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Commits on Apr 2, 2010
  1. Start to merge functionality from NetBSD. Merge the ability to

    imp authored
    specify the full path instead of the relative path.  This brings in
    all of NetBSD's spec.c, with other bits and pieces to support it.
    This is a work in progress.  At the very least we need to cut over to
    mtree_err in a few more places.  We need to bring in the merge code as
    well, so we can merge the files with the metadata files
    to allow the nopriv build to use makefs to build images.  mtree gets
    cranky if you don't list all the dirs before files in the dirs...
  2. First cut at merging some features from NetBSD's install:

    imp authored
    o add ability to generate mtree meta files based on what's installed.
    o add ability to set destdir, so the metadata in the above file can filter that
    o add some rudamentary support for generating digests of the files
    there's still some problems with this code (sizes that are generated
    seem to be wrong) and there's some additional pieces that are needed
    from NetBSD's install as well as hacks to the build system.  We're
    installing about 17k files now.  10k are recorded in the metadata
    file, while 7k aren't.  The vast majority of which are links of some
    flavor or another.
    Pieces to merge still: nopriv install and support for using install to
    manage links rather than using ln.
    Also, ee installs its nls files to the wrong place, which will need to
    be fixed.  The metadata shows this.
  3. For the experimental NFS server, add a call to free the lookup

    rmacklem authored
    path buffer for one case where it was missing when doing mkdir.
    This could have conceivably resulted in a leak of a buffer, but
    a leak was never observed during testing, so I suspect it would
    have occurred rarely, if ever, in practice.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  4. Add SAVENAME to the cn_flags for all cases in the experimental

    rmacklem authored
    NFS server for the CREATE cn_nameiop where SAVESTART isn't set.
    I was not aware that this needed to be done by the caller until
    Tested by:	lampa AT (link case)
    Submitted by:	lampa AT (link case)
    MFC after:	2 weeks
Commits on Apr 1, 2010
  1. @delphij

    Remove _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE==1 case which is supposed to be always false

    delphij authored
    on FreeBSD.
    Pointed out by:	dougb
  2. @delphij

    For now, hardcode FreeBSD configuration that will never change on zli…

    delphij authored
  3. Specify the parameter in the format_k2 prototype.

    brucec authored
    This fixes top on ARM, which assumes that format_k2 takes an int.
    Approved by:	rrs (mentor)
  4. @amotin
  5. @amotin
  6. We don't need to note that mkproto is missing anymore. It is

    imp authored
    definitely OBE in a number of ways, and likely should have been
    removed in 2000, not 2010.
  7. IOCPARM_MAX defines maximum size of a structure that can be passed

    pjd authored
    directly to ioctl(2). Because of how ioctl command is build using _IO*()
    macros we have only 13 bits to encode structure size. So the structure
    can be up to 8kB-1.
    Currently we define IOCPARM_MAX as PAGE_SIZE.
    This is IMHO wrong for three main reasons:
    1. It is confusing on archs with page size larger than 8kB (not really
       sure if we support such archs (sparc64?)), as even if PAGE_SIZE is
       bigger than 8kB, we won't be able to encode anything larger in ioctl
    2. It is a waste. Why the structure can be only 4kB on most archs if we
       have 13 bits dedicated for that, not 12?
    3. It shouldn't depend on architecture and page size. My ioctl command
       can work on one arch, but can't on the other?
    Increase IOCPARM_MAX to 8kB and make it independed of PAGE_SIZE and
    architecture it is compiled for. This allows to use all the bits on all the
    archs for size. Note that this doesn't mean we will copy more on every ioctl(2)
    call. No. We still copyin(9)/copyout(9) only exact number of bytes encoded in
    ioctl command.
    Practical use for this change is ZFS. zfs_cmd_t structure used for ZFS
    ioctls is larger than 4kB.
    Silence on:	arch@
    MFC after:	1 month
  8. @amotin

    Remove alignment constraints.

    amotin authored
  9. @amotin

    Remove alignment constraints.

    amotin authored
  10. @simonlbn
  11. @simonlbn

    - Make it slightly simpler to update OpenSSL version information

    simonlbn authored
      for regenerating OpenSSL manual pages.
    - Explicitly set the OpenSSL release date so manual pages contain
      the date OpenSSL was released and not just the date OpenSSL was
      imported into the FreeBSD base system.
    - Update for Makefile for OpenSSL 0.9.8n.
  12. @simonlbn

    Merge OpenSSL 0.9.8n into head.

    simonlbn authored
    This fixes CVE-2010-0740 which only affected -CURRENT (OpenSSL 0.9.8m)
    but not -STABLE branches.
    I have not yet been able to find out if CVE-2010-0433 impacts FreeBSD.
    This will be investigated further.
    Security:	CVE-2010-0433, CVE-2010-0740
  13. Various fixes.

    flz authored
    - Replace hardcoded INDEX version. [1]
    - Fix a buffer overlap. [2]
    - Remove empty package when fetching fails and -K is used. [3]
    - Remove useless chmod2() after mkdtemp(3). [4]
    - Replace mkdir(1) call with mkdir(2). [5]
    - Get rid of some vsystem() calls.
    - Switch from lstat(2) to open(2) in fexists().
    - Try rename(2) in move_file() first.
    - Bump PKG_INSTALL_VERSION to 20100401.
    PR:		bin/145101 [1], bin/139492 [2], bin/144919 [3]
    		bin/144920 [4], bin/144921 [5]
    Submitted by:	gcooper [1,2,3,4,5]
  14. @dag-erling

    Forgot to initialize the debug variable.

    dag-erling authored
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  15. @dag-erling

    Add -k to the recommended fingerd(8) command line.

    dag-erling authored
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  16. @dag-erling

    Add a debugging option (-d)

    dag-erling authored
    Add a -k option which fingerd(8) passes through to finger(1).
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  17. @decke

    - Add my birthday to the calendar

    decke authored
    Approved by:	miwi (mentor), beat (co-mentor)
  18. @decke

    - Add myself to the ports committer list

    decke authored
    Approved by:	miwi (mentor), beat (co-mentor)
  19. Fix the gap between mute and lowest possible volume. The es1370 mixer

    joel authored
    volumes were incorrectly calculated.
    I've tested this with one of my es1370 cards and I can confirm that it
    PR:		98167
    Submitted by:	Joseph Terner <>
    Approved by:	kib
  20. @amotin

    Remove alignment constraints.

    amotin authored
  21. Add a couple missing basic mode page codes.

    mjacob authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  22. The ALQ should not be considered drained until it has been made inact…

    lstewart authored
    Sponsored by:	FreeBSD Foundation
    Reviewed by:	dwmalone, jeff, rpaulo, rwatson (as part of a larger patch)
    Approved by:	kmacy (mentor)
    MFC after:	1 month
  23. According to SLEEP(9), msleep() is deprecated in favour of mtx_sleep().

    lstewart authored
    Sponsored by:	FreeBSD Foundation
    Reviewed by:	dwmalone, jeff, rpaulo, rwatson (as part of a larger patch)
    Approved by:	kmacy (mentor)
    MFC after:	1 month
  24. - Factor code to destroy an ALQ out of alq_close() into a private alq…

    lstewart authored
    - Use the new alq_destroy() to properly handle a failure case in alq_open().
    Sponsored by:	FreeBSD Foundation
    Reviewed by:	dwmalone, jeff, rpaulo, rwatson (as part of a larger patch)
    Approved by:	kmacy (mentor)
    MFC after:	1 month
Commits on Mar 31, 2010
  1. The POLL code was missed in the queue conversion,

    jfv authored
    change the argument type to igb_rxeof() to the
    correct type. Note, any users of POLLING must
    be sure and set the number of queues to 1 for
    things to work correctly.
  2. @delphij

    Add definition of IPv6 mobility header's protocol number, as assigned by

    delphij authored
    IANA and defined in RFC 3775.
    Obtained from:	KAME
  3. @amotin
  4. Use device_get_nameunit(9) rather than device_get_name(9) so one can

    marius authored
    identify the reporting bridge in machines with multiple PCI domains.
  5. Don't re-implement device_get_nameunit(9).

    marius authored
  6. - Take advantage of the INTCLR_* macros.

    marius authored
    - Right-justify the backslashes as per style(9).
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