gjb authored
    MFC after:	2 days
    X-MFC-With:	r246153
  4. Update svn port directory in release(7).

    gjb authored
    Submitted by:	Nikolai Lifanov
  5. @gahr

    - Remove underscores from the internal structure name, as it doesn't …

    gahr authored
      with the user's namespace.
    - Correct size and position variables type from long to size_t.
    - Do not set errno to ENOMEM on malloc failure, as malloc already does so.
    - Implement the concept of "buffer data length", which mandates what SEEK_END
      refers to and the allowed extent for a read.
    - Use NULL as read-callback if the buffer is opened in write-only mode.
      Conversely, use NULL as write-callback when opened in read-only mode.
    - Implement the handling of the ``b'' character in the mode argument. A binary
      buffer differs from a text buffer (default mode if ``b'' is omitted) in that
      NULL bytes are never appended to writes and that the "buffer data length"
      equals to the size of the buffer.
    - Remove shall from the man page. Use indicative instead. Also, specify that
      the ``b'' flag does not conform with POSIX but is supported by glibc.
    - Update the regression test so that the ``b'' functionality and the "buffer
      data length" concepts are tested.
    - Minor style(9) corrections.
    Suggested by:	jilles
    Reviewed by:	cognet
    Approved by:	cognet
  6. @brooksdavis

    When in -U mode do avoid setting SUID bits, but do not modify the mode

    brooksdavis authored
    variable so the intended mode can be logged correctly if -M is specified.
    Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
  7. Format CDB output as 2 digit hex correcting the length

    smh authored
    Approved by:	pjd (mentor)
    MFC after:	1 week
  8. Initial version of libusbboot, a fully stand-alone, single threaded and

    hselasky authored
    functional compilation of the FreeBSD USB stack for use with boot loaders
    and such.
    Discussed with:		Hiroki Sato, hrs @ EuroBSDCon
  9. @glebius

    - Move AUTHORS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS to the end of the page.

    glebius authored
    - Add myself to list of authors.
  10. @glebius

    Retire struct sockaddr_inarp.

    glebius authored
    Since ARP and routing are separated, "proxy only" entries
    don't have any meaning, thus we don't need additional field
    in sockaddr to pass SIN_PROXY flag.
    New kernel is binary compatible with old tools, since sizes
    of sockaddr_inarp and sockaddr_in match, and sa_family are
    filled with same value.
    The structure declaration is left for compatibility with
    third party software, but in tree code no longer use it.
    Reviewed by:	ru, andre, net@
  11. Work around some rather unfortunate race conditions inside net80211.

    adrian authored
    Right now, ic_curchan seems to be updated rather quickly (ie, during
    the ioctl) and before the driver gets notified of what's going on.
    So what I was seeing was:
    * NIC was in channel X;
    * It generates PHY errors for channel X;
    * an ioctl comes along from userland and changes things to channel Y;
    * .. this updates ic_curchan, but hasn't yet reset the hardware;
    * in parallel, RX is occuring and it looks at ic_curchan;
    * .. which is channel Y, so events get stamped with that now.
  12. Mark tftp_log() as __printflike() (which would have caught the bug

    marius authored
    fixed in r246106) and deal with the fallout.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
  1. Do metadata relocation fixup on all loaded modules, not just the kernel.

    ian authored
    Approved by:	cognet (mentor)
  2. Improve devd startup time, by tweaking some string handling routines …

    ian authored
    …that are
    heavily used when parsing config files.  Mostly these changes avoid making
    temporary copies of the strings, and avoid doing byte at a time append
    operations, on the most-used code path.
    On a 1.2 GHz ARM processor this reduces the time to parse the config files
    from 13 to 6 seconds.
    Reviewed by:	imp
    Approved by:	cognet (mentor)
  3. @DimitryAndric

    Fix a problem introduced in r231057: in, move the test for

    DimitryAndric authored
    whether clang is enabled to just after the last place where it could
    have been forced to "no".
    MFC after:	3 days
  4. @glebius
  5. @bsdjhb

    Allow the address and ports to be separated by a colon or period rather

    bsdjhb authored
    than a space to permit directly pasting the output of commands such as
    netstat and sockstat on the command line.
    Reviewed by:	net
    MFC after:	1 week
  6. @sbz

    Use DEVMETHOD_END macro defined in sys/bus.h instead of {0, 0} sentin…

    sbz authored
    …el on device_method_t arrays
    Reviewed by:	cognet
    Approved by:	cognet
  7. @brooksdavis

    When adding the directory ownership to the METALOG do it by name rather

    brooksdavis authored
    than number as is done in install so as to differ binding of names to
    Remove the -W flag from the mtree command so that the correct user and
    group is recorded rather than the default.
  8. Do not unnecessarily split a string literal, because

    hselasky authored
    splitting it makes it hard to grep.
    Submitted by:	Christoph Mallon
  9. Use string literals in string descriptors for marginally

    hselasky authored
    better readability.
    Submitted by:	Christoph Mallon
  10. Use an anonymous struct for generated string descriptors.

    hselasky authored
    Submitted by:	Christoph Mallon
  11. Provide one global language string descriptor for

    hselasky authored
    american english instead of giving each module its
    Submitted by:	Christoph Mallon
  12. Modify the FreeBSD USB kernel code so that it can be compiled directly

    hselasky authored
    into the FreeBSD boot loader, typically for non-USB aware BIOSes, EFI systems
    or embedded platforms. This is also useful for out of the system compilation
    of the FreeBSD USB stack for various purposes. The USB kernel files can
    now optionally include a global header file which should include all needed
    definitions required to compile the FreeBSD USB stack. When the global USB
    header file is included, no other USB header files will be included by
    Add new file containing the USB stack configuration for the
    FreeBSD loader build.
    Replace some __FBSDID()'s by /* $FreeBSD$ */ comments. Now all
    USB files follow the same style.
    Use cases:
     - console in loader via USB
     - loading kernel via USB
    Discussed with:		Hiroki Sato, hrs @ EuroBSDCon
  13. Fix a descriptor leak in devd. Clients reading /var/run/devd.pipe can…

    ian authored
    … close
    their socket connection any time, and devd only notices that when it gets an
    error trying to write an event to the client.  On a system with no device
    change activity, clients could connect and disappear repeatedly without devd
    noticing, leading to an ever-growing list of open socket descriptors in devd.
    Now devd uses poll(2) looking for POLLHUP on all existing clients every time
    a new client connection is established, and also periodically (once a minute)
    to proactively find zombie clients and reap the socket descriptors.  It also
    now has a connection limit, configurable with a new -l <num> command line arg.
    When the maximum number of connections is reached it stops accepting new
    connections until some current clients drop off.
    Reviewed by:	imp
    Approved by:	cognet (mentor)
  14. @gahr

    Add fmemopen(3), an interface to get a FILE * from a buffer in memory…

    gahr authored
    …, along
    with the respective regression test.
    Reviewed by:	cognet
    Approved by:	cognet
  15. @kostikbel

    Rework the handling of the children for the pthread_vfork_test. The

    kostikbel authored
    trivial handler for SIGCHLD is installed, and SIGCHLD is blocked, to
    not abandon our zombies to init(8). This way, the zombies are around
    slightly longer, allowing to actually exercise the logic for p_pwait
    use by the test.
    MFC after:	1 week
  16. @kostikbel

    The case of pid == WAIT_MYPGRP for the kern_wait() is already handled

    kostikbel authored
    in kern_wait6(), which is called by kern_wait().  Remove the redundand
    check, introduced in r243136, and add a comment noting this, to make
    the code less confusing.
    The blank lines are added to properly delineate the scope of the
    preceeding comments.
    Noted by:	"Jukka A. Ukkonen" <>
    MFC after:	1 week
  17. @kostikbel

    Rework the __vdso_* symbols attributes to only make the symbols weak,

    kostikbel authored
    but use normal references instead of weak.  This makes the statically
    linked binaries to use fast gettimeofday(2) by forcing the linker to
    resolve references and providing the neccessary functions.
    Reported by:	bde
    Tested by:	marius (sparc64)
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  18. @kostikbel

    Reduce default shift used to calculate the max frequency for the TSC

    kostikbel authored
    timecounter to 1, and correspondingly increase the precision of the
    gettimeofday(2) and related functions in the default configuration.
    The motivation for the TSC-low timecounter, as described in the
    r222866, seems to provide a workaround for the non-serializing
    behaviour of the RDTSC on some Intel hardware.  Tests demonstrate that
    even with the pre-shift of 8, the cross-core non-monotonicity of the
    RDTSC is still observed reliably, e.g. on the Nehalems.  The r238755
    and r238973 implemented the proper fix for the issue.
    The pre-shift of 1 is applied to keep TSC not overflowing for the
    frequency of hardclock down to 2 sec/intr.  The pre-shift is made a
    tunable to allow the easy debugging of the issues users could see with
    the shift being too low.
    Reviewed by:	bde
    MFC after:	2 weeks
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