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Commits on Jan 14, 2009
  1. revert the changes for the in-driver scheduler.

    luigi authored
    They are not used now and interfere with debugging
    of the other code.
  2. sync with private tree

    luigi authored
  3. fix a typo

    luigi authored
  4. sync with the code in the private tree

    luigi authored
  5. reduce diffs against RELENG_7

    luigi authored
  6. enable some tracing

    luigi authored
Commits on Jan 9, 2009
  1. do the patching of g_io_request

    luigi authored
  2. add missing file

    luigi authored
  3. simplify the tagging

    luigi authored
  4. for the time being, avoid patching the kernel and do the marking

    luigi authored
    in g_io_request
  5. explain what is this file for

    luigi authored
Commits on Jan 8, 2009
  1. make it work with a stock kernel

    luigi authored
  2. 1. restore original structure for struct bio -- now the classification

    luigi authored
       info is stored by g_io_request() in the bio_caller1 field in the
       first bio of the geom chain.
    2. create a DISKLESS configuration for tests
  3. add forgotten file

    luigi authored
Commits on Jan 6, 2009
  1. @rodrigc

    MFC 184700:

    rodrigc authored
      Add DTrace probes for process execution.  This covers cases tested
      by the DTrace test suite.
    Approved by:	jb
  2. @rnoland

    MFC r186434

    rnoland authored
    Fix up handling of Intel G4X chips some more.
    Note that you need at least xf86-video-intel 2.4.3 for this to work.
    The G4X doesn't put the GATT into the same area of stolen memory
    as all the other chips and older versions of the driver didn't
    handle that properly.
    Approved by:	kib
  3. @kostikbel

    MFC r186433:

    kostikbel authored
    Clear busy state on the pages which are after the one that failed the bind
  4. @dgerzo

    MFC r180162:

    dgerzo authored
    - AI_ALL and AI_V4MAPPED flags are currently not supported
    PR:		docs/120248
    Submitted by:	Heiko Wundram <wundram (a)>
  5. @dgerzo

    MFC r180534:

    dgerzo authored
    - Update the definition of modspecific structure
    PR:		docs/125630
    Submitted by:	Mateusz Guzik <>
  6. @dgerzo

    MFC r185072:

    dgerzo authored
    - fix typo
    PR:		docs/128973
    Submitted by:	tabthorpe
    Approved by:	roberto
Commits on Jan 5, 2009
  1. @amotin
  2. @amotin

    MFC rev. 184138.

    amotin authored
    Add mmc, mmcsd and sdhci modules to the build.
  3. @amotin

    MFC sdhci driver.

    amotin authored
  4. @amotin

    MFC rev. 183479, 184452.

    amotin authored
    Keep in sync with latest MMC stack:
    - limit transfers with single block,
    - properly implement read-only.
  5. @amotin

    Sync MMC/SD subsystem with HEAD.

    amotin authored
    Add support for MMC and SDHC cards, high speed timing, wide bus, multiblock
    transfers and many other features.
  6. Add more missing bits: procstat(1).

    hrs authored
  7. Synchronize pkg_install with HEAD (20080708):

    flz authored
        r180361: actually enable '-n' for pkg_create(1)
        r181376: use humanize_number to report pen-sizes
  8. Add explanation of FIB.

    hrs authored
  9. Add missing items in relnotes as Errata items:

    hrs authored
    - jme(4), age(4), malo(4), bm(4), et(4), and glxsb(4).
    - multiple routing table support.
    Spotted by:	weongyo and yongari
  10. Clean up a DSSSL file for release documents:

    hrs authored
    	Remove {,no.}include.historic,
    	Fix arch="" support, and
    	Update platform list in README.
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