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Commits on Jan 19, 2009
Commits on Oct 15, 2008
  1. Use P_INMEM for >= 7, and PS_INMEM otherwise.

    edwin authored
    Fix comment about "successfull" at the same time.
    Submitted by:	John Baldwin <>, bde@
  2. Manual says to use "f" for the full list of arguments.

    edwin authored
    Submitted by:
  3. Replace .CURDIR -> .OBJDIR on files I generate locally.

    edwin authored
    Submitted by:	<>
Commits on Oct 14, 2008
  1. Display the original command between ()'s just like the old top did

    edwin authored
    when the command and the first argument of the command-line-arguments
    don't match.
    According to include/sys/user.h, PS_INMEM is obsoleted in favour
    of P_INMEM, not the other way around.
  2. Replace static filenames with .CURDIR, .TARGET and .ALLSRC on places

    edwin authored
    where required.
    Submitted by:	<>
Commits on Oct 12, 2008
  1. All collected changes to with regarding to the feedback received

    edwin authored
    on the announcement of top 3.8b1 on -stable and -current as version
    This is considered the final version and submitted to mentor (bde@)
    for commit approval.
  2. Move top-3.8b1 into the top hierarchy.

    edwin authored
Commits on Oct 11, 2008
  1. Initial creation of top-3.8b1/contrib/top

    edwin authored
  2. Initial creation of top-3.8b1/usr.bin/top

    edwin authored
  3. @amotin
  4. @rwatson

    Remove stale comment: while uipc_connect2() was, until recently, not

    rwatson authored
    static so it could be used by fifofs (actually portalfs), it is now
    Submitted by:	kensmith
  5. @amotin

    Give mmcsd driver a bit more information about card. It allows to reo…

    amotin authored
    log message in a way a bit more common for disk devices. Also it will allow
    mmcsd driver to use MMC/SD specific commands when needed.
  6. Enable mpt(4) as some later models have on-board Fusion-MPT

    marius authored
    controllers and it seems to work just fine with at least an
    add-on SAS3080X. While at it, remove the commented out ncr(4)
    as it doesn't even use bus_dma(9), which isn't worth fixing
    though as sym(4) already supports a superset of the controllers
    driven by ncr(4).
  7. @rpaulo

    Move Qualcomm ZTE CDMA from ubsa(4) to u3g(4).

    rpaulo authored
    Reviewed by:	n_hibma
Commits on Oct 10, 2008
  1. Removing startup banner.

    bushman authored
  2. Remove the struct thread unuseful argument from bufobj interface.

    attilio authored
    In particular following functions KPI results modified:
    - bufobj_invalbuf()
    - bufsync()
    and BO_SYNC() "virtual method" of the buffer objects set.
    Main consumers of bufobj functions are affected by this change too and,
    in particular, functions which changed their KPI are:
    - vinvalbuf()
    - g_vfs_close()
    Due to the KPI breakage, __FreeBSD_version will be bumped in a later
    As a side note, please consider just temporary the 'curthread' argument
    passing to VOP_SYNC() (in bufsync()) as it will be axed out ASAP
    Reviewed by:	kib
    Tested by:	Giovanni Trematerra <giovanni dot trematerra at gmail dot com>
  3. Typo.

    n_hibma authored
  4. Close, but not eliminate, a race condition. It is one that properly

    imp authored
    designed drivers would never hit, but was exposed in diving into
    another problem...
    When expanding the devclass array, free the old memory after updating
    the pointer to the new memory.  For the following single race case,
    this helps:
    	allocate new memory
    	copy to new memory
    	free old memory
    <interrupt>				read pointer to freed memory
    	update pointer to new memory
    Now we do
    	allocate new memory
    	copy to new memory
    	update pointer to new memory
    	free old memory
    Which closes this problem, but doesn't even begin to address the
    multicpu races, which all should be covered by Giant at the moment,
    but likely aren't completely.
    Note: reviewers were ok with this fix, but suggested the use case
    wasn't one we wanted to encourage.
    Reviewed by:	jhb, scottl.
  5. @rwatson

    Fix content and spelling of comment on _ipfw_insn.len -- a count of

    rwatson authored
    32-bit words, not 32-byte words.
    MFC after:	3 days
  6. Typo in ifdef.

    n_hibma authored
    Submitted by:	Andrew Thompson
  7. Add an entry about the split up of usb into usb+*hci modules.

    n_hibma authored
    Submitted by:	Andrew Thompson
  8. Wrong FBSD version number in HISTORY section.

    n_hibma authored
    Submitted by:	pluknet
  9. MFp4: Fix a bug in the mips relocation code that prevents shared images

    imp authored
    from working.
    From p4 filelog of the upstream file in p4
    ... #6 change 140737 edit on 2008/04/27 by gonzo@gonzo_jeeves (text+ko)
            o Looks like handler for R_MIPS_REL32 brought by CS 137942
                is broken for tradmips. Code from NetBSD's
                libexec/ld.elf_so/arch/mips/mips_reloc.c works just fine.
    ... #3 change 137942 edit on 2008/03/17 by rrs@rrs-mips2-jnpr (text+ko)
            Any relocation symbol lookup if its 0. It looks like
                   this is the way the compiler indicates you need to
                   look in another shared library. When we hit these
                   as we relocate a object we will do the symbol
                   lookups and setup the relocation table with the
                   right value.
    Submitted by:	rrs@, gonzo@
  10. @jkoshy
  11. @akabaev

    Allow strong symbols to override weak ones for lookups done through

    akabaev authored
    dlsym with RTLD_NEXT/RTLD_SELF handles.
    Allow symbols from to be located this way too.
    Based on report and original patch from sobomax@.
Commits on Oct 9, 2008
  1. ata module additions now nest ata modules one deeper than any prior m…

    imp authored
    Increase heuristic used to find them by one.
  2. Say hello to the u3g driver, implementing support for 3G modems.

    n_hibma authored
    This was located in the ubsa driver, but should be moved into a separate
    - 3G modems provide multiple serial ports to allow AT commands while the PPP
      connection is up.
    - 3G modems do not provide baud rate or other serial port settings.
    - Huawei cards need specific initialisation.
    - ubsa is for Belkin adapters, an Linuxy choice for another device like 3G.
    Speeds achieved here with a weak signal at best is ~40kb/s (UMTS). No spooky
    STALLED messages as well.
    Next: Move over all entries for Sierra and Novatel cards once I have found
    testers, and implemented serial port enumeration for Sierra (or rather have
    Andrea Guzzo do it). They list all endpoints in 1 iface instead of 4 ifaces.
    Submitted by:
    MFC after:	3 weeks
  3. uark/ucom: Minor code cleanup.

    n_hibma authored
    umass; Remove duplicated code.
    ukbd: Fill in the arg parameter on the through call.
  4. @thompsa

    Prefix the static shl function with '__' like its parent function __q…

    thompsa authored
    …divrem to
    avoid being picked up by the DTrace fbt provider.
    This is called by __udivdi3() for doing 64bit division on a 32bit arch and may
    be called from within the dtrace context causing a double fault.
  5. @amotin
  6. Obfuscated by other diffs while committing r183728:

    n_hibma authored
    Remove the files for the HCI interfaces from the usb module.
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