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Commits on Jul 27, 2012
  1. Sync with head/.

    ae authored
  2. @glebius

    Add assertion for refcount overflow.

    glebius authored
    Submitted by:	Andrey Zonov <andrey>
    Reviewed by:	kib
  3. @mmatuska
  4. Migrate the descriptor allocation function to not care about the number

    adrian authored
    of buffers, only the number of descriptors.
    This involves:
    * Change the allocation function to not use nbuf at all;
    * When calling it, pass in "nbuf * ndesc" to correctly update how many
      descriptors are being allocated.
    Whilst here, fix the descriptor allocation code to correctly allocate
    a larger buffer size if the Merlin 4KB WAR is required.  It overallocates
    descriptors when allocating a block that doesn't ever have a 4KB boundary
    being crossed, but that can be fixed at a later stage.
  5. Document the dataflash/mmc-sd issue. Add umass driver and usb. Boot

    imp authored
    off da0s1a instead of ate0.  Note that MMC/SD is slot B.  Until I
    switch over to NAND boot, dataflash booting will preclude having SD
    cards inserted at boot, so this last bit is untested.
    My SAM9260-EK not boots to multi-user prompt.
  6. Refactor out the descriptor allocation code from the buffer allocation

    adrian authored
    The TX EDMA completion path is going to need descriptors allocated but
    not any buffers.  This code will form the basis for that.
  7. Turns out the ETHERNUT5 isn't anything like the SAM9260-EK. Make this

    imp authored
    board init match better: UART1 instead of UART2, No RMMI, no SPI0, SPI1
  8. Add (back?) ohci atmel attachment.

    imp authored
  9. Minor style(9) nit.

    imp authored
Commits on Jul 26, 2012
  1. define prefetch as a noop on !x86

    luigi authored
  2. Document -g option in the usage string.

    pluknet authored
  3. The ad(4) driver no longer exists in FreeBSD CURRENT or 9, so change the

    issyl0 authored
    references to it in gsched(8) to the existing ada(4) driver.
    PR:		docs/170085
    Submitted by:	olgeni
    Approved by:	gavin
    MFC after:	5 days
  4. Add support for VALE bridges to the netmap core, see

    luigi authored
    VALE lets you dynamically instantiate multiple software bridges
    that talk the netmap API (and are *extremely* fast), so you can test
    netmap applications without the need for high end hardware.
    This is particularly useful as I am completing a netmap-aware
    version of ipfw, and VALE provides an excellent testing platform.
    Also, I also have netmap backends for qemu mostly ready for commit
    to the port, and this too will let you interconnect virtual machines
    at high speed without fiddling with bridges, tap or other slow solutions.
    The API for applications is unchanged, so you can use the code
    in tools/tools/netmap (which i will update soon) on the VALE ports.
    This commit also syncs the code with the one in my internal repository,
    so you will see some conditional code for other platforms.
    The code should run mostly unmodified on stable/9 so people interested
    in trying it can just copy sys/dev/netmap/ and sys/net/netmap*.h
    from HEAD
    VALE is joint work with my colleague Giuseppe Lettieri, and
    is partly supported by the EU Projects CHANGE and OPENLAB
  5. Trim read/write sizes to 128 bytes. Pages are only 128 bytes in size.

    imp authored
    Writes larger than this will wrap to the same page.  Reads larger than
    this are permitted, but why take chances.
  6. @pgiffuni

    Drop non-portable libedit's el_data_set() and el_data_get() for

    pgiffuni authored
    private data.
    We can set/get private data with the documented el_get() and
    el_set() so there's no need for our local extensions, which
    never received much use anyway.
    While here, also re-arrange the call to term_init_arrow. This
    was left over from r89735 but is not required anymore.
    This changes reduce differences against NetBSD's libedit.
    MFC after:	2 months
  7. Switch to using FC-Tape firmware.

    mjacob authored
    Sponsered by:	Spectralogic
    MFC after:	1 week
  8. @amotin

    Refactor enclosure manegement support in ahci(4). Move it out into se…

    amotin authored
    subdevice ahciem. Emulate SEMB SES device from AHCI LED interface to expose
    it to users in form of ses(4) CAM device. If we ever see AHCI controllers
    supporting SES of SAF-TE over I2C as described by specification, they should
    fit well into this new picture.
    Sponsored by:	iXsystems, Inc.
  9. @gavinatkinson

    Improve descriptions for several devices supported by uslcom(4).

    gavinatkinson authored
    Correct the spelling of the company Telegesis.
    Move MpMan to the correct location alphabetically.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  10. @gavinatkinson

    Add support for more devices to uslcom(4). This commit syncronises the

    gavinatkinson authored
    list of supported devices with the union of:
    NetBSD  src/sys/dev/usb/uslsa.c 1.18
    OpenBSD src/sys/dev/usb/uslcom.c 1.24
    Linux   source/drivers/usb/serial/cp210x.c HEAD
    Remove duplicate JABLOTRON PC60B entry.
    Note that some of the devices added here are multi-port devices.  The
    uslcom(4) driver currently only supports the first port on such devices.
    Update the man page to reflect the full list of supported devices.
    Remove two caveats from the CAVEATS section, as both listed caveats no
    longer apply.  Add a caveat about multi-port devices.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  11. Update the 'C1x draft' reference to '.St -isoC-2011' mdoc macro.

    pluknet authored
    Reviewed by:	theraven
    MFC after:	1 week
  12. Add OS X 10.8.

    pluknet authored
    Although they dropped the 'Mac' in this version,
    prefer to stick with it for consistency.
    Reviewed by:	maxim
  13. Pull up vendor changes to mdoc(7).

    ru authored
  14. Try to avoid all files dependence on the modification time of the lar…

    ache authored
    …ge and
    often modified directory created symbolic links points to - it cause
    unnecessary full rebuilds each time make runs when directory is changed.
    So do it only if symbolic link does not exists, which usually means that
    objdir is clean anyway.
    MFC after:      1 week
  15. @kostikbel

    MFamd64 r238623:

    kostikbel authored
    Introduce curpcb magic variable.
    Requested and reviewed by:	bde
    MFC after:	3 weeks
  16. @kostikbel

    Do not requeue held page or page for which locking failed, just leave

    kostikbel authored
    them alone.
    Process the act_count updates for the held pages in the vm_pageout
    loop over the inactive queue, instead of refusing to do anything with
    such page.
    Clarify the intent of the addl_page_shortage counter and change its
    use for pages which are not processed in the loop according to the
    Reviewed by:	alc
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  17. Fix the sctp_sockstore union such that userland programs don't depend

    tuexen authored
    on INET and/or INET6 to be defined and in-tune with how the kernel
    was compiled.
    MFC after:	3 days
    Discussed with:	rrs
  18. Add support for the DesignA Electronics Snapper9g45 System on Module.

    andrew authored
    Reviewed by:	imp
  19. Add support for the Atmel AT91SAM9G45 CPU.

    andrew authored
    Reviewed by:	imp
  20. Fix typo in comment.

    imp authored
    spibus uses cs= rather than addr=, so fix hints to use that (nop since
    	spibus cs defaults to 0, and at91_spi assumes 0).
  21. Update partitions to reflect "sam9 demo" defaults.

    imp authored
    Update i2c devices to just include the eeprom.
    Update dataflash chip select to be CS 1 (this doesn't work yet and
    	needs changes to at91_spi and the spibus infrastructure).
    Fix typo in comment.
  22. Replace the macro name NUM with INTERVALS. This change provides

    kargl authored
    compatibility with the INTERVALS macro used in the soon-to-be-commmitted
    expm1l() and someday-to-be-committed log*l() functions.
    Add a comment into ld128/s_expl.c noting at gcc issue that was
    deleted when rewriting ld80/e_expl.c as ld128/s_expl.c.
    Requested by:	bde
    Approved by:	das (mentor)
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