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Commits on Nov 19, 2008
  1. Correct a typo I just spotted.

    lstewart authored
Commits on Nov 18, 2008
  1. - Merge in my alq varlen patch for use by my dummynet logging mods

    lstewart authored
    - Fix up the ipfw man page change from my previous DPD commit (pointed out by
    - Add first pass attempt at detailed logging to dummynet based on a patch I use
      in house at work. Needs more polishing, but should be functional as is
      (haven't really tested this version of the patch at all yet).
Commits on Nov 14, 2008
Commits on Nov 13, 2008
  1. Hide the attach message. This needs to be done in the probe as well, as

    n_hibma authored
    the softc is reset a few times during probing.
    Print 'changing to modem mode' messages if booting verbose to show the
    reason for the time delay. Note: Some devices (Huawei for one) take 20
    seconds to appear on the USB bus).
  2. Silence detach messages if the device has marked itself quiet (u3g).

    n_hibma authored
    MFC after:	3 weeks
  3. Add a reset device command to ugen.c.

    n_hibma authored
    This is needed to make some devices work that require a firmware upload
    and a USB reset afterwards.
  4. @EdSchouten

    Use strlcpy() instead of strcpy().

    EdSchouten authored
    Requested by:	mlaier
  5. @amotin
  6. @amotin
  7. @EdSchouten

    Convert telnetd(8) to use posix_openpt(2).

    EdSchouten authored
    Some time ago I got some reports MPSAFE TTY broke telnetd(8). Even
    though it turned out to be a different problem within the TTY code, I
    spotted a small issue with telnetd(8). Instead of allocating PTY's using
    openpty(3) or posix_openpt(2), it used its own PTY allocation routine.
    This means that telnetd(8) still uses /dev/ptyXX-style devices.
    I've also increased the size of line[]. Even though 16 should be enough,
    we already use 13 bytes ("/dev/pts/999", including '\0'). 32 bytes gives
    us a little more freedom.
    Also enable -DSTREAMSPTY. Otherwise telnetd(8) strips the PTY's pathname
    to the latest slash instead of just removing "/dev/" (e.g. /dev/pts/0 ->
    0, instead of pts/0).
    Reviewed by:	rink
  8. For now on every 10 cyclinder groups flush the buffer cache to free

    ambrisko authored
    up space.  If the buffer cache fills up then the disk systems can
    grind to a halt.  Better tuning can be figured out later.
    Tested by:	Tim, others and work
    Reviewed by:	Kostik Belousov
    PR:		128832
  9. One more piece to add to make sense data work for a user app. from LSI.

    ambrisko authored
    Submitted by:	LSI
    MFC after:	3 days
  10. @jkoshy

    Tweak -mdoc usage.

    jkoshy authored
  11. @emaste

    Fix whitespace.

    emaste authored
  12. Use the remote address for access control, not the local address. Thi…

    dfr authored
    …s fixes
    the nfsd problems that some people have with the new code.
    Add support for the vfs.nfsrv.nfs_privport sysctl which denies access unless
    the client is using a port number less than 1024. Not really sure if this is
    particularly useful since it doesn't add any real security.
  13. Temporarily switch NFS back to the old RPC code while I try to diagno…

    dfr authored
    …se and
    fix the problems a few people have noticed with the new code. People who want
    to continue testing the new code or who need RPCSEC_GSS support should use
    the new option NFS_NEWRPC to select it.
  14. @jkoshy
  15. @jkoshy
  16. @jkoshy
  17. Add myself to the src committers list, with Diomidis as the mentor.

    versus authored
    Approved by:	dds (mentor)
  18. Fix Rx/Tx checksum offload ioctl handling. Now checksum offload

    yongari authored
    can be controlled by ifconfig(8). Note, VLAN hardware tagging
    controls still lacks required handler but it requires more driver
    cleanups so I didn't touch that part.
    PR:	kern/128766
  19. This is being committed from a sparc64 (US-III, thanks Marius!) that

    kensmith authored
    was installed from a DVD so apparently it works... :-)
    Enable building DVDs for sparc64.
  20. @rwatson

    The audit queue limit variables are size_t, so use size_t for the audit

    rwatson authored
    queue length variables as well, avoiding storing the limit in a larger
    type than the length.
    Submitted by:	sson
    Sponsored by:	Apple Inc.
    MFC after:	1 week
Commits on Nov 12, 2008
  1. - Fix from jhb for failing I/O request when bus_dmamap_load fails.

    ambrisko authored
    - Fix to ioctl path in which the length could be 0 which means
      no data in/out from LSI.
    - Fix to ioctl path in which the data in the sense data space
      of the ioctl packet is a really a pointer to some location in
      user-space.  From LSI re-worked a bit by me.
    - Add HW support for next gen cards from LSI.
    Thanks to LSI for their support!
    Submitted by:	jhb, LSI
    MFC after:	3 days
  2. @bsdjhb

    Various style and whitespace fixes. Previously parts of this file used

    bsdjhb authored
    8 space indent, parts used 4 space indent, and other parts used a weird
    mixture (8 spaces for first indent, 4 spaces for the rest).
  3. Add opt_inet.h which has been needed since r184718, which had

    bz authored
    introduced checks for #ifdef INET.
    MFC after:	54 days
  4. Add opt_inet.h which has been needed since r184717 introducing

    bz authored
    checks for #ifdef INET.
    MFC after:	54 days
  5. Add opt_inet.h which has been needed since r184714, r184715 introducing

    bz authored
    checks for #ifdef INET.
    Submitted by:	kmacy (r184876, I splitted lines)
    MFC after:	54 days
  6. @jkoshy
  7. @jkoshy
  8. @nwhitehorn

    Probe ADB miscellaneous devices (ID 7) instead of stopping at ID 6. This

    nwhitehorn authored
    allows us to probe the brightness and volume control buttons on PPC Apple
    laptops, though there is not yet a driver to do anything useful with them.
  9. -Improvement: Add '\n' on debug output in sctp_lower_sosend().

    rrs authored
    -Improvement: panic() on INVARIANTS kernels if memory allocation
     fails for a tagblock in sctp_add_vtag_to_timewait().
    -Bugfix: Protect code in sctp_is_in_timewait() by
    -Cleanup: Get rid of unused variable now in sctp_init_asoc().
    -Bugfix: Reuse the correct vtag in sctp_add_vtag_to_timewait().
    -Cleanup: Get rid of unused constant SCTP_TIME_WAIT_SHORT
     in sctp_constants.h.
    -Improvement: Use all hash buckets of the vtag hash table.
    -Cleanup: Get rid of then unused constant SCTP_STACK_VTAG_HASH_SIZE_A.
    -Bugfix: Handle SHUTDOWN;SACK packet correctly.
    -Bugfix: Last TSN in a gap ack block was not being "ack'd"
             in the internal scoreboard.
    Obtained from:	(with help from Michael Tuexen)
  10. @gkeramidas

    Add a quirk for Belkin USB Bluetooth adapters (F8T012xx1 series)

    gkeramidas authored
    The same (vendor, product) tuple is used for aue(4) adapters,
    but I am not sure if the quirk is correct.  I'm using the USB
    device 'release' info to skip aue(4) detection right now, but
    if there's a better way to differentiate between USB-LAN and
    USB Bluetooth we should update the quirk.
    Reviewed by:	imp, rink
    MFC after:	2 weeks
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