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Commits on Sep 7, 2012
  1. No need to include route.h here.

    andre authored
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
  1. Add a function rtlookup() that copies out the relevant information

    andre authored
    from an rtentry instead of returning the rtentry.  This avoids the
    need to lock the rtentry and to increase the refcount on it.
    Convert ip_output() to use rtlookup() in a simplistic way.  Certain
    seldom used functionality may not work anymore and the flowtable
    isn't available at the moment.
    Convert ip_fastfwd() to use rtlookup().
    This code is meant to be used for profiling and to be experimented
    with further to determine which locking strategy returns the best
  2. hange the radix head lock to an rmlock (read mostly lock).

    andre authored
    There is some header pollution going on because rmlock's are
    not entirely abstracted and need per-CPU structures.
    A comment in _rmlock.h says this can be hidden if there were
    per-cpu linker magic/support.  I don't know if we have that
  3. Add INVARIANT and WITNESS support to rm_lock locks and optimize the

    andre authored
    synchronization path by replacing a LIST of active readers with a
    Obtained from:	Isilon
    Submitted by:	mlaier
  4. Add experimental branch for testing of different routing table locking

    andre authored
    strategies.  Not intended to merged back to HEAD.
  5. jemalloc: pointer size definition for 64-bit mips platforms

    jchandra authored
    LG_SIZEOF_PTR has to be defined as 3 when jemalloc is compiled for
    64 bit platforms.
    Reviewed by:	juli
    Approved by:	jasone
  6. Do not toggle IFCAP_TSO4 if we would also do TSO6. Given the driver does

    bz authored
    not currently announce/support TSO6 that cannot happen. Clean it up anyway
    for consistency.
    Reviewed by:	yongari
    MFC after:	1 week
  7. Improve support for USB packet filtering also when reading dumps, and

    hselasky authored
    allow filtered data to be dumped to a binary file.
    MFC after:	1 week
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
  1. @juikim

    Merge ACPICA 20120420.

    juikim authored
  2. If we pass down 64k - L2 hdr size + 1 to 64K L3+ data adding an ether

    bz authored
    header will make the data go over the 64k limits announced to busdma as
    maxsize and the transaction will fail.
    With TSO this can result in a TCP regression due to the lost packet.
    According to the data sheets ixgbe(4) 82598 and 82599 can handle up to
    256k so increase the maximum.
    Reported by:	Jon Kåre Hellan, UNINETT (jon.kare.hellan
    Tested by:	Jon Kåre Hellan, UNINETT (jon.kare.hellan
    MFC after:	1 week
  3. Do not announce IPv6 TSO support yet. The driver seems to make assump…

    bz authored
    based on IPv4 header parsing only.
    MFC after:	1 week
  4. Do not announce IPv6 TSO support yet. The in-tree driver does not seem

    bz authored
    to fully handle this yet.
    Reviewed by:	davidcs
    MFC after:	1 week
  5. @kostikbel

    Allow for the process information sysctls to accept a thread id in ad…

    kostikbel authored
    to the process id.  It follows the ptrace(2) interface and allows debugging
    libraries to use thread ids directly, without slow and verbose conversion
    of thread id into pid.
    The PGET_NOTID flag is provided to allow a specific sysctl to disallow
    this behaviour.  All current callers of pget(9) have useful semantic to
    operate on tid and do not need this flag.
    Reviewed by:	jhb, trocini
    MFC after:	1 week
  6. @nwhitehorn

    Fix copy-and-paste error in r230400.

    nwhitehorn authored
    MFC after: 3 days
  7. @trasz
  8. @trasz

    Fix build.

    trasz authored
  9. Update the bugs section. We don't consider tmpfs as experimental,

    marcel authored
    though we do not claim to support all mount options equally well.
    Approved by:	delphij@
    MFC after:	3 days
  10. @amotin

    Fix copy-paste typo in r234603.

    amotin authored
    Submitted by:	kan
  11. @nwhitehorn

    Fix missing header for powerpc_iomb().

    nwhitehorn authored
    Pointy hat to:	me
  12. @trasz
  13. @trasz

    Remove unused thread argument to vrecycle().

    trasz authored
    Reviewed by:	kib
  14. @trasz

    Remove unused thread argument from vtruncbuf().

    trasz authored
    Reviewed by:	kib
  15. @amotin
  16. @amotin

    Add sos@ copyrights to RAID metadata modules, respecting his efforts in

    amotin authored
    decoding metadata formats in ataraid(4) code.
  17. Add my birthday and place of birth.

    jlh authored
    Approved by:	kib (mentor)
  18. Add my informations.

    jlh authored
    Approved by:	kib (mentor)
  19. Fix class malloc init for mips and powerpc that was not converted

    fabient authored
    by r233628.
    Found by: monthadar, adrian
    MFC after:	1 week
  20. @DimitryAndric

    Revert r234356 for now, as it leads to run-time problems on 32-bit

    DimitryAndric authored
    PowerPC.  Note this will break world.
    Reported by:	andreast
    Pointy hat to:	dim
  21. @nwhitehorn
Commits on Apr 22, 2012
  1. @nwhitehorn

    Provide a clearer split between read/write and acquire/release barriers.

    nwhitehorn authored
    This should really, actually be correct now.
  2. @nwhitehorn
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