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Commits on Nov 18, 2010
  1. MFC 202061, 202091,203001 to update dev/cfe

    jchandra authored
    MFC 205845 to fix module build
Commits on Nov 17, 2010
  1. MFC test for mips changes in -CURRENT.

    jchandra authored
    - Pull in vm updates for allocating page table pages.
    - revert page queue locking code in -CURRENT pmap.c
    - merge PMC by hand
    - revert kernel event timer code from -CURRENT tick.c
    - other fixups
Commits on Nov 11, 2010
  1. MFC r214972,r215031:

    kevlo authored
    - Intel IXP425 SoC is based on the ARMv5TE architecture
    - Minor cosmetic changes
Commits on Nov 10, 2010
  1. Alexander Motin

    MFC r209639 by marcel:

    amotin authored
    Remove the unneeded header <machine/intr.h>.
    Reviewed by:	marcel
  2. John Baldwin

    MFC 211117:

    bsdjhb authored
    Simplify the logic for handling ipi_selected() and ipi_cpu() in the
    amd64/i386 case.
  3. Fix-up MFC r214446, r214516:

    attilio authored
    Use the appropriate SYSINIT() ordering between the arches.
    This is intended as a fixup for r215059, so no further notes are merged.
    Reported by:	jhb
    Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
  4. Konstantin Belousov

    MFC r214728:

    kostikbel authored
    If dlopen() is called for the dso that has been already loaded as a
    dependency, then the dso never has its DAG initialized. Empty DAG
    makes ref_dag() call in dlopen() a nop, and the dso refcount is off
    by one.
    Initialize the DAG on the first dlopen() call, using a boolean flag
    to prevent double initialization.
    MFC r214776:
    Fix style.
    MFC r214777:
    Change init_dag() to not increment DAG refcount. Unconditionally call
    both init_dag() and ref_dag() in dlopen() for the case when the object
    was already loaded.
  5. MFC 211249

    nork authored
    	This depends on ACPI, so only build on i386:i386, amd64:amd64 and
    	ia64:ia64.  It can't possibly work on pc98, or any of the embedded
    	platforms, since they lack ACPI.
    Pointy hat:	myself
    Pointed out:	nyan, releng_8 tinderbox
    Approved by:	imp (mentor, implicitly)
Commits on Nov 9, 2010
  1. Jilles Tjoelker

    MFC r198454: sh: Exempt $@ and $* from set -u

    jillest authored
    This seems more useful and will likely be in the next POSIX standard.
    Also document more precisely in the man page what set -u does (note that
    $@, $* and $! are the only special parameters that can ever be unset, all
    the others are always set, although they may be empty).
  2. Alexander Motin

    MFC r209154:

    amotin authored
    Virtualize pci_remap_msi_irq() call from general MSI code. It allows MSI
    (FSB interrupts) to be used by non-PCI devices, such as HPET.
  3. Jilles Tjoelker
  4. Alexander Motin

    MFC r208922 by jhb:

    amotin authored
    Move the MD support for PCI message signalled interrupts to the x86 tree
    as it is identical for i386 and amd64.
  5. MFC r214446, r214516:

    attilio authored
    Move mptable support to x86/ subtree.
    Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
  6. MFC r214373, r214380, r214386:

    attilio authored
    Move dump_machdep.c into x86/ for amd64, i386 and pc98.
    Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
  7. MFC: r214873

    marius authored
    - Move Sun Fire V240 to the list of known working machines.
    - For the parallel stable/7 and stable/8 branches mention both releases that
      first supported a particular sparc64 machine and update the sparc64 hardware
      list regarding machines that will be supported beginning with 7.4-RELEASE.
  8. Jean-Sébastien Pédron

    MFC r214893:

    dumbbell authored
    Fix a segmentation fault in argument processing.
    The crash was caused by a command line such as this one:
    # fold -b1
    PR:		bin/151592
    Reporter by:	Marcus Reid <>
    Tested by:	Marcus Reid <>
  9. John Baldwin

    MFC 210939:

    bsdjhb authored
    Add a new ipi_cpu() function to the MI IPI API that can be used to send an
    IPI to a specific CPU by its cpuid.  Replace calls to ipi_selected() that
    constructed a mask for a single CPU with calls to ipi_cpu() instead.
  10. Martin Matuška

    MFC r214378:

    mmatuska authored
    Bugfix merge from OpenSolaris:
    OpenSolaris onnv-revision:	10209:91f47f0e7728
    6830541	zfs_get_data_trips on a verify
    6696242	multiple zfs_fillpage() zfs: accessing past end of object panics
    6785914	zfs fails to drop dn_struct_rwlock in recovery code path
    Approved by:	delphij (mentor)
    Obtained from:	OpenSolaris (Bug ID 6830541, 6696242, 6785914)
  11. Alexander Motin

    MFC r208452, r208479:

    amotin authored
    Unify local_apic.c for x86 archs,
  12. John Baldwin

    MFC 214682:

    bsdjhb authored
    Tweak the waitchannel messages for the dead lock detection kthread.  Use
    a shorter message (userland generally only sees the first 6 to 8
    characters) when waiting for the allproc lock.  Use "-" when idle to match
    the behavior of other kthreads.
  13. John Baldwin

    MFC 214346:

    bsdjhb authored
    Use intr_disable() and intr_restore() instead of frobbing the flags register
    directly to disable interrupts.
  14. MFC r208921 by jhb:

    attilio authored
    Move mca.c under x86.
    Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
    Approved by:	jhb
  15. Alexander Motin

    MFC r208436, r208438:

    amotin authored
    Make table-based HPET identification more clever. Before creating fake
    device, make sure we have no real HPET device entry with same ID.
    As side effect, it potentially allows several HPETs to be attached.
    Use first of them for timecounting, rest (if ever present) could later
    be used as event sources.
  16. Alexander Motin

    MFC r206900,r206901,r206922,r206993 by rpaulo:

    amotin authored
    Rename the cyclic global variable lapic_cyclic_clock_func to just
  17. MFC 211201

    nork authored
    	Add tpm(4) driver for Trusted Platform Module.
    	You may want to look at .
    	Submitted by: Hans-Joerg Hoexer <>
    MFC 211204
    	Fix copyright information.
    MFC 211270
    	Cosmetic change for splitting bus frontend file and core file.
    MFC 211271
    	Hook tpm.4 manual to hook.
    MFC 212861
    	Add support 'device tpm' for amd64.
    	Add tpm(4)'s default setting to /boot/defaults/loader.conf.
    	Add 'device tpm' to NOTES for amd64 and i386.
    Reviewed by:	takawata
    Discussed with:	takawata
    Approved by:	imp (mentor)
  18. Alexander Motin

    MFC r205999:

    amotin authored
    ng_gif depends on gif.
  19. MFC r204309, r204313 and r204319 by nyan:

    attilio authored
    Introduce the x86 subtree for code shared between amd64, i386 and pc98.
    Differently from the HEAD version, the headers are not moved around,
    in order to avoid breaking the KPI but it can be eventually done once the
    core mechanism of r214629 is MFCed.
    MFCing this patch does allow for simpler MFCs handling on i386/amd64
    specific code.
    Sponsored by:   Sandvine Incorporated
Commits on Nov 8, 2010
  1. Jung-uk Kim

    MFC: r213755

    juikim authored
    Use AcpiReset() from ACPICA instead of rolling our own, which is actually
    incomplete.  If FADT says the register is available, enable the capability
    by default.  Remove the previous default value from acpi(4).
  2. uqs

    MFC r173289,174783,175454,191681,191698,191834,195044,197304,198210,1…

    uqs authored
    Sync bsd-family-tree with head.
  3. MFC r214542:

    yongari authored
      Don't bother to enable ASPM L1 to save more power. Even though I am
      not able to trigger the issue with sample boards, some users seems
      to suffer from freeze/lockup when system is booted without UTP cable
      plugged in. I'm not sure whether this is BIOS issue or controller
      bug. This change fixes AR8132 lockup issue seen on EEE PC.
      Reported by:	kmoore
      Tested by:	kmoore
  4. MFC r214428:

    yongari authored
      Add initial BCM5718 family support. The BCM5718 family includes
      the dual port BCM5717 and BCM5718 devices which are intended for
      mainstream workstation and entry-level server designs and
      represents the twelfth generation of NetXtreme Ethernet controllers.
      This family is the successor to the BCM5714/BCM5715 family and
      supports IPv4/IPv6 checksum offloading, TSO, VLAN hardware tagging,
      jumbo frames, MSI/MSIX, IOV, RSS and TSS.
      This change set supports all hardware features except IOV and
      RSS/TSS. Unlike its predecessors, only extended RX buffer
      descriptors can be posted to the jumbo producer ring. Single RX
      buffer descriptors for jumbo frame are not supported. RSS requires
      a more substantial set of changes and will apply to a larger set
      of NetXtreme devices so RSS/TSS multi-queue support will be
      implemented in a future releases.
      Special thanks to Broadcom who kindly sent a sample board to me
      and to davidch who gave provided the initial support code.
      Submitted by:	davidch (initial version)
      HW donated by:	Broadcom
  5. MFC r213486:

    yongari authored
      Remove bge_tx_buf_ratio, unused member of softc.
  6. MFC r214427:

    yongari authored
      Add BCM5717C 10/100/1000TX PHY id.
  7. Alexander Motin

    MFC r214321:

    amotin authored
    Do some whitespace and `identify` output cleanup.
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