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branch: user/luigi/ipfw
Commits on Jan 26, 2009
  1. remove code residing in other files

    luigi authored
  2. temporarily remove keyword

    luigi authored
  3. add keywords

    luigi authored
  4. snapshot -- does not print yet

    luigi authored
  5. snapshot

    luigi authored
  6. @thompsa

    MFp4 //depot/projects/usb/ @156521

    thompsa authored
     U3G regression issue. Patch to support multiple modem instances per logical
     USB interface.
    Submitted by:	Hans Petter Selasky
  7. @thompsa

    Fix up USB_GET_REPORT_DESC ioctl.

    thompsa authored
    Submitted by:	daichi
  8. @thompsa

    Add umass quirk.

    thompsa authored
    Submitted by:	Hans Petter Selasky
  9. @thompsa

    Add a usb hid quirk.

    thompsa authored
    Submitted by:	Andre Guibert de Bruet
  10. No need to wrap _PATH_SYSPATH. It makes it harder to grep(1) for its

    obrien authored
    value.  (also unwrapping better matches existing style)
  11. @rdivacky includes anyway so use CSTD instead of homegrown

    rdivacky authored
    reimplementation of the same. Note that this changes -std=c99
    to -std=iso9899:1999 but those two are synonyms.
    Approved by:	kib (mentor)
    Reviewed by:	ru
  12. @EdSchouten
  13. @amotin

    Specify analog beep pin widget for several AD codecs.

    amotin authored
    It gives working speaker control for that systems.
  14. @bsdjhb

    Whitespace tweak.

    bsdjhb authored
  15. @bsdjhb

    Now that mtx_sleep/msleep can accept Giant as the interlock, simplify…

    bsdjhb authored
    … the
    CAM locking code slightly to no longer special case sleeping when a sim
    uses Giant for its lock.
    Tested by:	trasz
  16. Change the way our softc is stored to use the devinfo facility provid…

    nwhitehorn authored
    …ed by pcm
    instead of the regular device softc interface. This brings the AOA driver in
    line with the other pcm drivers.
    Requested by:	ariff
  17. wrap all malloc/calloc/realloc calls so they exit on failure

    luigi authored
    without having to check in each place.
    Remove an wrong strdup from previous commit.
  18. @kostikbel

    The kernel may do unbalanced calls to fifo_close() for fifo vnode,

    kostikbel authored
    without corresponding number of fifo_open(). This causes assertion
    failure in fifo_close() due to vp->v_fifoinfo being NULL for kernel
    with INVARIANTS, or NULL pointer dereference otherwise. In fact, we may
    ignore excess calls to fifo_close() without bad consequences.
    Turn KASSERT() into the return, and print warning for now.
    Tested by:	pho
    Reviewed by:	rwatson
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  19. @bsdjhb
  20. Some implementations of getopt() expect that argv[0] is always the

    luigi authored
    program name, and ignore that entry.  ipfw2.c code instead skips
    this entry and starts with options at offset 0, relying on a more
    tolerant implementation of the library.
    This change fixes the issue by always passing a program name
    in the first entry to getopt. The motivation for this change
    is to remove a potential compatibility issue should we use
    a different getopt() implementation in the future.
    No functional changes.
    Submitted by:	Marta Carbone (parts)
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  21. Introduce the I2C diagnostic utility. It let's discover and inspect s…

    raj authored
    devices on the bus.
    Reviewed by:	bms, stas
    Obtained from:	Semihalf
  22. Teach iic(4) the 'repeated start' I2C condition. This will be used by…

    raj authored
    … the
    upcoming i2c(8) diag utility.
    Reviewed by:	bms, stas
    Obtained from:	Semihalf
  23. Update jail startup script for multi-IPv4/v6/no-IP jails.

    bz authored
    Note: this is only really necessary because of the ifconfig
          logic to add/remove the jail IPs upon start/stop.
          Consensus among simon and I is that the logic should
          really be factored out from the startup script and put
          into a proper management solution.
    - We now support starting of no-IP jails.
    - Remove the global jail_<jname>_netmask option as it is only
      helpful to set netmasks/prefixes for the right address
      family and per address.
    - Implement jail_<jname>_ip options to support both
      address familes with regard to ifconfig logic.
    - Implement _multi<n> support suffix to the jail_<jname>_ip
      option to configure additional addresses to avoid overlong,
      unreadbale jail_<jname>_ip lines with lots of addresses.
    Submitted by:	initial work from Ruben van Staveren
    Discussed on:	freebsd-jail in Nov 2008.
    Reviewed by:	simon, ru (partial, older version)
    MFC after:	1 week
  24. @delphij

    - Fix grammar. [1]

    delphij authored
     - Use the correct term 'long mode'. [2]
     - style(9) for return value. [3]
    Submitted by:	Ben Kaduk <minimarmot gmail com> [1],
    		obrien [2], scf [3]
  25. @kientzle

    Fix ARCHIVE_EXTRACT_SPARSE handling in libarchive.

    kientzle authored
    Add a test to exercise this feature.
    This should fix --sparse/-S support in tar.
    Thanks to:      Daichi GOTO
    MFC after:	1 week
  26. Better description of kern.ipc.maxpipekva.

    trhodes authored
    Discussed with:	kib
  27. Somehow deleted the .4 at the end of the snd_davbus man page right be…

    nwhitehorn authored
    commit. Add it back.
    Pointy hat to:	me
Commits on Jan 25, 2009
  1. @delphij

    Rewrite of MI strlen(3) in a way that can better utilize modern hardw…

    delphij authored
    …are by
    reducing branches and doing word-sized operation.
    The idea is taken from J.T. Conklin's x86_64 optimized version of strlen(3)
    for NetBSD, and reimplemented in C by me.
    Discussed on:	-arch@
  2. @ant1
  3. - bit has to be fd_mask to work properly on 64bit platforms. Constants

    jeff authored
       must also be cast even though the result ultimately is promoted
       to 64bit.
     - Correct a loop index upper bound in selscan().
  4. Add support for the I2S and davbus audio controllers found in Apple P…

    nwhitehorn authored
    Submitted by:	Marco Trillo
  5. Fix a race condition where interrupts set up after boot could be enab…

    nwhitehorn authored
    …led in
    the PIC before the interrupt handler was set. If the interrupt triggered in
    that window, then the interrupt vector would be disabled.
    Reported by:	Marco Trillo
  6. @EdSchouten

    Revert my previous two changes.

    EdSchouten authored
    Even though the code seems to be FreeBSD kernel code, it isn't compiled
    on FreeBSD. I could have known this, because I was a little amazed that
    I couldn't find a prototype of pfopen()/pfclose() somewhere else,
    because it isn't marked as static.
    Apart from that, removing these functions wouldn't have been harmful
    anyway, because there are some other strange things about them (the
    implementation isn't consistent with the prototype at the top). Still,
    it's better to leave it, because it makes merging code back to older
    branches a little harder.
    Requested by:	mlaier
  7. @EdSchouten

    Remove pfopen() and pfclose() entirely.

    EdSchouten authored
    It turns out I was patching functions that weren't used by pf(4) anyway.
    They still seem to use `struct proc *' instead of `struct thread *'.
    They weren't listed in pf_cdevsw.
  8. @EdSchouten

    Remove unneeded checking for invalid minor numbers from pf(4).

    EdSchouten authored
    Because it is not possible to access the pf(4) character device through
    any other device node as the one in devfs, there is no need to check for
    unknown device minor numbers.
    Approved by:	mlaier
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