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Commits on Jun 17, 2012
  1. MFC r237179

    alc authored
  2. After some discussion with bschmidt@, it's likely better to just go

    adrian authored
    through ieee80211_suspend_all() and ieee80211_resume_all().
    All the other wireless drivers are doing that particular dance.
    PR:		kern/169084
  3. @grimreaper

    attach_generic causes missing devices in /dev when the driver

    grimreaper authored
    interacts with some non-highpoint controollers. Change attach_generic to
    be off by default.
    PR:		kern/168910
    Submitted by:	Richard Yao <>
    Approved by:	cperciva
    No objections by:	-hackers
    Obtained from:	Gentoo FreeBSD
    MFC after:	2 weeks
Commits on Jun 16, 2012
  1. Do a more targeted check on the page cache and avoid to check the cache

    attilio authored
    pointer directly in vnode_pager_setsize() by using newly introduced
    vm_page_is_cached() function.
    Reviewed by:	alc
    MFC after:	2 weeks
    X-MFC:		r234039,234064
  2. A few nitpicks:

    adrian authored
    * Use ATH_RC_NUM instead of '4' when iterating over the ratecontrol series
    * A few style(9) fixes, hopefully no regressions here.
    * Add some comments that better describe what's going on.
  3. @kostikbel

    Fix build.

    kostikbel authored
  4. The page flag PGA_WRITEABLE is set and cleared exclusively by the pmap

    alc authored
    layer, but it is read directly by the MI VM layer.  This change introduces
    pmap_page_is_write_mapped() in order to completely encapsulate all direct
    access to PGA_WRITEABLE in the pmap layer.
    Aesthetics aside, I am making this change because amd64 will likely begin
    using an alternative method to track write mappings, and having
    pmap_page_is_write_mapped() in place allows me to make such a change
    without further modification to the MI VM layer.
    As an added bonus, tidy up some nearby comments concerning page flags.
    Reviewed by:	kib
    MFC after:	6 weeks
  5. In CTFCONVERT_CMD initialization, check that ${MAKE_VERSION} is defined

    rmh authored
    before using it. Bootstrap make (as built by usr.bin/make/Makefile.dist)
    does not define this variable, but it needs to parse in order
    to build a complete make.
  6. @AlexanderChernikov

    Use time_uptime instead of getnanotime for accouting integer number o…

    AlexanderChernikov authored
    …f seconds.
    Reviewed by:     glebius
    Approved by:     ae(mentor)
    MFC after:       1 week
  7. @AlexanderChernikov

    Set netflow v9 observation domain value to fib number instead of node…

    AlexanderChernikov authored
    … id.
    This fixes multi-fib netflow v9 export.
    Reviewed by:     glebius
    Approved by:     kib(mentor)
    MFC after:       1 week
  8. @AlexanderChernikov

    Fix improper L4 header handling for IPv6 packets passed via DLT_RAW.

    AlexanderChernikov authored
    Reported by:     Emil Muratov <>
    Reviewed by:     glebius
    Approved by:     ae(mentor)
    MFC after:       1 week
  9. @kostikbel

    More style.

    kostikbel authored
    MFC after:	3 days
  10. @kostikbel

    Revert part of the r235740 which changed separate allocation of the

    kostikbel authored
    string buffer for each linelist l_line into one large string. Since
    linelists parsed out during the previous passes store the pointers to
    previously allocated l_lines, the reallocation caused undefined
    behaviour on accessing the buffers, and quite deterministic fault on
    freeing them (in mountd(8) startup).
    This fixes reading of netgroup(5) file which contains more then one
    Discussed with:	ghelmer
    MFC after:	3 days
  11. Revert r237073. 'td' can be NULL here.

    pjd authored
    MFC after:	1 month
  12. mandoc fixes.

    joel authored
    Obtained from:	OpenBSD
  13. Shuffle some more fields in ath_buf so it's not too big.

    adrian authored
    This shaves off 20 bytes - from 288 bytes to 268 bytes.
    However, it's still too big.
  14. Throw this debug behind bootverbose. The information isn't all that

    imp authored
    exciting once the initial board bring up is over.
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
  1. @brooksdavis
  2. @brooksdavis

    MFP4: 212854, 212854

    brooksdavis authored
    Add a LOCAL_LIB_DIRS variable to complement the existing LOCAL_DIRS
    and LOCAL_TOOL_DIRS variables.  Directories in LOCAL_LIB_DIRS are
    built at the end of the _generic_libs target.
    Reviewed by:	imp (212854)
  3. Remove stray line from merge.

    imp authored
  4. Oops - use the actual 11n enable option.

    adrian authored
  5. If debug values were set, the default from tval floated

    mjacob authored
    down and triggered an attempt to set multiple virtual
    ports whether you wanted them or not.
    MFC after:	3 days
  6. One more attempt to make prototypes formated according to style(9), w…

    pjd authored
    holefully recovers from the "worse than useless" state.
    Reported by:	bde
    MFC after:	1 month
  7. Fixed an example that set IP_ONESBCAST socket option to actually work,

    ru authored
    and not return EINVAL.
  8. @kostikbel

    Use right size when freeing unneeded GTT mapping.

    kostikbel authored
    MFC after:	3 days
  9. Make it possible to link together a sam and an rm kernel. The results

    imp authored
    aren't very pretty yet, but this takes DELAY and cpu_reset and makes
    them pointers.
    # I worry that these are set too late in the boot, especially cpu_reset.
  10. This hints file doesn't actually do anything, and besides it is comme…

    imp authored
    out here.  Remove it.
  11. Collapse the files.at91 and files.at91sam9 back into files.at91.

    imp authored
    Create a new option for at91rm9200 support.  Set this option in
    std.at91.  Create a new option for the at91sam9 standard devices.  Set
    this option in std.at91sam9.  Retire files.at91sam9.  Add options for
    at91sam9x25 SoC and SAM9X25EK board, but don't connect it just yet as
    the supporting files aren't quite ready.
    Note: device at91rm9200 and device at91sam9 are presently mutually
  12. @mmatuska

    Do not remount ZFS dataset if changing canmount property to "on" and

    mmatuska authored
    dataset is already mounted.
    PR:		167905
    Submitted by:	Bryan Drewery <>
    MFC after:	1 week
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