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Commits on Feb 23, 2009
  1. Merge r188930 through r188932.

    alc authored
Commits on Feb 22, 2009
  1. Eliminate unnecessary page queues locking.

    alc authored
  2. Merge r188902 through r188929.

    alc authored
Commits on Feb 21, 2009
  1. Merge from HEAD.

    alc authored
  2. o When creating the EBR scheme, set the number of entries

    marcel authored
       properly. Otherwise the minimum of 1 is used and you can
       only insert a single partition/slice and only at sector
       0 (index 1).
    o  When adding a partition/slice, recalculate the index after
       the start and size of the partition/slice are adjusted to
       make them a multiple of the track size. Since the precheck
       method sets the index based on the start of the partition
       as provided by the user, we know that we're off by at most
       1 and adjusting the index is safe.
  3. @amotin

    Teach device drivers' ata_reinit() methods, that there can be more th…

    amotin authored
    …en two
    devices per channel.
  4. Sync with the official Adaptec vendor driver:

    attilio authored
    [1]	Add the support for the NARK controller which seems a variant of
    	the i960Rx.
    [2]	Split up memory regions and other resources in 2 different parts
    	as long as NARK uses them separately (it is not clear to me
    	why though as long as there are no more informations available
    	on this controller). Please note that in all the other cases,
    	the regions overlaps leaving the default behaviour for all the
    	other controllers.
    [3]	Implement a clock daemon responsible for maintain updated the
    	wall clock time of the controller (run any 30 minutes)*.
    Submitted by:	Adaptec (driver build 15317 [1, 2] and 15727 [3])
    Reviewed by:	emaste
    Tested by:	emaste
    Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
    * Please note that originally, in the Adaptec driver, the clock daemon
      is not implemented with callouts as in our in-tree driver.
  5. Fix build when WITH_SSP is set explicitly.

    ru authored
    Submitted by:	Jeremie Le Hen
  6. Add support for methods to the OSD subsystem. Each object type has a

    jamie authored
    predefined set of methods, which are set in osd_register() and called
    via osd_call().  Currently, no methods are defined, though prison
    objects will have some in the future.
    Expand the locking from a single per-type mutex to three different kinds
    of locks (four if you include the requirement that the container
    (e.g. prison) be locked when getting/setting data).  This clears up one
    existing issue, as well as others added by the method support.
    Approved by:	bz (mentor)
  7. Add bootcode handling.

    marcel authored
  8. @delphij
  9. @delphij
  10. @delphij
  11. @delphij

    Initialize 'sz' as 0.

    delphij authored
  12. @delphij

    Utilize strlcpy().

    delphij authored
  13. @thompsa
  14. @nwhitehorn
  15. @thompsa
Commits on Feb 20, 2009
  1. @amotin

    Disable port hardware on detach. First switch it to slumber mode to

    amotin authored
    power-down peer transmitter, then disable completely.
    Side effect of this is saving about 0.5W of power per detached device.
  2. mark nodes created by way of neighbor discovery need to be marked as ERP

    sam authored
    so they get the correct tx parameters setup by node_settxparms
  3. Don't read the TOC for DIOCGPROVIDERALIAS. This causes the

    marcel authored
    acd code to create new provider (?), but not from an expected
    context, which results in a panic (GEOM topology not held).
  4. @amotin

    Fix typo: s/SLUMPER/SLUMBER/

    amotin authored
  5. correct SIFS setting; there is a 2usec adjustment between the calculated

    sam authored
    value and what the hardware requires (based on inspection of INI values)
    Submitted by:	Jiri Fojtasek <>
  6. don't adjust core clk conversions for 1/2 and 1/4 rate channels; the

    sam authored
    mac runs at full speed so doing this breaks conversion for ifs parameters
    Submitted by:	Felix Fietkau <>
  7. o reset aggressive mode flag; it was being left set after marking an

    sam authored
      interface down
    o only allow the first vap to initialize shared wme parameters
  8. misc cleanup of wme parameter setting

    sam authored
  9. @amotin

    Reduce soft-reset assertion time from 5ms to 50us.

    amotin authored
    ATA specification declares minimal reset time of 5us. SATA keeps it, but
    requires devices to handle commands transmitted even one by one without
    any gap.
  10. @amotin

    Disable port interrupts before doing PHY reset.

    amotin authored
    PHY reset causes drive connect/disconnect events, unwanted at this moment.
  11. @nwhitehorn

    Add Altivec support for supported CPUs. This is derived from the FPU …

    nwhitehorn authored
    code, and also reducing the size of trapcode to fit inside a 32 byte handler
    Reviewed by:	grehan
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  12. Eliminate stale comments.

    alc authored
  13. Eliminate stale comments.

    alc authored
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