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Commits on Apr 30, 2010
  1. @kmacy
  2. - Use the path to the filesystem mountpoint to look up the statfs

    jeff authored
       structure so that we correctly reload.  Note that tunefs doesn't
       properly detect the need to reload if the disk device is specified
       for a read-only mounted filesystem.
     - Lessen the contiguity requirement for the journal so that it is more
       likely to succeed.
  3. @kmacy

    merge 194209 in to the i386/xen pmap

    kmacy authored
    requested by: alc@
  4. @splbio

    Avoid allocating MAXHOSTNAMELEN bytes on the stack in expand_name(),

    splbio authored
    use the heap instead.
    Obtained from: Juniper Networks
    Reviewed by:	jhb
  5. @splbio

    Don't leak core_buf or gzfile if doing a compressed core file and we

    splbio authored
    hit an error condition.
    Obtained from: Juniper Networks
  6. @splbio

    Do not set IO_NODELOCKED while writing to vnodes as our consumers

    splbio authored
    do not lock the vnodes.
    Obtained from: Juniper Networks
    Reviewed by:	jhb
  7. @kmacy
  8. - Enable flow control.

    davidch authored
    - Print device details only when verbose boot is enabled.
    - Add debug output for shared memory access.
    - Add debug statistics (checksum offload & VLAN frame counters).
    - Modify TX path to update consumer index for each frame completed
      rather than updating the consumer index only once for a group of
      frames to improve small packet performance.
    - Print driver/firmware pulse messages only when verbose boot
      is enabled.
    - Add debug sysctl to clear statistics.
    - Fix more style(9) violations.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  9. @kmacy

    On Alan's advice, rather than do a wholesale conversion on a single

    kmacy authored
    architecture from page queue lock to a hashed array of page locks
    (based on a patch by Jeff Roberson), I've implemented page lock
    support in the MI code and have only moved vm_page's hold_count
    out from under page queue mutex to page lock. This changes
    pmap_extract_and_hold on all pmaps.
    Supported by: Bitgravity Inc.
    Discussed with: alc, jeffr, and kib
  10. Both RX_GMF_LP_THR and RX_GMF_UP_THR must be 16 bits register. If

    yongari authored
    it is 8bits register then RX FIFO size can't exceed 2KB which is
    not true for almost all Yukon II controller.
Commits on Apr 29, 2010
  1. @thompsa
  2. - Pass flow control settings back to bce(4).

    davidch authored
    MFC after:	Two weeks
  3. Default connection timeout is way too long. To make it shorter we hav…

    pjd authored
    …e to
    make socket non-blocking, connect() and if we get EINPROGRESS, we have to
    wait using select(). Very complex, but I know no other way to define
    connection timeout for a given socket.
    Reported by:
    MFC after:	3 days
  4. @delphij

    Add FreeBSD 8.1 to known list as it's being referenced by a couple of

    delphij authored
    manpages already.
    MFC after:	3 days
  5. @delphij

    bwn(4) will first appear in FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE.

    delphij authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  6. Enable VLAN hardware tag insertion/stripping. Due to lack of SiS190

    yongari authored
    controller, I'm not sure whether this is also applicable to SiS190
    so this feature is only activated on SiS191 controller.
    In theory, controller reinitialization is not needed when VLAN tag
    configuration is changed, but xclin said controller was not stable
    whenever toggling VLAN tag bit. To address that, sge(4)
    reinitialize controller for VLAN configuration which seems to work
    as expected. VLAN tag information for TX/RX descriptor and
    configure bit of RxMacControl register was found by xclin.
    Submitted by:	xclin <xclin <> cs dot nctu dot edu dot tw > (initial version)
    Tested by:	xclin <xclin <> cs dot nctu dot edu dot tw >
  7. Enable FCS stripping and padding 10 bytes bit of RX MAC control

    yongari authored
    register. Due to lack of SiS190 controller, I'm not sure whether
    this is also applicable to SiS190 so this feature is only activated
    on SiS191 controller.
    The controller can pad 10 bytes before DMAing a received frame to
    RX buffer and received bytes include the padded bytes. This padding
    is very useful on strict-alignment architectures because driver
    does not have to copy received frame to align IP header on 4 bytes
    boundary. It also gives better RX performance on non-strict
    alignment architectures. Special thanks to xclin to give me
    valuable register information. Without his enthusiastic trial and
    errors this wouldn't be even possible.
    While I'm here tighten validity check of received frame. Controller
    clears RDS_CRCOK bit when it received bad CRC frames. xclin found
    that using loop back testing.
    Tested by:	xclin <xclin <> cs dot nctu dot edu dot tw >
  8. Remove wrong link state chage.

    yongari authored
  9. Preserve unknown bits of RX MAC control register when driver

    yongari authored
    programs RX filter configuration. It seems RX MAC control register
    is one of key registers to get various offloading features as well
    as performance. Blindly clearing unrelated bits can result in
    unexpected results.
    Tested by:	xclin <xclin <> cs dot nctu dot edu dot tw >
  10. Simplify the inner loop of vm_pageout_object_deactivate_pages(). Rather

    alc authored
    than checking each page for PG_UNMANAGED, check the vm object's type.
    Only OBJT_PHYS can have unmanaged pages.  Eliminate a pointless counter.
    The vm object is locked, that lock is never released by the inner loop,
    and the set of pages contained by the vm object is not changed by the
    inner loop.  Therefore, the counter serves no purpose.
  11. MFamd64/i386 r207205

    alc authored
      Clearing a page table entry's accessed bit and setting the page's
      PG_REFERENCED flag in pmap_protect() can't really be justified, so
      don't do it.  Moreover, on ia64, don't set the page's dirty field
      unless pmap_protect() is removing write access.
  12. - Check if the worker process was killed by signal and restart it.

    pjd authored
    - Improve logging.
    Pointed out by:	Garrett Cooper <>
    MFC after:	3 days
  13. Fix a problem where hastd will stuck in recv(2) after sending request to

    pjd authored
    secondary, which died between send(2) and recv(2). Do it by adding timeout
    to recv(2) for primary incoming and outgoing sockets and secondary outgoing
    Reported by:	Mikolaj Golub <>
    Tested by:	Mikolaj Golub <>
    MFC after:	3 days
  14. @rpaulo
  15. MFP4: @176978-176982, 176984, 176990-176994, 177441

    bz authored
    "Whitspace" churn after the VIMAGE/VNET whirls.
    Remove the need for some "init" functions within the network
    stack, like pim6_init(), icmp_init() or significantly shorten
    others like ip6_init() and nd6_init(), using static initialization
    again where possible and formerly missed.
    Move (most) variables back to the place they used to be before the
    container structs and VIMAGE_GLOABLS (before r185088) and try to
    reduce the diff to stable/7 and earlier as good as possible,
    to help out-of-tree consumers to update from 6.x or 7.x to 8 or 9.
    This also removes some header file pollution for putatively
    static global variables.
    Revert VIMAGE specific changes in ipfilter::ip_auth.c, that are
    no longer needed.
    Reviewed by:	jhb
    Discussed with:	rwatson
    Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
    Sponsored by:	CK Software GmbH
    MFC after:	6 days
  16. @avg-I

    ffs_vfsops: restore alphabetic order of options in ffs_opts

    avg-I authored
    The order was not correct only for nfsv4acls.
    ("no" prefix is ignored)
    MFC after:	1 week
  17. @kostikbel

    When doing kstack swapin, read as much pages in one run as possible.

    kostikbel authored
    Suggested and reviewed by:	alc (previous version)
    Tested by:	pho
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  18. @kostikbel

    In swap pager, do not free the non-requested pages from the run if th…

    kostikbel authored
    …ey are
    wired. Kstack pages are wired, this change prepares swap pager for handling
    of long runs of kstack pages.
    Noted and reviewed by:	alc
    Tested by:	pho
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  19. @kostikbel

    Remove caddr_t casts.

    kostikbel authored
    Requested by:	bde
    MFC after:	10 days
  20. @avg-I

    kern_ntptime: drop a comment that became stale after r207359

    avg-I authored
    MFC after:	1 week
    X-MFC after:	r207359
  21. @avg-I

    periodically save system time to hardware time-of-day clock

    avg-I authored
    This is done in kern_ntptime, perhaps not the best place.
    This is done using resettodr().
    Some features:
    - make save period configurable via tunable and sysctl
    - period of zero disables saving, setting a non-zero period re-enables
      it or reschedules it
    - do saving only if system clock is ntp-synchronized
    - save on shutdown
    Discussed with:	des, Peter Jeremy <>
    X-Maybe:		save time near seconds boundary for better precision
    MFC after:		2 weeks
  22. @avg-I

    kern_ntptime: abstract time error check into a function

    avg-I authored
    ... to avoid code duplication
    MFC after:	1 week
  23. MFi386: revision 206553

    nyan authored
      - Change printf() calls to uprintf() for sigreturn().
      - Normalize the messages to include both pid and thread name.
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