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Commits on Mar 10, 2011
  1. Add ficl 4.0.31

    mr authored
  2. MFH @r218568

    mr authored
  3. @rdivacky

    Some more shrinking.

    rdivacky authored
       o    bunch of variables are turned into uint8_t
       o    initial setting of namep[] in lookup() is removed
            as it's only overwritten a few lines down
       o    kname is explicitly initialized in main() as BSS
            in boot2 is not zeroed
       o    the setting and reading of "fmt" in load() is removed
       o    buf in printf() is made static to save space
    Reviewed by:    jhb
    Tested by:      me and Fabian Keil <freebsd-listen fabiankeil de>
  4. Kite is a 1x1 stream device.

    adrian authored
  5. @uqs

    Widen fields that display partition offset/length.

    uqs authored
    This makes partitions between 50GiB and 2TiB (16TiB for 4k drives) print
    correctly aligned.
    While here, fix type of secsize. g_sectorsize() returns ssize_t, don't
    store this in an unsigned var. Bump WARNS to 6.
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  6. @uqs
  7. @uqs

    Remove bsdlabel test-script that was full of broken assumptions.

    uqs authored
    - the default label now includes an a: partition by default
    - the c: partition is no longer exported via devfs
    - writing of the labels usually works in all cases, though the script
      assumes half of them have to fail
  8. @uqs

    Remove bsdlabel.5, which hasn't been installed in over 7 years

    uqs authored
    and contains little more than an out-dated copy of <sys/disklabel.h>
  9. Now that the power curve adjustment code is in, disable the error check

    adrian authored
    I introduced earlier, and turn it into debugging output.
  10. Port over the v14 eeprom PDADC curve changes from ath9k.

    adrian authored
    It looks like these apply in both open and closed loop TX power control,
    but the only merlin boards i have either have OL -or- a non-default power
    offset, not both.
  11. Merlin fix - first pdadc gain index is 0 - minpwr/2 .

    adrian authored
    Obtained from:	Linux ath9k
  12. Migrate the regulatory database definitions into separate header files

    adrian authored
    to both make things clearer, and to make it easier to write userland
    code which pulls in these definitions without needing to pull in the
    rest of the HAL.
    This stuff should be deprecated at some point in the future once
    the net80211 regulatory domain support encapsulates all of the
    defintions here.
  13. Introduce the Merlin PWDCLKIND workaround.

    adrian authored
    This is something bus clock related from what I can gather. It is needed for
    the AR9220 based Ubiquiti SR71-12 and SR71-15 Mini-PCI NICs.
    (Note: those NICs don't work right now because of earlier changes to handle
    power table offset correctly. That'll be resolved in a follow-up commit.)
Commits on Mar 9, 2011
  1. Few initial ftruncate(2) tests. One of them covers stand/154873.

    pjd authored
    PR:	stand/154873
  2. Add support for the following syscalls:

    pjd authored
    - fchmod(2),
    - fchown(2),
    - fchflags(2),
    - fstat(2),
    - ftruncate(2),
    - fpathconf(2),
    - lpathconf(2).
    Make write(2) syscall to take descriptor instead of file name.
    We implement descriptors by keeping track of open files and allowing to
    reference them by the following syscalls. Because pjdfstest already supports
    executing multiple syscalls from one command it works pretty well.
    For example, the following command:
    	pjdfstest open foo "O_CREAT,O_RDWR" 0 : open bar "O_CREAT,O_RDONLY" 640 : fchmod 0 0666 : fchown 0 -1 20 : fchmod 1 0444
    is equivalent of (error checking omitted):
    	int fd[2];
    	fd[0] = open("foo", O_CREAT | O_RDWR, 0);
    	fd[1] = open("bar", O_CREAT | O_RDONLY, 0640);
    	fchmod(fd[0], 0666);
    	fchown(fd[0], -1, 20);
    	fchmod(fd[1], 0444);
  3. Display holdoff timers and packet counts as a list of numbers.

    np authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  4. Add a small change to the comment in the GENRIC config files that inc…

    julian authored
    …lude udbp
    Submitted by:	Chris Forgron, cforgeron at acsi dot ca
    MFC after:	1 week
  5. @juikim

    Remove custom interrupt dispatcher. This is a pointless micro-optimiz…

    juikim authored
    and it may cause problems if SS and SP are modified by real-mode code.
    MFC after:	1 month
  6. Fix whitespace nit.

    nwhitehorn authored
  7. @dag-erling

    No newline required.

    dag-erling authored
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  8. Change example to not be controversial.

    pjd authored
    I'm sorry to anyone who felt offended by this.
    PR:		docs/155385
    Reported by:	maga_lena <>
    MFC after:	1 week
  9. Indeed, remove bogus since r219405 check of the Linux ABI.

    dchagin authored
    Pointed out:	jhb
    MFC after:	2 Week
  10. For chips that are full reset in ar5416ChipReset(), save and restore …

    adrian authored
    …the TSF.
    Merlin (ar9280) and later were full-reset if they're doing open-loop TX
    power control but the TSF wasn't being saved/restored.
    Add ar5212SetTsf64() which sets the 64 bit TSF appropriately.
  11. @emaste
Commits on Mar 8, 2011
  1. It is better to sometimes have not aligned columns than

    ae authored
    often have wrapped lines.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  2. Add -p option to `gpart show` command to show provider's names of

    ae authored
    partitions instead of partition's indexes. This may be useful with
    GPT partitioning scheme or EBR without GEOM_PART_EBR_COMPAT option.
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  3. MFV of tzdata2011c, r219409

    edwin authored
    - No leapsecond in June 2011
    - Add and update timezones for America/Juneau, America/Sitka,
    - Change of Summer time to Winter time in Chili happens in April
      2011, not in March 2011.
  4. @juikim
  5. Rearrange dc_tx_underrun() a bit to correctly set TX FIFO threshold

    yongari authored
    value. Controllers that always require "store and forward" mode(
    Davicom and PNIC 82C168) have no way to recover from TX underrun
    except completely reinitializing hardware. Previously only Davicom
    was reinitialized and the TX FIFO threshold was changed not to use
    "store and forward" mode after reinitialization since the default
    FIFO threshold value was 0. This effectively disabled Davicom
    controller's "store and forward" mode once it encountered TX
    underruns. In theory, this can cause watchodg timeouts.
    Intel 21143 controller requires TX MAC should be idle before
    changing TX FIFO threshold. So driver tried to disable TX MAC and
    checked whether it saw the idle state of TX MAC. Driver should
    perform full hardware reinitialization on failing to enter to idle
    state and it should not touch TX MAC again once it performed full
    While I'm here remove resetting TX FIFO threshold to 0 when
    interface is put into down state. If driver ever encountered TX
    underrun, it's likely to trigger TX underrun again whenever
    interface is brought to up again. Keeping old/learned TX FIFO
    threshold value shall reduce the chance of seeing TX underrns in
    next run.
  6. Extend struct sysvec with new method sv_schedtail, which is used for an

    dchagin authored
    explicit process at fork trampoline path instead of eventhadler(schedtail)
    invocation for each child process.
    Remove eventhandler(schedtail) code and change linux ABI to use newly added
    sysvec method.
    While here replace explicit comparing of module sysentvec structure with the
    newly created process sysentvec to detect the linux ABI.
    Discussed with:	kib
    MFC after:	2 Week
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