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Commits on Feb 16, 2011
  1. Ready for 8.2-RELEASE builds to start.

    kensmith authored
    Approved by:	re (implcit)
  2. Guess when all the bits will be in place for announcing 8.2-RELEASE.

    kensmith authored
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
Commits on Feb 13, 2011
  1. Simon L. B. Nielsen

    MFS 218633:

    simonlbn authored
    Fix Incorrectly formatted ClientHello SSL/TLS handshake messages could
    cause OpenSSL to parse past the end of the message.
    Note: Applications are only affected if they act as a server and call
    SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_status_cb on the server's SSL_CTX. This includes
    Apache httpd >= 2.3.3, if configured with "SSLUseStapling On".
    The very quick merge is done to get this fix into 7.4 / 8.2.
    Approved by:	re (bz)
    Obtained from:	OpenSSL CVS
    Security:	CVE-2011-0014
Commits on Feb 12, 2011
  1. s/9.6-ESV-R4/9.6-ESV-R3/.

    hrs authored
    Spotted by:	dougb
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
  2. - FreeBSD/mips Netlogic Microsystems XLR, XLS multicore support[1],

    hrs authored
    - kern_fpu_{enter,leave}() that allow to use XMM register in kernel[2],
    - PT_LWPINFO request in ptrace(2) improved[2],
    - rewording and s/pwc/pwcbsd/ in a video4linux entry[3],
    - s//has been fixed/ in an alc(4) entry[4],
    - bge(4) BCM6906 typo fix[5],
    - bge(4) MAC statistics support[5],
    - s/lead/lead to/ typo fix in a bge(4) entry[6],
    - more NICs in the flow control improvement[7],
    - rl(4) and re(4) typo fix[5],
    - run(4) entry removal[8],
    - s/altq/alq/ typo fix[9],
    - s/now/new/ typo fix[10],
    - ata(4) cable check rewording[10],
    - ata(4) SATA power management with ATA_CAM[10],
    - ata(4) ICH5 and ICH8+ in legacy mode improvement[10],
    - s,/para>,</para>, typo fix[11],
    - s/passphrease/passphrase/ typo fix[12],
    - s/globing/globbing/ typo fix[12],
    - s/-u nounset/-u/ rewording[13],
    - tr(1) [=]=] equivalent class rewording[14].
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
    Reviewed and suggested by: kib[2], mav[10], hselasky, imp,
    	jmallett, yongari[5], bcr[11], brix[11], manolis[3],
    	brucec[3], Jayachandran C.[1], jilles[13], ohauer[4,14],
    	pluknet[8,9], lme[3,4,6,11,12], marius[7], and
  3. Add revision attribute handling. Links are now generated at the end

    hrs authored
    of the paragraph from revision="NNN".
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
Commits on Feb 11, 2011
  1. Add more relnotes items for 8.2R:

    hrs authored
    	[mips] FreeBSD/mips merge,
    	[sparc64] reservation-based physical memory allocation enabled,
    	[amd64,i386] ACPI suspend/resume improvement,
    	[amd64,i386,ia64] hw.acpi.*_interface added,
    	[amd64] Xen HVM support improved,
    	[powerpc] OF loader bugfixes,
    	[amd64,i386] aesni(4) added,
    	[powerpc] CPU temp sensors on PowerMac SMU supported,
    	xhci(4) for Extensible Host Controller Interface added,
    	uaudio(4) MIDI input buffer bug fixed,
    	cdce(4) bugfix,
    	ixgbe(4) version 2.3.8,
    	miibus(4) improved,
    	mxge(4) TSO bug fixed,
    	nfe(4) WoL support,
    	re(4) TX interrupt moderation supported,
    	run(4) for Ralink RT2700U/RT2800U/RT3000U added,
    	ipfw(4) net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass with in-kernel NAT fixed,
    	ng_eiface(4) MTU handling fixed,
    	arcmsr(4) version,
    	fdisk(8) gjournal(8) and geli(8) GEOM class support,
    	gpart(8) backup/restore support,
    	newfs(8) 64KB blocksize UFS1 issue fixed,
    	jn(3) and jnf(3) accuracy issue fixed,
    	newsyslog(8) <include> support added,
    	ACPI-CA 20101013,
    	ISC BIND 9.6-ESV-R4,
    	netcat 4.8,
    	OpenSSL 0.9.8q,
    	xz 5.0.0 release[1], and
    	pkg_create(1) xz support.
    Reword an entry for "sh(1) $@ and $* handling when -u nounset
    is specified has been changed"[2].
    Suggested by:	mm[1] and jilles[2]
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
  2. John Baldwin

    MFC 218271:

    bsdjhb authored
    When turning off TCP_NOPUSH, only call tcp_output() to immediately flush
    any pending data if the connection is established.
    Approved by:	re (kib)
  3. Add more relnotes items for 8.2R:

    hrs authored
    	qpi(4) pseudo bus driver added,
    	acpi(4) ACPI Reset Register handling changed,
    	tpm(4) added,
    	alc(4) freeze on boot with no cable fixed,
    	bge(4) BCM5718 support added,
    	re(4) 64-bit DMA addressing support,
    	rl(4) statistics counter support,
    	sk(4) station address bug fixed, replaced IFQ_MAXLEN,
    	siftr(4) Statistical Information For TCP Research module added,
    	ada(4) added,
    	dtrace(1) userland support added,
    	dtruss(1) added,
    	gpart(8) "recover" subcommand for GPT partition tables added,
    	tar(1) -b now supports up to 8192 as the blocksize,
    	sh(1) -u nounset option's $@, $*, and $! handling changed,
    	periodic(8) script to find installed ports with mismatched chekcsum,
    	ISC BIND 9.6-ESV-R2.
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
    Some spelling mistakes were spotted by:	pluknet
Commits on Feb 8, 2011
  1. Add more relnotes items for 8.2R:

    hrs authored
    	[amd64] VM_KMEM_SIZE_SCALE=1 by default,
    	[amd64,i386] CPU topology detection for Intel CPUs improved,
    	bge(4) TXCSUM/RXCSUM confusion fixed,
    	bge(4) workaround for BCM5906/6906 added,
    	fxp(4) TSO over VLAN on 82550 and 82551 added,
    	ata(4) SiI chipsets on big endian systems fixed,
    	b64decode(1) -r break handling fixed, and
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
  2. Add more relnotes items for 8.2R:

    hrs authored
    	GENERIC now has KDB and KDB_TRACE by default,
    	vfs.ncsizefactor and vfs.ncnegfactor added,
    	opencrypto XTS-AES support,
    	axe(4) TX packet rate improvement,
    	rl(4) TX packet rate under high RX load improvement,
    	gconcat(8) kernel crash dump support,
    	geli(8) metadata version bump to 4,
    	geli(8) kern.geom.eli.overwrites added,
    	geli(8) key shift added,
    	geli(8) XTS-AES support and enabled by default,
    	geli(8) kern.geom.eli.debug=-1 support,
    	geli(8) resize command added,
    	geli(8) suspend/resume command added,
    	geli(8) -f option added,
    	geli(8) -J and -j options added,
    	lpr(1) issue of files on ZFS fixed,
    	watchdogd(8) MADV_PROTECTified, and
    	ee(1) updated to 1.5.2.
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
  3. Martin Matuška

    MFC r218166:

    mmatuska authored
    Reintroduce bugfix from r210103 and fix xz on strong-aligned architectures.
    This fix was accidentially reverted with the 5.0.0 update in r215187.
    PR:		bin/154310
    Submitted by:	Michael Moll <>
    Approved by:	re (kensmith)
  4. Add more relnotes items for 8.2R:

    hrs authored
    	new sysctls: vm.kmem_map_size, vm.kmem_map_free,
    	GPT support improved,
    	ipfw0 interface panic due to multicast traffic injection fixed,
    	lagg(4) knob added,
    	linprocfs(5) /proc/$$/environment support,
    	ZFS now allows offlining log devices,
    	gpart(8) -F option added,
    	gaprt(8) more GPT attributes,
    	mount(8) "rw" flags in -p option's output fixed,
    	ncal(1) -A -B -C added,
    	ntpd(8) SHM ref clock driver enabled,
    	ruptime(1) hostname length extended, and
    	tr(1) [=]=] regexp class fixed
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
Commits on Feb 6, 2011
  1. Add more relnotes items for 8.2R:

    hrs authored
    	CTLFLAG_RDTUNize vm.kmem_size*,
    		debug.{kdb.stop_cpus,trace_on_panic}, kern.sync_on_panic,
    	pxeboot(8) NFSv3 by default,
    	bge(4) UDP checksum offloading bug tunable,
    	bge(4) DMA bounce buffer handling improvement,
    	sis(4) works on all supported platforms, WoL on DP8315,
    		padding bug tunable,
    	xl(4) WoL support,
    	ipfw(4) netgraph + one_pass issue fixed,
    	ipfw(4) ngtee action changed,
    	pf(4) + TSO issue fixed,
    	ahci(4) device reset timeout 10->15 seconds,
    	ata(4) serverworks K2 SATA detection fixed,
    	kenv boot.nfsroot.nfshandlelen added,
    	more ZFS changes,
    	gpart(8) better /dev/ prefix handling in command line,
    	hastd(8) SIGHUP/SIGINT/SIGTERM handling,
    	libarchive LZMA support,
    	pax(1) off-by-one in ustar filename fixed,
    	tftp(1) and tfptd(8) overhaul, and
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
  2. Add relnotes entries for upcoming 8.2R (first round):

    hrs authored
    	[ia64] DMA bounce buffer pool increased from 256 to 1024,
    	[powerpc] kern.hz 100->1000,
    	[powerpc] SMP support on MPC7400-based machines,
    	[powerpc] DMA bounce buffer support,
    	ddb(8) reset and reboot delay support,
    	ddb(8) show cdev,
    	memguard(9) improvement to use larger KVA,
    	aibs(4) added in favor of acpi_aiboost(4),
    	coretemp(4) Xeon 5500/5600 support,
    	ichwd(4) Intel NM10 Express chipset support,
    	video4linux API support in Linux emulation subsystem,
    	alc(4) AR8151/8152 support,
    	alc(4) poor UDP performance issue fixed,
    	bge(4) TSO fixed,
    	bce(4) flow control support,
    	bwi(4) for BCM430x and BCM431x added (but not in GENERIC yet),
    	bwn(4) padding issue fixed,
    	cxgb(4) new sysctls: nfilters, pkt_timestamp, core_clock,
    	em(4) 7.1.9,
    	igb(4) 2.0.7,
    	em(4) and igb(4) statistics counters as sysctl MIB objects,
    	em(4) and igb(4) now supports led(4),
    	epair(4) linkstate support,
    	iwn(4) 6000 series support, firmware version,
    	ixgbe(4) kernel module building, version 2.2.1,
    	mwlfw(4) kernel module building,
    	rl(4) WoL support, prefer_iomap knob added,
    	sis(4) stability issue fixed,
    	ste(4) prefer_iomap knob added,
    	sk(4) TX checksum offloading disabled by default,
    	altq(4) kernel module building,
    	IPsec flow distribution improved,
    	proxy ARP issue over Netgraph interfaces fixed,
    	an issue with IPv6 use_defaultzone=1 fixed,
    	ng_patch(4) added,
    	ng_ether(4) issue when associated IF is moved to another vnet fixed,
    	TCP BW*DELAY window limiting (inflight) disabled by default,
    	TCP path MTU discovery when <256 octets of MTU fixed,
    	TCP initial window increase algorithm in RFC 3390 improved,
    	VNET now supports IPv4 multicast routing,
    	ahci(4) NCQ and PMP disabled on VIA VT8251,
    	arcmsr(4) updated to version,
    	ata(4) device hints for initial ATA mode added,
    	ata(4) now checks also on controller side when ata_dma_check_80pin=1,
    	mpt(4) now reports max I/O size to the upper layer,
    	twa(4) updated to version,
    	ZFS version 15, metaslab code updated, various bug fixes,
    	vfs.zfs.vdec.max_pending reduced from 35 to 10,
    	arp(8) -an improvement,
    	calendar(1) improved,
    	dhclient(8) 10-second period changed,
    	du(1) -t threshold added,
    	gcore(1) -f added,
    	get{host,net,proto}*() returns ERANGE and NS_RETURN for too small buf,
    	gpart(8) resize command added,
    	ifconfig(8) CIDR subnet width parsing improved,
    	jot(1) bug fix,
    	newsyslog(8) -S pidfile option added,
    	pkill(8) -l option added,
    	pmcstat(8) now supports file and network socket for the event source,
    	pom(6) -p added,
    	powerd(8) -m -M added,
    	sh(1) SIGINT handling fixed,
    	sh(1) supports "</dev/null &",
    	sleep(1) SIGINFO support,
    	uname(1) -o added,
    	vi(1) bug fix,
    	zfs(8) set sharenfs supports sec keyword,
    	periodic(8) script for zfs scrub added,
    	sysinstall(8) partition size changed, and
    	sysinstall(8) enables getty on serial console when no VGA.
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
Commits on Jan 31, 2011
  1. Adjust package set for 8.2-RELEASE. Packages keep being removed due

    kensmith authored
    to a 2Gb file limit in the FTP mirroring system that we hope to remove
    before 8.3-RELEASE so I'm not adjusting what's in stable/8 at this
    point, just releng/8.2.
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
Commits on Jan 29, 2011
  1. Ready for 8.2-RC3.

    kensmith authored
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
Commits on Jan 28, 2011
  1. Jung-uk Kim

    MFC: r217587

    juikim authored
    Fix yet another fallout from r208833.  VM86 BIOS call may cause page fault
    when FPU is in use.
    Approved by:	re (kib)
Commits on Jan 27, 2011
  1. cperciva

    MFC r217872: Unbreak .Dd line.

    cperciva authored
    Approved by:    re (kib)
  2. cperciva

    MFC r217869,217870: Fix .Dd lines in re(4) and nfe(4).

    cperciva authored
    Approved by:    re (kib)
  3. MFC ixgbe cummulative patch from stable/8

    jfv authored
    217712  Fix a couple of incorrect variable names in the sysctl code.
    217713  - Panic on the 82598 adapter due to reading FCOE registers that don't exit
            - Make phy detection dynamic so adapters that support multiple types of
              media can be properly identified by the interface layer
            - Performance patch to the flow director (ixgbe_atr) code
            - Fix intermittent data corruption on the 82599
            - Add missing support code for buffer size and descriptors when doing
              jumbo frames, also add 16K cluster support.
            - Release RX lock when calling stack, this removes LOR problems.
    217795  Remove TX_UNLOCK from the error path in local_timer, there is no LOCK
    217796  Add missing case for Direct Attach 82598 in the dynamic phy detection
    217797  Performance: don't run flow control shared code if nothing has changed
    Approved by:  re (bz)
Commits on Jan 26, 2011
  1. MFC r217511:

    bschmidt authored
    Pull ieee80211_ratectl_node_init() calls from drivers into net80211.
    This fixes hostap mode for at least ral(4) and run(4), because there is
    no sufficient call into drivers which could be used initialize the node
    related ratectl variables.
    Approved by:	re (bz)
Commits on Jan 25, 2011
  1. MFC stable/8 r217711

    jfv authored
    	Fix for kern/152853, pullup in the wrong
    	place in em_xmit causes UDP failure. Thanks
    	to Petr Lampa for the patch.
    Approved by: re (bz)
  2. Andrew Thompson

    MFC r203134,r207990,r217289,r203135

    thompsa authored
     Add manpages for run(4) and runfw(4).
    Approved by:	re (kib)
  3. MFC stable/8 r217710

    jfv authored
    	- Pieces of the failure path in em_xmit got deleted along
    	  the way, correct this.
    	- local_timer had a leftover TX_UNLOCK without matching
    	  LOCK in the error path, remove it.
    Approved by:  re (bz)
  4. Andrew Thompson

    MFC r217727

    thompsa authored
     Revert the ndis part of r212122, windrv_stub.c already adds a MODULE_VERSION
     and this breaks loading miniport drivers from loader.conf
    Approved by:	re (kib)
Commits on Jan 24, 2011
  1. MFC r217548:

    yongari authored
      Rework RX filter programming by providing separate handler for
      DP8381[56] and SiS 900/7016 controllers.  After r212119, sis(4) no
      longer reinitializes controller if ALLMULTI/PROMISC was changed.
      However, RX filter handling code assumed some bits of the RX filter
      is programmed by driver initialization. This caused ALLMULTI/PROMISC
      configuration is ignored under certain conditions.
      Fix that issue by reprogramming all bits of RX filter register.
      While I'm here follow recommended RX filter programming steps
      recommended by National DP8381[56] data sheet(RX filter should be
      is disabled before programming).
      Reported by:	Paul Schenkeveld < freebsd () psconsult dot nl >
      Tested by:	Paul Schenkeveld < freebsd () psconsult dot nl >
      Approved by:	re (bz)
Commits on Jan 22, 2011
  1. Konstantin Belousov

    MFC r217383:

    kostikbel authored
    The (%esp & 0xf) == 0 should be true before the call instruction is
    executed, for the properly aligned stack.
    Approved by:	re (bz)
Commits on Jan 21, 2011
  1. MFC: r217464, r217468, r217475

    marius authored
    Add a manual page for rgephy(4) and reference it as appropriate. The
    motivation for having rgephy.4 is to document the special media option
    added in r217415 (MFC'ed to releng/8.2 in r217666).
    Approved by:	re (kib)
  2. MFC: r217415

    marius authored
    - Allow IFM_FLAG0 to be set indicating that auto-negotiation with manual
      configuration, which is used to work around issues with certain setups
      (see r161237) by default, should not be triggered as it may in turn
      cause harm in some edge cases.
    - Even after masking the media with IFM_GMASK the result may have bits
      besides the duplex ones set so just comparing it with IFM_FDX may lead
      to false negatives.
    - Announce PAUSE support also for manually selected 1000BASE-T, but for
      all manually selected media types only in full-duplex mode. Announce
      asymmetric PAUSE support only for manually selected 1000BASE-T.
    - Simplify setting the manual configuration bits to only once after we
      have figured them all out. This also means we no longer unnecessarily
      update the hardware along the road.
    - Remove a stale comment.
    Reviewed by:	yongari (plus additional testing)
    Approved by:	re (bz)
Commits on Jan 20, 2011
  1. MFC r217296:

    yongari authored
      For re(4) controllers that uses new jumbo frame scheme(RTL8168C/D/E),
      limit maximum RX buffer size to RE_RX_DESC_BUFLEN instead of
      blindly configuring it to 16KB. Due to lack of documentation, re(4)
      didn't allow jumbo frame on these controllers. However it seems
      controller is confused with jumbo frame such that it can DMA the
      received frame to wrong address instead of splitting it into
      multiple RX buffers. Of course, this caused panic.
      Since re(4) does not support jumbo frames on these controllers,
      make controller drop frame that is longer than RE_RX_DESC_BUFLEN
      sized frame. Fortunately RTL810x controllers, which do not support
      jumbo frame, have no such issues but this change also limited
      maximum RX buffer size allowed to RTL810x controllers. Allowing
      16KB RX buffer for controllers that have no such capability is
    Approved by:	re (bz)
  2. MF8 r217553:

    imp authored
    The cxgb module wasn't being built.  Now it is built on all !arm and
    !mips builds.  It always built in a kernel config file.
    Approved by:    re (bz)
  3. MFC: r217242

    rmacklem authored
    Fix a bug in the client side krpc where it was, sometimes
    erroneously, assumed that 4 bytes of data were in the first
    mbuf of a list by replacing the bcopy() with m_copydata().
    Also, replace the uses of m_pullup(), which can fail for
    reasons other than not enough data, with m_copydata().
    For the cases where it isn't known that there is enough
    data in the mbuf list, check first via m_len and m_length().
    This is believed to fix a problem reported by dpd at
    and george+freebsd at
    Reviewed by:	jhb (for head)
    Approved by:	re (kib)
Commits on Jan 19, 2011
  1. cperciva

    MFS r217408: Don't use amdc1e on XEN && !XEN_PRIVILEGED. This fixes a

    cperciva authored
    panic when booting FreeBSD/XEN on recent AMD CPUs.
    Approved by:	re (bz)
Commits on Jan 18, 2011
  1. Clean up old items.

    hrs authored
    Approved by:	re (implicit)
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