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branch: release/2.2.7
Commits on Jul 24, 1998
  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

    cvs2svn authored
Commits on Jul 23, 1998
  1. 11th hour fixes to XF86Setup handling and the XF86 dist bit. Gack.

    jkh authored
    I'll slide the tags forward on these files and update the boot floppy
    for 2.2.7.  Nothing catastrophic, but irritating enough to fix floppies
  2. Sync with sys/i386/i386/userconfig.c revisions

    kato authored
    Submitted by:	Takahashi Yoshihiro <>
Commits on Jul 21, 1998
  1. Bump reldate by 1 to denote that it's now past the release.

    jkh authored
    Suggested by:	asami
  2. Sync with sys/i386/i386/userconfig.c and sys/i386/conf/files.i386

    kato authored
    revisions and, respectively.
    Submitted by:	Takahashi Yoshihiro <>
  3. Get ready for tree tagging in 3 hours (I always forget this, so I'm

    jkh authored
    doing it now while it's fresh in my mind. :)
  4. Update release notes, XFree86 docs and README in preparation for

    jkh authored
    2.2.7's release.
  5. Spell "adapters" correctly.

    jkh authored
  6. @jkoshy

    MFC: {rev 1.14} Fix use of -man macro, correct description of the

    jkoshy authored
         behaviour of the `+n' command to match whats there in the source.
  7. Prevent mislabelled CDs from spitting out more than the necessary

    jkh authored
    number of "are you sure?" messages.
  8. Update the motd roughly as per PR#6537

    jkh authored
    Reminded by:	Doug White <>
Commits on Jul 20, 1998
  1. MFC: section 4 manpage for 'cs'

    msmith authored
  2. MFC: the 'cs' driver for Crystal Semi CS89x0 adapters. Note that this

    msmith authored
    is marked as 'disabled' in GENERIC as a safety measure only.
    Submitted by:	Maxim Bolotin <>
  3. MFC: use full pathname of makemap command, so it's possible to use

    andreas authored
         "make all install" from cron ...
  4. MFC: work with PCNet PCI chips that only behave for us in ISA mode.

    msmith authored
    Submitted by:	Ted Faber <>
  5. Back out one small portion of my previous commit until/unless

    jkh authored
    the proper infrastructure support for it is brought in.
  6. make /usr/libdata/msdosfs for the koi2dos translation properly.

    jkh authored
    Submitted by:		Hideki Yamamoto <>
  7. @jkoshy
  8. @jkoshy
Commits on Jul 19, 1998
  1. @stesser
  2. -Wall cleanup.

    jkh authored
  3. MFC: import new data and a few bug fixes.

    jkh authored
  4. MFC: doc fixes, enhancements to bootp.

    jkh authored
  5. MFC: doc fixes, remove old dreck.

    jkh authored
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