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Commits on Aug 10, 2013
  1. Revert a change that was wrong.

    attilio authored
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon storage division
    Submitted by:	alc
  2. Fix mismerge.

    attilio authored
  3. MFC

    attilio authored
  4. Merge from vmobj-fullread.

    attilio authored
  5. MFC

    attilio authored
  6. MFC

    attilio authored
  7. @rpaulo

    Fix the return value when we found a symbol in .dynstr. This nasty bu…

    rpaulo authored
    …g was
    preventing a lot of symbol lookups in dtruss -s, for example.
  8. Minor mdoc nits.

    joel authored
  9. mdoc: document title should be all caps.

    joel authored
  10. @splbio

    Fix bug in r253719: fix command line watchdog disable.

    splbio authored
    r253719 disallowed watchdog(8) from disabling the watchdog
    by breaking the ability to pass 0 as a timeout arg.  Fix this.
  11. Use the correct address when calling kva_free()

    cognet authored
    Pointy hat to:	cognet
    Spotted out by:	alc
  12. - The address lies in the bus space handle, not in the cookie

    cognet authored
    - Use the right address when calling kva_free()
    (Is there any reason why the s3c2xx0 comes with its own version of bs_map/
     bs_unmap ? It seems to be just the same as in bus_space_generic.c)
Commits on Aug 9, 2013
  1. @z0nt

    Remove unused definition for CTL_VM_NAMES.

    z0nt authored
    Suggested by:	bde
  2. Don't call sleepinit() from proc0_init(), make it a SYSINIT instead.

    cognet authored
    vmem needs the sleepq locks to be initialized when free'ing kva, so we want it
    called as early as possible.
  3. Instead of just trying to do it for arm, make sure vm_kmem_size is pr…

    cognet authored
    aligned in kmeminit(), where it'll work for any arch.
    Suggested by:	alc
  4. - The address lies in the bus space handle, not in the cookie

    cognet authored
    - Use the right address when calling kva_free()
  5. Make sure vm_kmem_size is aligned on a page boundary, since that's wh…

    cognet authored
    …at vmem
  6. @bsdjhb

    Revert the addition of VPO_BUSY and instead update vm_page_replace() to

    bsdjhb authored
    properly unbusy the page.
    Submitted by:	alc
  7. Initial commit of my USB test code which can exercise connected USB

    hselasky authored
    devices and the FreeBSD USB stack itself. This program can be used to
    test compliance against well established standards, also
    called chapter-9 tests. The host platform can act as either USB device
    or USB host depending on the available hardware. The basic USB
    communication happens through FreeBSD's own libusb v2, and some
    sysctls are also used to invoke specific error conditions. This test
    program can be used to verify correct operation of external USB
    harddisks under heavy load and various other conditions. The software
    is driven via a simple command line interface. Main supported USB host
    classes are "USB mass storage" and "USB modems".
  8. Fix the freaddir implementation for the stand-alone interpreter.

    marcel authored
    Bug pointed out by: Jan Beich <>
  9. @jillest

    Add mkostemp() and mkostemps().

    jillest authored
    These are like mkstemp() and mkstemps() but allow passing open(2) flags like
  10. * Add random_adaptors.[ch] which is basically a store of random_adapt…

    obrien authored
      random_adaptor is basically an adapter that plugs in to random(4).
      random_adaptor can only be plugged in to random(4) very early in bootup.
      Unplugging random_adaptor from random(4) is not supported, and is probably a
      bad idea anyway, due to potential loss of entropy pools.
      We currently have 3 random_adaptors:
      + yarrow
      + rdrand (ivy.c)
      + nehemeiah
    * Remove platform dependent logic from probe.c, and move it into
      corresponding registration routines of each random_adaptor provider.
      probe.c doesn't do anything other than picking a specific random_adaptor
      from a list of registered ones.
    * If the kernel doesn't have any random_adaptor adapters present then the
      creation of /dev/random is postponed until next random_adaptor is kldload'ed.
    * Fix randomdev_soft.c to refer to its own random_adaptor, instead of a
      system wide one.
    Submitted by:, obrien
    Obtained from: Juniper Networks
    Reviewed by: so (des)
  11. MFC

    attilio authored
  12. MFC

    attilio authored
  13. On all the architectures, avoid to preallocate the physical memory

    attilio authored
    for nodes used in vm_radix.
    On architectures supporting direct mapping, also avoid to pre-allocate
    the KVA for such nodes.
    In order to do so make the operations derived from vm_radix_insert()
    to fail and handle all the deriving failure of those.
    vm_radix-wise introduce a new function called vm_radix_replace(),
    which can replace a leaf node, already present, with a new one,
    and take into account the possibility, during vm_radix_insert()
    allocation, that the operations on the radix trie can recurse.
    This means that if operations in vm_radix_insert() recursed
    vm_radix_insert() will start from scratch again.
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon storage division
    Reviewed by:	alc (older version)
    Reviewed by:	jeff
    Tested by:	pho, scottl
  14. Give mutex(9) the ability to recurse on a per-instance basis.

    attilio authored
    Now the MTX_RECURSE flag can be passed to the mtx_*_flag() calls.
    This helps in cases we want to narrow down to specific calls the
    possibility to recurse for some locks.
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon storage division
    Reviewed by:	jeff, alc
    Tested by:	pho
  15. The soft and hard busy mechanism rely on the vm object lock to work.

    attilio authored
    Unify the 2 concept into a real, minimal, sxlock where the shared
    acquisition represent the soft busy and the exclusive acquisition
    represent the hard busy.
    The old VPO_WANTED mechanism becames the hard-path for this new lock
    and it becomes per-page rather than per-object.
    The vm_object lock becames an interlock for this functionality:
    it can be held in both read or write mode.
    However, if the vm_object lock is held in read mode while acquiring
    or releasing the busy state, the thread owner cannot make any
    assumption on the busy state unless it is also busying it.
    - Add a new flag to directly shared busy pages while vm_page_alloc
      and vm_page_grab are being executed.  This will be very helpful
      once these functions happen under a read object lock.
    - Move the swapping sleep into its own per-object flag
    The KPI is heavilly changed this is why the version is bumped.
    It is very likely that some VM ports users will need to change
    their own code.
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon storage division
    Discussed with:	alc
    Reviewed by:	jeff, kib
    Tested by:	gavin, bapt (older version)
    Tested by:	pho, scottl
  16. @trasz

    Don't dereference null pointer should acl_alloc() be passed M_NOWAIT

    trasz authored
    and allocation failed.  Nothing in the tree passed M_NOWAIT.
    Obtained from:	mjg
    MFC after:	1 month
  17. @trasz
  18. @avg-I

    follow up to r254051

    avg-I authored
    - update powerpc/GENERIC64 as well, suggested by mdf
    - update comments so that they make sense after the change, suggested by
    X-MFC after:	never (change specific to head)
  19. @droso

    Add empty zones for Shared Address Space (RFC 6598)

    droso authored
    Approved by:	delphij (mentor)
    MFC after:	3 days
    Sponsored by:	DK Hostmaster A/S
  20. - Fix compile errors from the clang conversion

    jeff authored
     - Grab AF_SDP_INET from sys/socket.h
    Submitted by:	Garrett Cooper
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon Storage Division
  21. - Reserve a special AF for SDP. The one we were incorrectly using be…

    jeff authored
       was taken by another AF.
    Sponsored by:	EMC / Isilon Storage Division
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