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Commits on Feb 5, 1997
  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

    cvs2svn committed
Commits on Nov 15, 1996
  1. Fix various bogons which could cause searches for the console device to

    jkh committed
    run off a cliff.
    Submitted-By: Don Lewis <>
  2. @DarkHelmet433

    Bring in rev 1.8 (don't accumulate unnecessary commas at the end of

    DarkHelmet433 committed
    the gecos string) and rev 1.9 (don't return pointers to strings on the
    stack in struct passwd).
  3. Merge BOCA comments from HEAD.

    jkh committed
  4. Fix minor typo in release notes.

    jkh committed
    Submitted-By: Don Lewis <>
  5. This file is just too darn easy to forget about.

    jkh committed
    Bump to 2.1.6-RELEASE and projected release date of December 1996.
    2.2-RELEASE's projected date is January 1997.
Commits on Nov 14, 1996
  1. Merge.

    jkh committed
  2. Merge lea change from HEAD.

    jkh committed
  3. Incorporate some more fixes for floppy auto-sizing from Don.

    jkh committed
    Submitted-By: Don Lewis <>
  4. Mergetate.

    asami committed
  5. Replace vi with ed on fixit floppy - we're out of space for it and

    jkh committed
    `ee' on the boot floppy already provides a screen editor anyway (not
    the best, but hey - what do you expect for 1.2MB?).
    Just getting this off my TODO list, in case this is ever picked up again.
Commits on Nov 13, 1996
  1. Since we're not using disklabel's cute cloning feature in 2.1.6, use

    jkh committed
    a prototype of "auto" instead.
    Submitted-By: Don Lewis <>
  2. Merge from HEAD.

    jkh committed
  3. Bump BOOTMFSSIZE again on advice from Don (I'm working on 2.2 right now

    jkh committed
    so my 2.1.6 builds are somewhat lagging).  Also take out the debugging
    info flag as a default in
  4. Merge from -current.

    asami committed
Commits on Nov 12, 1996
  1. @stesser

    Fix PCI to PCI bridge register bit field masks.

    stesser committed
    Thanks to "Mike Durian" <> for the very good
    problem report and his support as a beta tester of this patch.
  2. Merge r1.140

    jkh committed
  3. Update to version 3.8a.

    jkh committed
    Requested-By: Bill Fenner <>
  4. Fix the ipfw LKM.

    jkh committed
    Submitted-By: (John Capo)
  5. Continue my work merging the unmerged.

    jkh committed
  6. [cry, wail, scream]

    jkh committed
    I thought I *merged* this already!  I even remember fixing the exact
    same things I just fixed this time.  Sigh.  Maybe I just dreamed it.
    Anyway, this would more than explain my floppy build problems. :-(
    If anyone wants me, I'll be in the corner wearing the orange traffic cone.
  7. Killed "unknown protocol" printf.

    dg committed
Commits on Nov 11, 1996
  1. Merge r1.6.

    jkh committed
    Requested-By: bde
  2. Staple RELEASETAG since it's always the same for this branch.

    jkh committed
    Go back to previous method of specifying vi's location for 2.1 in
    fixit floppy (ugh).
  3. Bump Mr. Snake to 2.1.6.

    jkh committed
Commits on Nov 10, 1996
  1. Whoops, merge the Makefile too! :-}

    jkh committed
  2. Incorporate part of the XT_KEYBOARD change that Nate missed.

    jkh committed
    Please be more careful when modifying code in this branch!
    If my 8 hour release build had died (and it would have, in a few
    more hours) because of this, I'd have been displeased. :)
  3. From -current:

    nate committed
    Allow us to enable the 'XT_KEYBOARD' code using a configuration flag.
    This allows the user to add modify syscons's configuration flags using
    UserConfig that will allow older/quirky hardware (most notably older IBM
    ThinkPad laptops) to work with the standard boot kernel.
    (note: I used the same flag as in -current so the documentation would be
    the same)
    Inspired by:    The Nomads
  4. Another merge from HEAD before rolling a 2.1.6 release candidate

    jkh committed
    (Tuesday is still the cut-off date for bug fixes!).
  5. Merge r1.24 from HEAD (good idea).

    jkh committed
  6. Bring in Joerg's changes from the HEAD.

    jkh committed
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