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Commits on Dec 1, 2009
  1. @kmacy
  2. @kmacy

    - merge updated FCS changes

    kmacy authored
Commits on Nov 30, 2009
  1. @cbrueffer

    MFC: r199739, r199825

    cbrueffer authored
    - LSI MegaRAID 9260 works, sort the hardware list while here.
    - Add IBM ServeRAID-MR10i to the hardware list.
  2. @cbrueffer

    MFC: r199748

    cbrueffer authored
    Grammar and mdoc improvements.
Commits on Nov 29, 2009
  1. MFC r199413:

    yongari authored
      It seems generation of link state change of e1000phy(4) is not
      reliable on some Marvell PHYs. If msk(4) know it still does not
      have established link check whether msk(4) missed the link state
      change by looking into polled link state.
      Reported by:	Mel Flynn < mel.flynn+fbsd.current <> mailing.thruhere dot net >,
    		Gleb Kurtsou <gleb.kurtsou <> gmail dot com >
      Tested by:	Gleb Kurtsou <gleb.kurtsou <> gmail dot com >
  2. MFC r199013:

    yongari authored
      88E8057(Ultra 2) is now supported.
  3. MFC r198475:

    yongari authored
      - Add support for Marvell Yukon 88E8042 device.
  4. MFC r199012:

    yongari authored
      Add preliminary Yukon Ultra 2 support(88E8057). The controller
      looks very similar to Yukon EC Ultra.
      Tested by:	kalin m ( kalin <> el dot net )
  5. MFC 198996-198997.

    yongari authored
      Remove unnecessary header file.
      It's normal to see Rx FIFO overruns under high network load and
      showing the message creates other side-effects. Remove the Rx
      FIFO overrun message in interrupt handler. msk(4) should recover
      from the FIFO overruns without any user intervention. Users can
      still check the Rx FIFO overrun counter from MAC MIB statistics
      maintained in driver(dev.msk.0.stats.rx.overflows).
  6. MFC 198814.

    yongari authored
      Add a check to know whether driver is still running after
      reacquiring driver lock in Rx handler. re(4) drops a driver lock
      before passing received frame to upper stack and reacquire the
      lock. During the time window ioctl calls could be executed and if
      the ioctl was interface down request, driver will stop the
      controller and free allocated mbufs. After that when driver comes
      back to Rx handler again it does not know what was happend so it
      could access free mbufs which in turn cause panic.
      Reported by:	Norbert Papke < npapk <> acm dot org >
      Tested by:	Norbert Papke < npapk <> acm dot org >
  7. MFC 198813.

    yongari authored
      Add BCM5761 PHY id.
  8. MFC 197627.

    yongari authored
      Fix multicast handling. All Atheros controllers use big-endian form
      in computing multicast hash.
      PR:	kern/139137
  9. MFC 197600.

    yongari authored
      For AR8132 fast ethernet controller, do not report 1000baseT
      capability to mii(4). Even though AR8132 uses the same model/
      revision number of F1 gigabit PHY, the PHY has no ability to
      establish 1000baseT link. I have no idea why Atheros use the same
      device/model id for this PHY.
      With this change atphy(4) does not report 1000baseT media
      capability and manual 1000baseT configuration is also disabled
      which is more desirable behavior for 10/100Mbps PHY.
  10. MFC 197593.

    yongari authored
      DGE-560SX is now supported.
  11. MFC 197592.

    yongari authored
      Add DGE-560SX(Yukon XL) to the supported device list. Many thanks
      to "Eugene Perevyazko <john <> dnepro dot net>" who kindly gave
      remote access to system with DGE-560SX.
  12. MFC 197591.

    yongari authored
      Add workaround for Yukon XL which has hardware bug that can't flush
  13. MFC 197590.

    yongari authored
      Add hack to pass controller specific information to phy driver.
      Unlike most other PHYs there is no easy way to know which media
      type the PHY supports on Marvell PHYs. MIIF_HAVEFIBER flags is now
      passed via bus-specific instance variable of a device. While I'm
      here add 88E1112 specific work around to set SIGDET polarity low.
      Many thanks "Eugene Perevyazko <john <> dnepro dot net>" who kindly
      gave remote access to system with DGE-560SX.
  14. MFC 197589.

    yongari authored
      Fix MIB statistics clear routine. This should fix alignment errors on sparc64.
      Reported by:	Garrett Damore < gdamore <> opensolaris dot org >
  15. MFC 197588.

    yongari authored
      Some fiber PHY(88E1112) does not seem to set resolved speed so
      always assume we've got IFM_1000_SX.
  16. MFC 197587.

    yongari authored
      Don't encode model id twice.
      Reported by:	Kristof Provost <kristof <> sigsegv dot be>
  17. MFC r197585.

    yongari authored
      Remove unnecessary device reinitialization.
  18. @kostikbel

    MFC r199828:

    kostikbel authored
    Flag controlling origin expansion in DT_FLAGS is DF_ORIGIN, not DF_1_ORIGIN.
Commits on Nov 28, 2009
  1. @nwhitehorn

    MFC r199226:

    nwhitehorn authored
    Provide a real fix to the too-many-translations problem when booting
    from CD on 64-bit hardware to replace existing band-aids. This occurred
    when the preloaded mdroot required too many mappings for the static
    Since we only use the translations buffer once, allocate a dynamic
    buffer on the stack. This early in the boot process, the call chain
    is quite short and we can be assured of having sufficient stack space.
  2. @nwhitehorn

    MFC r198212,198378,198427,198428,198723,198724,198725,198731:

    nwhitehorn authored
    	SMP support for PowerPC G5 systems.
    	Fix a race in casuword() exposed by csup. casuword() non-atomically
    read the current value of its argument before atomically replacing it,
    which could occasionally return the wrong value on an SMP system. This
    resulted in user mutex operations hanging when using threaded applications.
    	Loop on blocked threads when using ULE scheduler, removing an
    XXX MP comment.
    	Add some more paranoia to setting HID registers, and update the AIM
    clock routines to work better with SMP.
    	Add SMP support on U3-based G5 systems. While here, correct the
    64-bit tlbie function to set the CPU to 64-bit mode correctly.
    	Don't assume that physical addresses are identity mapped. This
    allows the second processor on G5 systems to start.
  3. @nwhitehorn

    MFC r198400:

    nwhitehorn authored
    Do not map the trap vectors into the kernel's address space. They are
    only used in real mode and keeping them mapped only serves to make NULL
    a valid address, which results in silent NULL pointer deferences.
    Suggested by:   Patrick Kerharo
    Obtained from:  projects/ppc64
  4. @nwhitehorn

    MFC r197961,197962:

    nwhitehorn authored
    Fix two typos that caused DSISR and CR not to be preserved across context
Commits on Nov 27, 2009
  1. MFC r199580:

    raj authored
    tsec: Use IFQ_DRV macros for managing interface packet queue.
    This lets tsec(4) work with ALTQ.
    Submitted by:	Marcin Ligenza
  2. @netchild

    MFC r199584:

    netchild authored
      Fix minor memory leak in a function.
  3. @netchild

    MFC r199582:

    netchild authored
      Fix minor resource leak in a function which was introduced by changing an
      err() to a return in r106254.
  4. MFC r199260:

    attilio authored
    Add sysctls in ahd(4) in order to keep track of different classes of
    errors. So far 3 different classes are present (correctable,
    uncorrectable and fatal) but more can be added easilly.
    Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
  5. MFC r199227:

    attilio authored
    Add the possibility for vfs.root.mountfrom tunable to accept a list of
    items rather than a single one.
    While there fix also a nit in a comment.
    Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
Commits on Nov 26, 2009
  1. MFC r199534:

    raj authored
    Provide an effective (relocated) address when building modules metadata.
    This lets modules loaded dynamically in loader(8) work for U-Boot-based
  2. More items:

    hrs authored
    - U-Boot support library for loader(8) (ARM, PowerPC)
    - multiprocessor (SMP) (PowerPC)
    - E500 (Book-E) embedded CPU support (PowerPC)
    - Freescale PowerQUICCIII MPC85xx system-on-chip support (single-
      and dual-core) (PowerPC)
    - Feroceon, Sheeva embedded CPU support
    - Marvell Orion (88F5281), Kirkwood (88F6281) and Discovery
      Innovation (MV-78100) systems-on-chip support (ARM)
    - DS133x and DS1553 RTC support
    - tsec(4) Gigabit Ethernet driver
    - mge(4) Gigabit Ethernet driver
    - kernel core dump support (PowerPC)
    - mini dump support (ARM)
    - gdbserver(1) support for (ARM, PowerPC)
    Submitted by:	raj
  3. Remove newbus MPSAFE entry; it was reverted.

    hrs authored
    Spotted by:	attilio
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