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Commits on Mar 29, 2013
  1. @bryanv

    Revert what is left of r240427

    bryanv authored
    Ease the work of this branch by changing the write membar
    into just a membar.
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
  1. MFC

    attilio authored
  2. - Remove rmb() usage from netmap and replace it with intended operation

    attilio authored
      to do actual memory fetching reads.
    - GC unused DRM_WRITEMEMORYBARRIER() from drm and drm2.
    - Use atomic_load_acq_*() in virtio and drm2 in places that don't need
      to use rmb().
    All these changes remove completely rmb() from MI code, with the
    exception of cxgbe which will be hammered in a followup commit.
Commits on Dec 25, 2012
  1. Fix up the bultin detection for the time being.

    attilio authored
  2. Generalize the prefetch concept into an MI interface.

    attilio authored
    Apparently (given the ofed support) Linux has already a similar
    interface, which doesn't take into account all the cache levels and
    Cache levels are meaningful also in x86 case and will certainly be
    even more in embedded world, thus I think it is important to specify
    Unofficial doc seems to say that __builtin_prefetch() was added in
    gcc 3.0 but I couldn't find any official documentation stating that.
    - Maybe we need doc for the PRFTCH_* flags?
    - Maybe we want to retain compat with Linux but having underoptimized
    - Why we don't use __clang__ checks __has_builtin() proficiently?
    Requested by:	alc
Commits on Dec 22, 2012
  1. There is no relation between prefetcht instruction and the mentioned

    attilio authored
    __FreeBSD_version, so fix this up by making prefetcht always available.
  2. Remove unused barriers.

    attilio authored
  3. Cleanup the messy semantic about {w|r}mb() and their fitting in

    attilio authored
    FreeBSD world.
  4. Mangle label names containing spaces, non-printable characters '%' or

    jh authored
    '"'.  Mangling is only done for label names read from file system
    metadata. Encoding resembles URL encoding. For example, the space
    character becomes %20.
    Help by:	kib
    Discussed with:	imp, kib, pjd
  5. Reject spaces and double quotation marks in device names. devctl(4)

    jh authored
    and devd(8) can't handle names with such characters properly.
    PR:		bin/144736, kern/161912
    Discussed with:	imp, kib, pjd
  6. Fixup r240424: On entering KDB backends, the hijacked thread to run

    attilio authored
    interrupt context can still be idlethread. At that point, without the
    panic condition, it can still happen that idlethread then will try to
    acquire some locks to carry on some operations.
    Skip the idlethread check on block/sleep lock operations when KDB is
    Reported by:	jh
    Tested by:	jh
    MFC after:	1 week
  7. cxgbe(4): Add support for the T440-LP-CR card. This is the 4x10G low

    np authored
    profile card with a QSFP+ transceiver.
    MFC after:	3 days
  8. Make struct fstate aligned to the same as an int as its pointer is ca…

    andrew authored
    …st to
    an int pointer in args.c. This fixes an issue with ARM where the struct
    will be byte aligned but an int pointer must be 4 byte aligned.
  9. if_start() is being used here as a way of kick-starting the new queue

    adrian authored
    processing.  For if_transmit() style hardware drivers (which none publicly
    exist yet, for wireless) they will need to still implement if_start()
    but only to re-start the TX queue.
  10. The manpage states that bus_dmamap_create(9) returns ENOMEM if it can't

    cognet authored
    allocate a map or mapping resources.  That seems to imply that any memory
    allocations it does must use M_NOWAIT and check for NULL.
    Submitted by:	Ian Lepore <>
  11. The VM_MEMATTR_ constants are enumerated, not a bitset. Compare accor…

    cognet authored
    Submitted by:	Ian Lepore <>
Commits on Dec 21, 2012
  1. @delphij

    - Reduce buffer size from LINE_MAX to PATH_MAX, there is no point to…

    delphij authored
    … store
       path longer than this.
     - Fix an unreached case of check against sizeof buf, which in turn leads
       to an off-by-one nul byte write on the stack.  The original condition
       can never be satisfied because the passed boundary is the maximum value
       that can be returned, so code was harmless.
    MFC after:	1 month
  2. Reduce stack usage in the USB audio driver by moving some large stack

    hselasky authored
    elements to the USB audio softc structure. This fixes a double CPU
    fault when attaching USB audio devices in 10-current for i386 at
    MFC after:	1 week
  3. @devinteske

    Split dialog(1)-based validators for hostname/netmask into two, provi…

    devinteske authored
    transparent validators that can be used free of dialog(1) where needed.
    Syntax/return of the original dialog(1)-based validators remains unchanged.
  4. @devinteske

    Remove unused include.

    devinteske authored
  5. @brooksdavis

    Add NetBSD's mtree to the tree and install it as nmtree as the first …

    brooksdavis authored
    towards replacing our mtree.
    Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
    Thanks to:	cristos@NetBSD for reviewing and committing my patches
    		wiz@NetBSD for fixing typos in my patches
  6. @devinteske

    Change axiom for initialization. Including script can disable (default)

    devinteske authored
    automatic initialization by setting appropriate variable to particular value.
  7. @brooksdavis

    Add libnetbsd, a thin compatibility layer intended to allow a limited

    brooksdavis authored
    set of NetBSD software to compile as part of the FreeBSD build with
    little or no modifiction.  It is built as a static library and not
    installed for general use.  Likewise, its header files are not
    Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
  8. @devinteske
  9. @devinteske
  10. @devinteske
  11. @infracaninophile

    In preparation for making 'pkg -n' the one true method of determining

    infracaninophile authored
    whether a system has been configured to use pkgng, cause /usr/sbin/pkg
    recognise a -n option and exit with a failure code when the pkg port
    is not installed.
    Approved by:	bapt
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  12. cxgbe(4): must hold a write-lock on the table while allocating an L2

    np authored
    entry for switching.
    MFC after:	3 days
  13. @devinteske

    Improve the debugging abilities and clean up debug messages. In most …

    devinteske authored
    all one has to do is set the environment variable DEBUGGING to get the debug
    messages to appear on the console.
  14. Put kthreads under curproc so they are attached to nvmecontrol rather

    jimharris authored
    than pid 0.
    Sponsored by:	Intel
  15. @devinteske

    Add much-needed dialog(1) --inputbox function for simplifying the pro…

    devinteske authored
    …cess of
    requesting input from the user.
  16. @brooksdavis
  17. @brooksdavis
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