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Commits on Dec 11, 2012
  1. Do not return ECONNABORTED on accept() when a connection has

    andre authored
    closed again already if there are more connections waiting.
    Instead loop and return the next from the queue.
Commits on Nov 27, 2012
  1. Integrate from HEAD @243619.

    andre authored
  2. Add kern.capmode_coredump sysctl/tunable to allow processes in capabi…

    pjd authored
    …lity mode
    to dump core.
    Reviewed by:	rwatson
    Obtained from:	WHEEL Systems
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  3. - Add NOCAPCHECK flag to namei that allows lookup to work even if the…

    pjd authored
    … process
      is in capability mode.
    - Add VN_OPEN_NOCAPCHECK flag for vn_open_cred() to will ne converted into
      NOCAPCHECK namei flag.
    This functionality will be used to enable core dumps for sandboxed processes.
    Reviewed by:	rwatson
    Obtained from:	WHEEL Systems
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  4. Regenerate after r243610.

    pjd authored
  5. Allow to use kill(2) in capability mode, but process can send a signa…

    pjd authored
    …l only
    to himself. For example abort(3) at first tries to do kill(getpid(), SIGABRT)
    which was failing in capability mode, so the code was failing back to exit(1).
    Reviewed by:	rwatson
    Obtained from:	WHEEL Systems
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  6. Allow to modify kern.sugid_coredump and kern.corefile from loader.conf.

    pjd authored
    Obtained from:	WHEEL Systems
  7. More style fixes.

    pjd authored
  8. Style fixes (mostly whitespaces).

    pjd authored
  9. Correct some debugging output.

    adrian authored
  10. Do not enable data cache until later in kernel init. Stale bits in

    gonzo authored
    cache might cause erroneus behavior on early stage.
    Submitted by:	Ian Lepore
    Tested on:	Atmel, Marvell, and Eyxnos
  11. @glebius

    Better safe than sorry: reinitialize eh after ng_ether(4) and

    glebius authored
    if_bridge(4) processing, since mbuf may be modified there.
    Submitted by:	youngari
  12. Take first active vnode correctly.

    davidxu authored
    Reviewed by:	kib
    MFC after:	3 days
  13. Fix build

    adrian authored
  14. @splbio

    Auto size the tcbhashsize structure based on max sockets.

    splbio authored
    While here, also make the code that enforces power-of-two more
    forgiving, instead of just resetting to 512, graciously round-down
    to the next lower power of two.
  15. Add in a totally hacked up copy of the AR5416 descriptor decoding stuff,

    adrian authored
    as well as TDMA related things.
    I used this to debug TDMA related issues in -HEAD.
  16. Improve the TDMA debugging:

    adrian authored
    * add some further debugging prints, which are quite nice to have
    * add in ALQ hooks (optional!) to allow for the TDMA information to be
      logged in-line with the TX and RX descriptor information.
  17. Add in specific TDMA logging types.

    adrian authored
  18. Fix the TDMA nexttbtt programming for 802.11n chips.

    adrian authored
    The existing logic wrapped programming nexttbtt at 65535 TU.
    This is not good enough for the 11n chips, whose nexttbtt register
    (GENERIC_TIMER_0) has an initial value from 0..2^31-1 TSF.
    So converting the TU to TSF had the counter wrap at (65535 << 10) TSF.
    Once this wrap occured, the nexttbtt value was very very low, much
    lower than the current TSF value.  At this point, the nexttbtt timer
    would constantly fire, leading to the TX queue being constantly gated
    open.. and when this occured, the sender was not correctly transmitting
    in its slot but just able to continuously transmit.  The master would
    then delay transmitting its beacon until after the air became free
    (which I guess would be after the burst interval, before the next burst
    interval would quickly follow) and that big delta in master beacon TX
    would start causing big swings in the slot timing adjustment.
    With this change, the nexttbtt value is allowed to go all the way up
    to the maximum value permissable by the 32 bit representation.
    I haven't yet tested it to that point; I really should.  The AR5212
    HAL now filters out values above 65535 TU for the beacon configuration
    (and the relevant legal values for SWBA, DBA and NEXTATIM) and the
    AR5416 HAL just dutifully programs in what it should.
    With this, TDMA is now useful on the 802.11n chips.
    * AR5416, AR9280 TDMA slave
    * AR5413 TDMA slave
  19. When programming the beacon timer configuration, be very explicit about

    adrian authored
    what the maximum legal values are.
    The current beacon timer configuration from TDMA wraps things at
    HAL_BEACON_PERIOD-1 TU.  For the 11a chips this is fine, but for
    the 11n chips it's not enough resolution.  Since the 11a chips have a
    limit on what's "valid", just enforce this so when I do write larger
    values in, they get suitably wrapped before programming.
    * AR5413, TDMA slave
    * Run it for a (lot) longer on a clear channel, ensure that no strange
      slippages occur.
    * Re-validate this on STA configurations, just to be sure.
  20. @caladri
  21. Add NOTES and Makefile in order to generate LINT. NOTES contains pretty

    marcel authored
    much all the union of all the kernel configuration files, including all
    the CPU types, Marvell SOC types and at91 board types. Any device not
    supported (read: does not compile) has been removed, which is a fairly
    small set actually. As such, LINT gives us very good coverage without
    having to build a zillion kernels.
  22. Allow building LINT by defining both SAMPLE_AT_RESET on the one hand

    marcel authored
    and SAMPLE_AT_RESET_{LO|HI} on the other. It doesn't matter which
    values they take, as long as they are defined.
  23. Don't include arm/xscale/i8134x/i81342reg.h when we're compiling LINT.

    marcel authored
    The definitions in i81342reg.h clash with those in i80321reg.h.
  24. Remove print_kernel_section_addr(). All statements in that function

    marcel authored
    expand to uncompilable code when the kernel configuration contains
    "options DEBUG", such as it is for LINT. The toolchain is often a
    better approach to figure this out, as it doesn't require one to
    boot the kernel.
  25. Don't define intr_disable and intr_restore as macros. The macros

    marcel authored
    interfere with structure fields of the same name in drivers, like
    the intr_disable function pointer in struct cphy_ops in cxgb(4).
    Instead define intr_disable and intr_restore as inline functions.
    With intr_disable() an inline function, the I32_bit and F32_bit
    macros now need to be visible in MI code and given the rather
    poor names, this is not at all good. Define ARM_CPSR_F32 and
    ARM_CPSR_I32 and use that instead of F32_bit and I32_bit (resp)
    for now.
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
  1. @DimitryAndric

    Pull in r168610 from upstream libc++:

    DimitryAndric authored
      When using libc++ headers on FreeBSD, in combination with -std=c++98,
      -ansi or -std=c++03, the long long type is not supported.  So in this
      case, several functions and types, like lldiv_t, strtoll(), are not
    This should make it possible to use the libc++ headers in c++98 mode.
    Note: libc++ is originally designed as a c++0x or higher library, so you
    should still take care when using it with c++98 or c++03.
    Noted by:	Yamaya Takashi <>
    MFC after:	1 week
  2. @amotin

    Fix problem with the Samsung 840 PRO series SSD detection.

    amotin authored
    The device reports support for SATA Asynchronous Notification in its
    IDENTIFY data, but returns error on attempt to enable that feature.
    Make SATA XPT of CAM only report these errors, but not fail the device.
    MFC after:	1 week
  3. @glebius

    drbr_enqueue() awlays consumes mbuf, no matter did it

    glebius authored
    fail or not. The mbuf pointer is no longer valid, so
    can't be reused after.
      Fix igb_mq_start() where mbuf pointer was used after
      This eventually leads us to all invocations of
    igb_mq_start_locked() called with third argument as NULL.
    This allows us to simplify this function.
    Submitted by:	Karim Fodil-Lemelin <fodillemlinkarim>
    Reviewed by:	jfv
  4. @glebius

    Re-initialize eh pointer after m_adj()

    glebius authored
    Submitted by:	Kohji Okuno <okuno.kohji>
    Reviewed by:	yongari
  5. @glebius

    Fix typo in weekly line which made it to rotated after reaching > 1 Kb.

    glebius authored
    PR:		conf/173857
    Submitted by:	Matt Smith <matt>
  6. Add support for sctp_peeloff() also in the front states of the

    tuexen authored
    MFC after: 3 days
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