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Apr 15, 2010

  1. svn merge svn+ssh://

    imp authored
  2. - Fix a typo OFFCORE_REQUESTS.ANY.RFO is B0H10H and not 80H10H.

    - Enable missing PARTIAL_ADDRESS_ALIAS for Core i7.
    MFC after: 3 days
    fabient authored
  3. Xin Li

    Diff reduction with OpenBSD:

     - Remove unused locally added variable;
     - Deprecate -o: it's the default behavior on OpenBSD.
    X-MFC:	along with nc 4.7.
    delphij authored
  4. Fix include path.

    yongari authored
  5. kostikbel

    Fix typo.

    MFC after:	3 days
    kostikbel authored
  6. Increase ggate queue size to maximum value.

    HAST was not able to stand heavy random load.
    Reported by:	Hiroyuki Yamagami
    MFC after:	3 days
    pjd authored
  7. Use spaces instead of tab for indent here.

    pjd authored
  8. Fix 3-way deadlock that can happen because of ZFS and vnode lock

    order reversal.
    thread0 (vfs_fhtovp)	thread1 (vop_getattr)	thread2 (zfs_recv)
    --------------------	---------------------	------------------
    						rrw_enter_write (hangs)
    			rrw_enter_read (hangs)
    vn_lock (hangs)
    Submitted by:	Attila Nagy <>
    MFC after:	3 days
    pjd authored
  9. Flush disk write cache after storing and clearing metadata.

    pjd authored
  10. Use lower priority for GELI worker threads. This improves system

    responsiveness under heavy GELI load.
    MFC after:	3 days
    pjd authored
  11. Allow option aliasing. Lines of the form:

    in options* files will now map OLD_OPT to NEW_OPT with a friendly
    message.  This is indented for situations where we need to preserve an
    interface in the config file in an upwards compatible fashion on a
    stable branch.
    Reviewed by:	nwhitehorn@
    MFC after:	3 days
    imp authored
  12. Add missing IFCAP_LINKSTATE to mxge

    Submitted by: yongari
    gallatin authored
  13. Cleanup if_media handling in mxge(4)

    - Re-probe xfp / sfp+ socket on link events, in case user
        has changed transceiver
    - correctly report current media to avoid confusing lagg (reported by Panasas)
    - Report link speed  (submitted by yongari)
    Reviewed by: yongari (earlier version)
    MFC after: 7 days
    gallatin authored
  14. Locks SPTREE when setting some SP entries to state DEAD.

    This can prevent kernel panics when updating SPs while
    there is some traffic for them.
    Obtained from: NETASQ
    MFC after: 1m
    vanhu authored
  15. Alexander Motin

    Explicitly enable PCI busmastering on attach.

    Now SiI3124 with siis(4) successfully works on sparc64 (SunBlade 100).
    H/W donated by:	Gheorghe Ardelean
    amotin authored
  16. Andriy Gapon

    scsi_cd: CD_FLAG_VALID_MEDIA is sufficient to set d_sectorsize and

    [Forced commit to correct PR number.]
    CD_FLAG_VALID_TOC is not required for setting those media properties.
    PR:		kern/138789
    Submitted by:	Juergen Lock <>
    		a slightly different version
    Tested by:	Pavel Sukhoy <>,
    		Markus Wild <>,
    		Juergen Lock <>,
    MFC after:	1 week
    avg-I authored
  17. Andriy Gapon

    g_io_check: respond to zero pp->mediasize with ENXIO

    Previsouly this condition was reported with EIO by bio_offset > mediasize
    Perhaps that check should be extended to bio_offset+bio_length > mediasize.
    MFC after:	1 week
    avg-I authored
  18. kostikbel

    Still reference struct __sigaction with clarification when this form

    of argument declaration is needed.
    Discussed with:	bde
    MFC after:	3 days
    kostikbel authored
  19. Andriy Gapon

    scsi_cd: CD_FLAG_VALID_MEDIA is sufficient to set d_sectorsize and

    CD_FLAG_VALID_TOC is not required for setting those media properties.
    PR:		kern/145385
    Submitted by:	Juergen Lock <>
    		a slightly different version
    Tested by:	Pavel Sukhoy <>,
    		Markus Wild <>,
    		Juergen Lock <>,
    MFC after:	1 week
    avg-I authored

Apr 14, 2010

  1. Move two copies of the same definition to a common include file.

    MFC after: 3 weeks
    julian authored
  2. Gavin Atkinson

    Use the UIPROTO_BOOT_KEYBOARD #define from usb.h rather than a local

    (almost identically named) local #define.
    Reviewed by:	hselasky
    gavinatkinson authored
  3. Xin Li

    When an underlying ioctl(2) handler returns an error, our ioctl(2)

    interface considers that it hits a fatal error, and will not copyout
    the request structure back for _IOW and _IOWR ioctls, keeping them
    The previous implementation of the SIOCGIFDESCR ioctl intends to
    feed the buffer length back to userland.  However, if we return
    an error, the feedback would be defeated and ifconfig(8) would
    trap into an infinite loop.
    This commit changes SIOCGIFDESCR to set buffer field to NULL to
    indicate the previous ENAMETOOLONG case.
    Reported by:	bschmidt
    MFC after:	2 weeks
    delphij authored
  4. Move fatal error at the right place.

    Fix exit from top mode when checking if PMC is available.
    MFC after: 3 days
    fabient authored
  5. Man page change to documant slight change in ktr_alq behaviour.

    julian authored
  6. Change the semantics of the debug.ktr.alq_enable control so that when…

    … you
    disable alq, it acts as if alq had not been enabled in the build.
    in other words, the rest of ktr is still available for use.
    If you really don't want that as well, set the mask to 0.
    MFC after:3 weeks
    julian authored
  7. Add sge(4) man page and hook up sge(4) to the build.

    Also add Xr to appropriate man pages.
    yongari authored
  8. svn merge svn+ssh://

    imp authored
  9. Add a missing fragment in the tx msix handler to invoke

    another if all work is not done.
    Sync the igb driver with changes suggested by yongari and
    made in em, these made sense to be in both drivers.
    jfv authored
  10. Add sge(4) to the list of supported network interface.

    yongari authored
  11. We don't need the definition for in_cksum repeated here since we get

    it from machine/in_cksum.h.  This definition prevents us from using
    hand-tuned assembler versions of in_cksum.
    # this fixes the modules build on arm for ipfilter.
    imp authored
  12. svn merge svn+ssh://

    # loopback of the gdbserver changes
    imp authored
  13. Add driver for Silicon Integrated Systems SiS190/191 Fast/Gigabit Eth…

    This driver was written by Alexander Pohoyda and greatly enhanced
    by Nikolay Denev. I don't have these hardwares but this driver was
    tested by Nikolay Denev and xclin.
    Because SiS didn't release data sheet for this controller, programming
    information came from Linux driver and OpenSolaris. Unlike other open
    source driver for SiS190/191, sge(4) takes full advantage of TX/RX
    checksum offloading and does not require additional copy operation in
    RX handler.
    The controller seems to have advanced offloading features like VLAN
    hardware tag insertion/stripping, TCP segmentation offload(TSO) as
    well as jumbo frame support but these features are not available
    yet. Special thanks to xclin <xclin<> cs dot nctu dot edu dot tw>
    who sent fix for receiving VLAN oversized frames.
    yongari authored
  14. Make this directory more regular. Since it is one we control, use the

    freebsd-based names for filenames.  This allows us to eliminate
    almost all of the uses of ${MACHINE_ARCH} here to do special things, and
    instead we use it to include filenames.  This makes new architectures easier
    to support.
    imp authored
  15. kostikbel

    ld_gs_base is executing with stack containing only the frame,

    temporary pushed %rflags has been popped already.
    Pointy hat to:	kib
    MFC after:	3 days
    kostikbel authored
  16. uqs

    mdoc: order prologue macros consistently by Dd/Dt/Os

    Although groff_mdoc(7) gives another impression, this is the ordering
    most widely used and also required by mdocml/mandoc.
    Reviewed by:	ru
    Approved by:	philip, ed (mentors)
    uqs authored
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