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Commits on Dec 10, 2013
  1. Catch up with head.

    hrs authored
  2. Remove an accidentally-added line.

    hrs authored
  3. @grimreaper

    mtest(8): use correct macro in mdoc

    grimreaper authored
    The An macros is used for authors while the Ar macro is used for arguments.
    AFAIK mcast-addr and ifname are not authors.
    PR:		docs/184649
    Submitted by:	cnst++
    MFC After:	3 days
  4. @grimreaper

    calendar(1): Add support for #include with absolute paths

    grimreaper authored
    Prior to the addition of cpp support into calendar itself
    #include </usr/share/calendar/calendar.all>
    was a legal construction in a calendar file.
    Permit this again
  5. Print out the full PCIe link negotiation during dmesg.

    adrian authored
    I found this useful when checking whether a NIC is in a PCIE 3.0 8x slot
    or not.
    Reviewed by:	np
    Sponsored by:	Netflix, inc.
Commits on Dec 9, 2013
  1. @devinteske

    Fix a regression introduced by SVN r257842; resulting in mountroot pr…

    devinteske authored
    after attempting to install to encrypted ZFS root (caused by a typo in a
    MFC after:	3 days
  2. Unstaticize t4_list and t4_uld_list. This works around a clang

    np authored
    annoyance[1] and allows kgdb to find these symbols.
    MFC after:	3 days
  3. @devinteske

    Fix a regression introduced by SVN r257842. Result was that after

    devinteske authored
    successfully installing to encrypted ZFS root, the passphrase is
    not accepted and a message about "incorrect key" is displayed.
    MFC after:	3 days
  4. @grimreaper

    sed(1): Use /i instead of /I

    grimreaper authored
    	the i modifier was added in r259132 since POSIX recently agreed to add
    	it. Switch uses of /I to /i.
  5. @bsdjhb
  6. Bump the g2b firmware to 18.x.

    adrian authored
    * Intel 6235
  7. @bsdjhb

    - Refresh /etc/localtime after each update using tzsetup -r.

    bsdjhb authored
    - Regenerate /var/db/services.db when /etc/services changes.
    MFC after:	1 week
  8. @grimreaper
  9. @grimreaper

    Per the resolution of POSIX bug 0000779 (note 0002050) add support fo…

    grimreaper authored
    …r using 'i'
    as a case insensitive flag.
    PR:		standards/184641
    Requested by:	David A. Wheeler <>
    MFC After:	1 week
  10. @delphij

    Don't panic when we get ZPOOL_STATUS_NON_NATIVE_ASHIFT

    delphij authored
    while listing importable pools.
    MFC after:	3 days
  11. o Compat options have to be defined before sys/ioccom.h included, so …

    ray authored
    	inclusion of right after sys/param.h.
    o Only vt_core module use compat options, move it from common header to module.
    Reported by:	Larry Rosenman ler at lerctr dot org
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
  12. Respect SC_NO_CUTPASTE option. It disable mouse cursor and cut/paste …

    ray authored
    for vt(9). Note: /dev/sysmouse not affected.
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
  13. Bring the RPi I2C driver in line with ti_i2c. Make it treat any slave

    loos authored
    address as a 7-bit address.
    Approved by:	adrian (mentor)
  14. Activate the device before attempt to access any of its registers. Wi…

    loos authored
    this change we may end up with a panic (Fatal kernel mode data abort:
    'External Non-Linefetch Abort (S)') as described in
    It is now possible to bring up I2C1 and I2C2 on BBB.
    Approved by:	adrian (mentor)
  15. Fix a few typos on the scm (control module) pin mux definitions.

    loos authored
    Approved by:	adrian (mentor)
  16. Make it easier to test build the USB code having the debug flags set

    hselasky authored
    without having to build the complete kernel.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  17. Add gpio config for usb1 in dts.

    ganbold authored
    That way it gives power to other usb hub via gpio at boot time.
    Reviewed by: stas@
  18. Add gpio parse routines according to sys/boot/fdt/dts/bindings-gpio.txt.

    ganbold authored
    Reviewed by: stas@
  19. Remove a redundant line.

    hrs authored
  20. Replace Sun RPC license with a 3-clause BSD license. This license change

    hrs authored
    was approved in 2010 by Wim Coekaerts, Senior Vice President, Linux and
    Virtualization at Oracle Corporation.
  21. Replace Sun RPC license with a 3-clause BSD license. This license change

    hrs authored
    was approved in 2010 by Wim Coekaerts, Senior Vice President, Linux and
    Virtualization at Oracle Corporation.
  22. Add some initial support for the Intel 6235.

    adrian authored
    * Intel 5100
    * Intel 6235
    Obtained from:	mav, others
  23. @devinteske

    Forgot to utilize feature added in SVN r257782 to prevent truncating

    devinteske authored
    /tmp/bsdinstall_log each time we exec a module.
    MFC after:	3 days
  24. @splbio
  25. @devinteske
Commits on Dec 8, 2013
  1. @DimitryAndric

    Use correct casts in gcc's emmintrin.h for the first arguments of the

    DimitryAndric authored
    following builtin functions:
    * __builtin_ia32_pslldi128() takes __v4si instead of __v8hi
    * __builtin_ia32_psllqi128() takes __v2di instead of __v8hi
    * __builtin_ia32_psradi128() takes __v4si instead of __v8hi
    This should fix the following errors when building the LINT kernel with
    sys/crypto/aesni/aesni_wrap.c:191: error: incompatible type for argument 1 of
    sys/crypto/aesni/aesni_wrap.c:195: error: incompatible type for argument 1 of
    MFC after:	3 days
  2. o Build syscons(9)'s splash support if both sc and splash are enabled.

    ray authored
    o Include opt_splash.h for vt(9) to know when splash device is enabled.
    o Build logo_freebsd.c only if splash and vt are enabled.
    o Include opt_compat.h to know when we have to respect compatibility.
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
  3. @DarkHelmet433
  4. @amotin

    When comparing device IDs, make sure that they have the same type

    amotin authored
    (like NAA assigned) and identify the same entity (like device or port).
    Otherwise there can be false positives since at least some models of
    Seagate disks use same IDs for the whole device and one of its ports.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
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