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Commits on Mar 9, 2014
  1. IFC @r262929

    neel authored
Commits on Mar 8, 2014
  1. Fix another bug in multicast filtering. i.MX uses 6 bits from MSB in

    hrs authored
    LE CRC32 for the hash value, not the lowest 6 bits in BE CRC32.
    Tested by:	Takanori Sawada
    PR:		arm/187179
  2. Move AIC related stuff to own file.

    imp authored
  3. Properly round on unmapping.

    imp authored
  4. Make at91_soc_id() public.

    imp authored
  5. Set the baud rate if it isn't 0 (meaning it has been specified) not

    imp authored
    only if it is 0 (meaning that it hasn't been specified and is likely
    to turn off the UART's transmitter).
  6. Make clock optional on uart nodes. It is a FreeBSD-specific extention,

    imp authored
    and won't be present in vendor supplied dts files.
  7. Initial cut for DTS on the hl201 board.

    imp authored
  8. - Make runq_steal_from more aggressive. Previously it would examine …

    jeff authored
       a single priority queue.  If that queue had a thread or threads which
       could not be migrated we would fail to steal load.  This could cause
       starvation in situations where cores are idle.
    Submitted by:	Doug Kilpatrick <>
    Tested by:	pho
    Reviewed by:	mav
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon Storage Division
  9. Move all the files named foo/common.c to foo/foo_common.c, as

    imp authored
    appropriate for each of the 'foo' in the tree. This will allow us to
    compile them together (although symbol conflicts prevent us from doing
    that today, this just fixes the file name collision).
Commits on Mar 7, 2014
  1. Partial revert of change 262914. I screwed up subversion syntax with

    asomers authored
    perforce syntax and committed some unrelated files.  Only devd files
    should've been committed.
    Reported by: 	imp
    Pointy hat to:	asomers
    MFC after:	3 weeks
    X-MFC-With:	r262914
  2. sbin/devd/devd.8

    asomers authored
    	Add a -q flag to devd that will suppress syslog logging at
    	LOG_NOTICE or below.
    Requested by:	ian@ and imp@
    MFC after:	3 weeks
    Sponsored by:	Spectra Logic Corporation
  3. cddl/contrib/opensolaris/lib/libuutil/common/uu_avl.c

    asomers authored
    	Fix a memory leak in uu_avl_pool_create: pthread_mutex_init without
    	a corresponding pthread_mutex_destroy.  It shows up, among other
    	places, when doing "zfs list".
    MFC after:	3 weeks
    Sponsored by:	Spectra Logic Corporation
  4. devinteske
  5. devinteske
  6. devinteske
  7. Strip arm/conf/DEFAULTS down to just items that are mandatory for run…

    ian authored
    the architecture.  Move the other contents into each of the individual
    config files.
    Requested by:	imp
  8. devinteske

    Rewrite groupmgmt -- hooking it into the scripting system with dispatch

    devinteske authored
    commands groupAdd, groupDelete, and groupEdit. Getting rid of the awkward-
    to-use `groupinput' bolt-on which Ron and I talked about rewriting.
  9. Fix the arm sys_sigreturn(): its argument is a struct ucontext, not a

    ian authored
    struct sigframe containing the struct ucontext.
    The signal trampoline return code on the other hand DOES have just a
    struct sigframe on the stack to work with, so have it get a pointer to
    the ucontext out of there to pass along to sys_sigreturn.
    In other words, make everything work right whether sys_sigreturn is
    invoked from the trampoline or from userland code calling sigreturn(2).
    Submitted by:	Takashi Komatsu <>
    Reviewed by:	cognet
  10. devinteske
  11. devinteske

    s/__number/__num/ for code clarify but more to prevent localization of

    devinteske authored
    __number if passed as the var_to_set argument.
  12. devinteske
  13. devinteske

    Make f_show_err non-fatal.

    devinteske authored
  14. devinteske
  15. devinteske

    Fix a typo in a comment.

    devinteske authored
  16. devinteske
  17. devinteske
  18. kern/Makefile

    asomers authored
    	Set WARNS=5 for all files in this directory
    	Fix compiler warnings.  Most were benign, but rcvbuf_oversized
    	wasn't working as intended because I forgot to set the buffer sizes.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
    Reported by:	pho
    Sponsored by:	Spectra Logic Corporation
  19. grimreaper

    wlanstats: Add some logic to translate from a vap to its parent device.

    grimreaper authored
    This isn't entirely correct (as the device may not necc. be called wlan*) but
    this will be further worked into a combined ath, iwn, wlan, etc. tool.
    Discussed with:	jhb, adrian
  20. - Export panel info to DTS

    br authored
    - Reset all the layers before setup first one
    - Enable display
  21. grimreaper

    libc man pages: Remove reference to non-existent FreeBSD Security

    grimreaper authored
    MFC After:	3 days
  22. Alexander Motin

    Fix support for increased logical sector size (4K-native drives).

    amotin authored
    - Logical sector size is measured in words, not bytes.
    - If physical sector is not bigger then logical sector, it does not mean
    it should be set equal to 512 bytes, but set to logical sector.
    PR:		misc/187269
    Submitted by:	Ravi Pokala <>
    MFC after:	1 week
  23. Add driver for Port control and interrupts (PORT).

    br authored
    PORT is responsible for external interrupts management,
    so move IRQ lines from GPIO driver.
  24. Peter Grehan

    Open the uart emulation's backing tty in non-blocking mode.

    grehan-freebsd authored
    This fixes the issue of bhyve appearing to halt when using
    nmdm ports for the console, until a connection is made to
    the other end.
    bhyveload already does this.
    Reported by:	Many.
    MFC after:	3 weeks.
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