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Commits on May 20, 2012
  1. Merge from HEAD as of r235693.

    hrs authored
  2. Typo and mdoc(7) style fixes.

    gjb authored
    PR:		168117
    Submitted by:	Nobuyuki Koganemaru (kogane&jp!freebsd!org)
    MFC after:	3 days
  3. Don't start the sleep state transition procedure while sleep is

    iwasaki authored
    disabled or the system is in shutdown procedure.
    This should fix the problem which kernel never response to the sleep
    button press events after the message `suspend request ignored (not
    ready yet)'.
    MFC after:	3 days
  4. Typo and mdoc(7) style fixes.

    gjb authored
    PR:		167890
    Submitted by:	Nobuyuki Koganemaru (kogane&jp!freebsd!org)
    MFC after:	3 days
  5. @nwhitehorn

    Replace the list of PVOs owned by each PMAP with an RB tree. This sim…

    nwhitehorn authored
    range operations like pmap_remove() and pmap_protect() as well as allowing
    simple operations like pmap_extract() not to involve any global state.
    This substantially reduces lock coverages for the global table lock and
    improves concurrency.
  6. remove unused vap variable

    bschmidt authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  7. Discard frames after a DELBA which where queued during an active BA

    bschmidt authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  8. Remove unused variable.

    bschmidt authored
  9. Add some more 100/130 series device IDs.

    bschmidt authored
    MFC after:	3 days
  10. Remove cpususpend IDT vector for XEN.

    iwasaki authored
    This broke XEN kernel building.
  11. Migrate the per-frame code out from ath_rx_proc() to ath_rx_pkt().

    adrian authored
    This will (eventually) be used by the EDMA RX path used by the
    AR93xx and later NICs.
  12. Rewrite nd6_sysctl_{d,p}rlist() to avoid misaligned accesses to char …

    marius authored
    casted to structs by getting rid of these buffers entirely. In r169832, it
    was tried to paper over this issue by 32-bit aligning the buffers. Depending
    on compiler optimizations that still was insufficient for 64-bit architectures
    with strong alignment requirements though.
    While at it, add comments regarding the total lack of locking in this area.
    Tested by:	bz
    Reviewed by:	bz (slightly earlier version), yongari (earlier version)
    MFC after:	1 week
  13. Migrate most of the beacon handling functions out to if_ath_beacon.c.

    adrian authored
    This is also in preparation for supporting AR9300 and later NICs.
  14. Migrate the TDMA management functions out of if_ath.c into if_ath_tdm…

    adrian authored
    There's some TX path TDMA code in if_ath_tx.c which should be migrated
    out, but first I should likely try and verify/fix/repair the TDMA support
    in 9.x and -HEAD.
  15. @chmeeedalf

    "nvram,flash" may not be the first in the compatible list property of…

    chmeeedalf authored
    … the
    nvram ofw node, so check all strings in the list.
    Approved by:	nwhitehorn (mentor)
    MFC after:	3 days
  16. .. and update this.

    adrian authored
  17. Migrate the bulk of the RX routines out from if_ath.c to if_ath_rx.[ch].

    adrian authored
    * migrate the rx processing out into if_ath_rx.c
    * migrate the TSF functions into if_ath_tsf.h, as inlines
    This is in prepration for supporting the EDMA RX routines, required to
    support the AR93xx series NICs.
    * ath_start() shouldn't be private, but it's called as part of
      the RX path. I should likely migrate ath_rx_tasklet() back into
      if_ath.c and then return this to be 'static'.  The RX code really
      shouldn't need to see TX routines (and vice versa.)
    * ath_beacon_* should be in if_ath_beacon.[ch].
    * ath_tdma_* should be in if_ath_tdma.[ch] ...
Commits on May 19, 2012
  1. MFp4 bz_ipv6_fast:

    bz authored
      Allow tso4 and tso6 be set individually given we have the bits.
      This will help with drivers not working as expected during the
      transition time and later.
      Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
      Sponsored by:	iXsystems
    Reviewed by:	gnn
    MFC After:	1 week
  2. Regenerate after the additions of:

    marcel authored
    Pointed out by: Garrett Cooper
  3. Enable the AR8316 switch on the routerstation pro board.

    adrian authored
    The configuration is:
    * RGMII, both ports
    * arge0 - connected to PHY4 as a dedicated port (CPU port)
    * arge1 - connected to the switch ports
    I've verified this on my routerstation pro board.
  4. Document the ED_CRYPTO and LS_COLORS options.

    marcel authored
    Obtained from:	Juniper Networks, Inc.
  5. Add build opton MK_LS_COLORS to control whether ls(1) supports colors

    marcel authored
    (and thus needs to depend on libtermcap). Embedded systems may not
    want or need colors.
    Obtained from:	Juniper Networks, Inc.
  6. Add build option MK_ED_CRYPTO to control whether ed(1) is to have the

    marcel authored
    ability to encrypt/decrypt files. Embedded systems can typically have
    OpenSSL, but not for ed(1) to use it.
    Obtained from:	Juniper Networks, Inc.
  7. Don't link against libssp if MK_SSP is set to no.

    marcel authored
    Note that this still misses a proper dependency at this time.
  8. @glk
  9. @glk

    Hide DIR definition by making it an opaque struct typedef.

    glk authored
    Introduce dirfd() libc exported symbol replacing macro with same name,
    preserve _dirfd() macro for internal use.
    Replace dirp->dd_fd with dirfd() call. Avoid using dirfd as variable
    name to prevent shadowing global symbol.
    Sponsored by:	Google Summer Of Code 2011
  10. Remove unused inclusion of curses.h

    marcel authored
  11. Bring DPADD in sync with LDADD.

    marcel authored
  12. Add missing LIBPROCSTAT.

    marcel authored
  13. Use the LLINDEX macro to access the link-level I/F index. This makes

    marcel authored
    it possible to work with a different type for the sdl_index field --
    it only requires a recompile.
    Obtained from:	Juniper Networks, Inc.
  14. Revert the previous commit on wakecode address verbose printing.

    iwasaki authored
    This broke PAE kernel building.
  15. Don't depend on getline being on the build machine. That's

    marcel authored
    not the case for FreeBSD 7.x machines.
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