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Branch: releng/2.0a
Commits on Nov 19, 1994
  1. @bsdphk

    declare atdevbase

    bsdphk authored
    (this is on the branch of the tree)
Commits on Nov 16, 1994
  1. @bsdphk

    On the ALPHA-branch:

    bsdphk authored
    2.0-BETA now
Commits on Nov 9, 1994
Commits on Nov 8, 1994
  1. @bsdphk

    Set version correctly.

    bsdphk authored
  2. Use mount_nfs directly for NFS install.

    jkh authored
    Add mount_nfs to the cpio floppy.
    Thanks, Michael R.!
    Submitted by:	mr
  3. @bsdphk

    Don't install Makefile

    bsdphk authored
  4. Poul's and my idea of avoiding the last reboot at the end was

    jkh authored
    too ambitious; we can't make the transiton from install to /sbin/init
    without another reboot.  Sigh..  Oh well, not that big a deal.
  5. Add full support for NFS installation. Add support for CD installation,

    jkh authored
    even though we don't use it yet (I may burn some one-offs tonite though! :-).
  6. Add missing link for shared libtermlib

    ache authored
  7. Fix beforeinstall target:

    ache authored
    use chflags /usr/bin/chpass ONLY if chpass present
  8. Ugen makes it in with 10 seconds to spare with a one-char diff. Some

    jkh authored
    people are born lucky..
    Submitted by:	ugen
  9. It *is* OK to strip the kernel after all. Poul has one in his bindist

    jkh authored
    that overwrites this one anyway, so..
  10. @bsdphk

    swapon had a bug. Thanks Michael, but couldn't you told me and not Jo…

    bsdphk authored
    …rdan ?
    now I have to listen to him all morning teasing me...
  11. Remove the redirects for Upon further reflection, you

    jkh authored
    need to see the output on the main vty.  cpio likes to open /dev/tty
    for its output! :-(
  12. I was being too conservative in my estimation of disk space. Bump

    jkh authored
    these values up a bit after being yelled at by Poul.
  13. Add a little user-proofing.

    jkh authored
  14. More 12th hour fixes from Ugen.

    jkh authored
    Submitted by:	ugen
  15. @bsdphk
  16. Change TITLE to something more rational. Make sysinstall.c use it ins…

    jkh authored
    of its own hardcoded constant.
  17. Temporarily correct for Poul's insane serial-killer bindist (that wants

    jkh authored
    to kill myname and wipe out my oh-so-carefully constructed hosts file).
  18. 11th hour fixes to get the install just right. Fix some bugs

    jkh authored
    in how ftp transfers were done, make sure all output goes to /dev/ttyv1
    for debugging, add in the parallel-IP support so Poul will stop
    squeaking (for the moment, anyway).
  19. @bsdphk
  20. @bsdphk
  21. Sorry about last commit message (or lack thereof) - slip of the fingers.

    jkh authored
    Adjust the docs to point out how to get a sub-shell during the install.
    Add an entry for the PCMCIA ethernet driver.
  22. Reviewed by:

    jkh authored
    Submitted by:
    Obtained from:
  23. Change Fatals to Warnings.

    jkh authored
  24. Add back ze0 driver; somebody took it out of _both_ LINT and GENERIC,

    jkh authored
    kinda hosing the laptop folks.
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