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May 12, 2013

  1. Tidy up some CVS workarounds.


May 30, 1995

  1. This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch


May 29, 1995

  1. Some floating-point trickery to make the gauge come out right. Also

    make it a little longer.
  2. Remove comment about not being able to undefine a variable, as we *can*

    do that.
  3. 1. Fix a looping bogon in configFstab().

    2. Fix the gauge.
    3. Don't shut down the media device gratuitously after getting the root
       floppy - it saves work later.
  4. style police.

  5. French README.

    BTW, if somebody would like to take a look at the German
    README I notice that the special characters got totally stripped
    somehow and I'm not entirely sure how to put them back! [-jkh] :(
    Submitted by:	"Philippe Charnier" <>
  6. tweak tweak

  7. My first attempt at a TCP/IP help screen. The label and partition

    help screens aren't even started yet..  If someone's feeling like they
    have some extra time there..  ahem..  :-)
  8. A small tweak to layout.

  9. The FreeBSD README file auf Deutsch.

    Submitted by:	Michael Giegerich  <>
  10. My first round at all the help files needed explicitly by various menus.

    Folks - please review these!  I'm quite sleepy at the moment, and I'm
    sure that some of this could be worded better.  I'd like to have at least
    a reasonable syntax pass over this before handing it off to the translation
    folks!  Thanks!  Feel free to commit any changes directly if it's any time
    in the next 8 hours, BTW. I won't mind since I'll be asleep!
  11. Add a bunch of missing help files.

  12. Bring the XFree86 3.1.1u1 README in so that it can be easily viewed.

    Submitted by:	Rich Murphy <rich> & David Dawes <dawes>
  13. The FreeBSD README file - in Cyrillic!

    Submitted by:	"Serge A. Babkin" <>
  14. Add my humble beginnings of an installation guide. Put in a one-pager

    for the language menu help file.
  15. Sync up my work for the night. This should implement ALL possible

    installation methods and provide a fairly robust set of menu options.
    This should also fix a few more bugs on Poul-Henning's latest gripe
  16. Nuke kernel out of root.flp; it's not necessary since there's already…

    … one
    in the bindist.  This brings root.flp down to 392K!
  17. Fix 2 spelling bogons.

  18. Fix setdumpdev():

    - the major number wasn't checked, so accesses beyond the end of bdevsw[]
      were possible.  Bogus major numbers are easy to get because `sysctl -w'
      doesn't handle dev_t's reasonably - it doesn't convert names to dev_t's
      and it converts the number 1025 to the dev_t 0x35323031.
    - Driver d_psize() functions return -1 to indicate error ENXIO or ENODEV
      (the interface is too braindamaged to say which).  -1 was interpreted
      as a size and resulted in the bogus error ENOSPC.
    - it was possible to set the dumpdev for devices without a d_psize()
      function.  This is equivalent to setting the dumpdev to NODEV except
      it confuses sysctl.
    - change a 512 to DEV_BSIZE.  There is an official macro dtoc() for
      converting "pages" to disk blocks but it is never used in /usr/src/sys.
      There is much confusion between PAGE_SIZE sized pages and NBPG sized
      pages.  Maxmem consists of both.
    Not fixed:
    - there is nothing to invalidate the dumpdev if the media goes away.
      This reduces the benefits of the early calculation of dumplo.  Bounds
      checking in the dump routines is relied on to reduce the risk of
      damage and little would be lost by relying on the dump routines to
      calculate dumplo.
    - no attempt is made to stay away from the start of the device to
      avoid clobbering labels.
    Fix wrong && anachronistic comment about the type of bootdev.
    Reviewed by:	davidg
    Submitted by:	Bruce Evans
  19. Fixed some serious bugs that resulted in object reference counts not …

    handled correctly. This would manifest itself as "object deallocated too
    many times" panics and perhaps other strange inconsistencies on NFS servers.
    Reviewed by:	me, of course
    Submitted by:	John Dyson
  20. bsdphk

    Mount MFS as root RW. Remounting doesn't make sense.

    Reviewed by:	davidg
  21. bsdphk

    Actually put something in help.tgz :-)

  22. bsdphk

    Get help files form /stand/help.tgz

  23. Make the emergency holographic shell (on VTY4) actually work with job

    control and signals and such.  Thanks, Gary!
    Clean up some miscellaneous bogons for Poul.
  24. bsdphk

    Reduce the amount of bss the kzip stuff uses by moving big buffers into

    the first Mb of memory.  Makes 4Mb machines more happy.
  25. bsdphk

    Increase size of MFS filesystem. (You need to remake release.3)

    Remove unused devices (*[sw]d*[bdefgh]).
    Dont gzip boot_crunch. (This SAVES space on a 4 MB machine, since the
    file can be segment can be paged from now.
    This (with the kzip patch) makes a 4M machine boot and run again.
    Margin in my build is 22 blocks and 9 inodes.
    I will look at tgz'ing the help files, we need that.
  26. Shrink the boot floppy by removing all extraneous stuff. Also increase

    number of inodes.
    Fix various bugs reported by Poul.  Implement VTY switching.

May 28, 1995

  1. Add various missing seat belts.

  2. Added a NOMAN= macro as this subdir doesn't have a manpage yet.

  3. Replaced the whole former Makefile with a more BSD conformant Makefile.

  4. Reviewed by: with the allowance of Rod :-).

    Add a NOMAN= . It doesn't have a manual page yet.
    Please don't cry :-). I ask Rod first. the whole isdn subdir is not
    used in the moment and is only dead source code in the tree.
  5. Fix bogon I introduced into dist extraction code last night.

    Update to Poul's latest gripe list fixes.
  6. Add some last attributions and clean up some of the recent additions.

  7. Add link to sperl4.036, needed for suid scripts and pgms

    which use sperl$]
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