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Commits on Dec 16, 2008
  1. @kmacy

    check pointers against NULL

    kmacy authored
  2. @delphij

    Don't count InFramesL2FilterDiscards into Ierr. This value does not r…

    delphij authored
    a real packet error but simply indicate that an unexpected unicast or multicast
    error was received by the NIC, which was not counted in the past as well.
    Reported by:	many (on -stable@)
    Reviewed by:	davidch
    MFC after:	3 days
  3. @delphij

    Test whether sc->tx_mbuf_map[i], not whether sc->tx_mbuf_map is NULL …

    delphij authored
    doing bus_dmamap_sync() since it operates on the former, not the latter.
    Reviewed by:	davidch
  4. @kmacy

    style and spelling fix

    kmacy authored
  5. @kmacy
  6. Handle VFS_VGET() failing with an error other than EOPNOTSUPP in addi…

    kensmith authored
    to failing with that error.
    PR:		125149
    Submitted by:	Jaakko Heinonen (jh <at> saunalahti <dot> fi)
    Reviewed by:	mohans, kan
    MFC after:	3 days
  7. @kmacy

    check pointer against NULL

    kmacy authored
    add new line after declaration for style
  8. @kmacy
  9. @kmacy
  10. @kmacy

    don't unlock lle if it is NULL

    kmacy authored
  11. @kmacy
  12. @kmacy
  13. @kmacy
  14. @kmacy
  15. @kmacy

    need to check that lle is not null before unlock if the break conditi…

    kmacy authored
    …on is not met
    also fix the break condition to explicitly check against NULL
  16. @kmacy
  17. @amotin

    If possible, try to obtain max_mhz on cpufreq attach instead of first…

    amotin authored
    … request.
    On HyperThreading CPUs logical cores have same frequency, so setting it
    on any core will change the other's one. In most cases first request
    to the second core will be the "set" request, done after setting frequency
    of the first core. In such case second CPU will obtain throttled frequency
    of the first core as it's max_mhz making cpufreq broken due to different
    frequency sets.
  18. Initialize the variable "router", and apply "static_route" flag

    qingli authored
    across the entire nd6_cache_lladdr() function.
  19. Stop treating Xorg as a distribution in the mainline portion of sysin…

    kensmith authored
    and leave it to be handled in the packages section (or post-install
    completely) along with all the other packages.
  20. fix comment

    sam authored
    Submitted by:	Daan Vreeken
  21. @kmacy

    unlock and destroy an llentry's lock before freeing

    kmacy authored
    Found by: sam
  22. @kmacy
  23. @kmacy
  24. @kmacy
  25. @amotin

    Add some HDMI codec IDs.

    amotin authored
Commits on Dec 15, 2008
  1. @amotin

    Add VIA VT1708B codec IDs.

    amotin authored
  2. Fix ucastkey teardown for drivers that plumb clear keys or similar

    sam authored
    (e.g. ath): we must check the key index and not whether the key
    points at a cipher other than "undef".  This looks like it's been
    broken for a while.  Might be worth adding an explicit clear cipher
    at some point though this would require changes to the usage of
    PR:		125906
  3. remove extraneous ';'

    sam authored
  4. By default assume a 8139 chip if the EEPROM contents prove inconclusi…

    wilko authored
    …ve. The
    same LOM hardware with goofed-up EEPROM programming also needed reading the
    Ethernet address from the chips registers as the EEPROM did not have a
    sensible address programmed.
    Patch developed by: pyun@
    Funky hardware on loan:
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  5. Another step assimilating IPv[46] PCB code - directly use

    bz authored
    the inpcb names rather than the following IPv6 compat macros:
    in6pcb,in6p_sp, in6p_ip6_nxt,in6p_flowinfo,in6p_vflag,
    in6p_flags,in6p_socket,in6p_lport,in6p_fport,in6p_ppcb and
    Apart from removing duplicate code in netipsec, this is a pure
    whitespace, not a functional change.
    Discussed with:	rwatson
    Reviewed by:	rwatson (version before review requested changes)
    MFC after:	4 weeks (set the timer and see then)
  6. Don't try reading the SXP_PINS_DIFF on the 10160 and 12160 SCSI

    marius authored
    controllers. Reading this register, for which there are indications
    that it doesn't really exist, returns 0 on at least some 12160
    and doing so on Sun Fire V880 causes a data access error exception.
    Reported and tested by:	Beat Gaetzi
    Approved by:		mjacob
    Obtained from:		OpenBSD (modulo setting isp_lvdmode)
  7. Unbreak ofwdump build by moving the pcell_t definition to after the k…

    nwhitehorn authored
    types headers, and inside the _KERNEL ifdef.
    Pointy hat to: me
  8. Change Dell's gen2 catch-all from Dell PERC H700/H800 to Dell PERC Gen2

    ambrisko authored
    and bump the driver version from 2 to 3 and fix the related style problem.
    Suggested by:	LSI
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