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branch: release/4.2.0
Commits on Nov 20, 2000
  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag

    cvs2svn authored
  2. MFC: fix MD macros to work for alpha

    jkh authored
  3. MFC: Fix to previous security fix.

    kris authored
    Approved by:	jkh
Commits on Nov 19, 2000
  1. MFC 1.75, fixup write-ordering for bitmap blocks.

    dillon authored
    Approved: jkh
  2. Add a new trouble-shooting entry for people cursed with RealTek equip…

    jkh authored
    Submitted by:	"Ted Mittelstaedt" <>
  3. Get ready for 4.2-release

    jkh authored
  4. @dag-erling

    MFC: don't cross stripe boundaries when reviving.

    dag-erling authored
    Approved by: jkh
  5. Get ready for release

    jkh authored
  6. MFC:

    sos authored
    Fix a bogon..
  7. MFC VFS/BIO portion from 1.267. VM/low-mem fixes will be MFC'd later:

    dillon authored
        KASSERT if the original buffer for a background write was replaced,
        indicating a probable duplicate I/O or passing I/O resulting in
        filesystem corruption.  There are still probable bugs in the I/O
        handling and this will catch them rather then allow the FS to become
        Remove the BX_BKGRDINPROG test in brelse() that was not working anyway,
        to restore prior NFS functionality (which we also believe does not work
        anyway, but this is safest until we figure out how to fix that whole
        Fixed bogus_page handling in brelse which could lead to invalidation
        of the wrong page and thus filesystem corruption.
        Fixed foff calculation in biodone().  I/O's with errors or I/O's
        brelse()'d rather then initiated could lead to an attempt to reprocess
        the same b_pages[] element twice, resulting in a 'busy < 0' panic.
    Approved: jkh
    Reviewed-by: mckusick, Ian Dowse <>
    Submitted-by: dillon, mckusick, Ian Dowse <>
Commits on Nov 18, 2000
  1. The line `device stg at ...' caused syntax error.

    non authored
    It should be `device stg0 at ...'.
    Approved by:
    Pointed out by: Archie Cobbs <>
Commits on Nov 17, 2000
  1. MFC: References to security advisories FreeBSD-SA-00:{68,69,70}.

    bmah authored
    Approved by:	jkh
  2. Add "standard" ioctl's so that userland programs (notably BIND9)

    markm authored
    get better blocking semantics. This update does virtually nothing
    except for providing better returns to ioctl() calls.
    OK'ed by:	jkh
  3. MFC: do not allow pcn_probe() to put the chip into 32-bit mode, else

    wpaul authored
    we could hose the lnc driver when we reject a chip that the lnc driver
    wants. (Once in 32-bit mode, only a hardware reset can restore 16-bit
    Ok'ed by: jkh
  4. MFC: Fix a bug where a statically initialized condition variable

    deischen authored
         was not getting properly initialized in pthread_cond_signal()
         and pthread_cond_broadcast().
    Approved by:	jkh
Commits on Nov 16, 2000
  1. MFC: Be a bit more precise about what ``nat deny_incoming yes'' does.

    brian authored
    Approved by: jkh
  2. MFC: Fix a bug where the signal handler can trample on the

    deischen authored
         stack in which it is currently executing.
    Approved by:	jkh
  3. Fix a couple of typos

    marko authored
    Approved by:	Warner
  4. Push back the release date. Glad to know people are reading this :-)

    imp authored
    Approved by: jkh, indirectly
  5. Fix typo: s/compatability/compatibility

    bmah authored
    PR:		22842
    Submitted by:
    Approved by:	jkh
  6. MFC: new netgraph node type ng_one2many(4).

    archie authored
    Approved by:	jkh
  7. MFC: man page for the ichsmb SMBus controller driver.

    archie authored
    Approved by:	jkh
  8. MFC: now almost all Ethernet drivers support bridging.

    archie authored
    Approved by:	jkh
  9. MFC: mdoc(7)ify.

    joe authored
  10. @eivindeklund

    MFC: More overflow checking. This patch is ugly, but it works. A bett…

    eivindeklund authored
    …er fix
    will come later.
    Approved by:	jkh
  11. MFC: Build picobsd versions of things in /usr/obj/picobsd/TYPE.

    joe authored
    Approved by:	jkh
  12. Put the probe verboseness behind bootverbose

    sos authored
    Approved by: jkh
  13. MFC: This file is not required now that all the CRUNCHFLAGS have been

    joe authored
         migrated to into the crunch.conf files.
    Approved by:	jkh
  14. MFC: Deprecate the idea of CRUNCHFLAGS. Use the new crunchgen capability

    joe authored
         to roll these up within the crunch.conf file.
         "Tools not Policy"
    A lot of these are still too large to fit on a single floppy, but at least
    they can be tweaked on a per program basis now.
    Approved by:	jkh
  15. MFC: Initialize bus_space_handle_t with zero.

    nyan authored
    Approved by:	jkh
  16. MFC 1.33 -> 1.34 - rename occurances of 'dirname' to not clash with the

    adrian authored
    libc dirname() function.
    Approved by:	jkh
  17. Fix CVS slippage from a merge. Somehow these two lines remained

    asmodai authored
    when they were supposed to be superceded by the following lines. Odd.
    Anyway, this fixes the coredumps some people have been experiencing
    when a dynamic update was triggered and ifp got to be NULL somehow.
    Submitted by:	Masayuki FUKUI <>, nsayer
    Approved by:	jkh
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