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Commits on Apr 14, 2012
  1. @netchild
  2. @netchild


    netchild authored
  3. Bugfix: Don't send HBs on path which are not idle.

    tuexen authored
    MFC after: 1 week
  4. Generate an obviously missing STOP when having finished transmitting …

    marius authored
    This fixes communication with PCF8563.
  5. Add support for the Atmel SAM9XE familiy of microcontrollers, which

    marius authored
    consist of a ARM926EJ-S processor core with up to 512 Kbytes of on-chip
    flash. Tested with SAM9XE512.
    This file was missed in r234291.
  6. Add support for the Atmel SAM9XE familiy of microcontrollers, which

    marius authored
    consist of a ARM926EJ-S processor core with up to 512 Kbytes of on-chip
    flash. Tested with SAM9XE512.
  7. i prefer this fix for the -Wformat warning (just one cast,

    luigi authored
    all the other variables are already correct for %x).
    My previous attempt put the cast in the wrong place.
  8. @DimitryAndric

    Add files and directories to be cleaned up if WITHOUT_GCC is in effect

    DimitryAndric authored
    MFC after:	1 week
  9. - Try to bring these files closer to style(9).

    marius authored
    - Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers.
  10. Fix !DDB build after r234190.

    marius authored
  11. @grehan-freebsd

    Catch up with Bryan Venteicher's virtio git repo:

    grehan-freebsd authored
          virtio_blk: Include function name in panic string
          virtio_balloon: Do the notify outside of the lock
          By the time we return from virtqueue_notify(), the descriptor
          will be in the used ring so we shouldn't have to sleep.
          virtio: Use DEVMETHOD_END
          virtqueue: Add support for VIRTIO_F_RING_EVENT_IDX
          This can be used to reduce the number of guest/host and
          host/guest interrupts by delaying the interrupt until a
          certain index value is reached.
          Actual use by the network driver will come along later.
          virtqueue: Simplify virtqueue_nused()
          Since the values just wrap naturally at UINT16_MAX, we
          can just subtract the two values directly, rather than
          doing 2's complement math.
          virtio_blk: Remove debugging crud from 75dd732a
          There seems to be an issue with Qemu (or FreeBSD VirtIO) that sets
          the PCI register space for the device config to bogus values. This
          only seems to happen after unloading and reloading the module.
          virtio_blk: Use better variable name
          virtio_blk: Partially revert 92ba40e65
          Just use the virtqueue to determine if any requests are
          still inflight.
          virtio_blk: error if allowed too few segments
          Should never happen unless the host provides use with a
          bogus seg_max value.
          virtio_blk: Sort function declarations
          virtio_blk: Cleanup whitespace
          virtio_blk: Call disk_err() on error'd completed requests
          virtio_blk: ASSERT the ready and inflight request queues are empty
          virtio_blk: Simplify check for too many segments
          At the cost of a small style violation.
          virtio_blk: Add beginnings of suspend/resume
          Still not sure if we need to virtio_stop()/virtio_reinit()
          the device before/after a suspend.
          Don't start additional IO when marked as suspending.
          virtio_blk: Panic when dealt an unhandled BIO cmd
          virtio_blk: Add VQ enqueue/dequeue wrappers
          Wrapper functions managed the added/removing to the in-flight
          list of requests.
          Normally biodone() any completed IO when draining the virtqueue.
          virtio_blk: Add in-flight list of requests
          virtio_blk: Rename VTBLK_FLAG_DETACHING to VTBLK_FLAG_DETACH
          virtio_blk: Finish all BIOs through vtblk_finish_bio()
          Also properly set bio_resid in the case of errors. Most geom_disk
          providers seem to do the same.
          Added function to translate VirtIO status to error code
          Reset dumping flag when given unexpected parameters
          Added missing VTBLK_LOCK() in dump handler
    Obtained from:	Bryan Venteicher  bryanv at daemoninthecloset dot org
  12. Both linux ath9k and the reference driver initialises the PLL here

    adrian authored
    during chip wakeup.
    Obtained from:	Linux ath9k, Atheros
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
  1. Add a driver for the NXP (Philips) PCF8563 RTC.

    marius authored
    Obtained from:	NetBSD (pcf8563reg.h)
  2. Merge from x86:

    marius authored
    Fix interrupt load balancing regression, introduced in revision
    222813, that left all un-pinned interrupts assigned to CPU 0.
    In intr_shuffle_irqs(), remove CPU_SETOF() call that initialized
    the "intr_cpus" cpuset to only contain CPU0.
    This initialization is too late and nullifies the results of calls
    to the intr_add_cpu() that occur much earlier in the boot process.
    r234074 (partial):
    The BSP is not added to the mask of valid target CPUs for interrupts.
    Fix this by adding the BSP as an interrupt target directly in
    Fix !SMP build after r234074.
    MFC after: 3 days
  3. @delphij
  4. @delphij

    The scandir(3) function expects fourth parameter, compar, be in type of:

    delphij authored
    	int (*compar)(const struct dirent **, const struct dirent **)
    The current code defines sortq() to accept two void *, then cast them
    to const struct dirent **.  Because the code does not really need this
    cast, we can eliminate the casts by changing the function prototype
    to match scandir(3) expectation.
    MFC after:	1 month
  5. fix build with -Wformat -Wmissing-prototypes

    luigi authored
  6. @jasone
  7. Flesh out the rest of the AP96 board/config.

    adrian authored
  8. @gvnn3

    Change SIGUSR1 to SIGTHR to properly wake up a process that is being

    gvnn3 authored
    traced.  The use of SIGUSR1 caused traced processes (those attached to
    with dtrace -p) to exit when dtrace exited.
    MFC in: 1 week
  9. Update to version

    jpaetzel authored
    Obtained from:	Daniel Braniss <>
  10. * Enable ATH_EEPROM_FIRMWARE, now that it's a compile time option

    adrian authored
    * Tidy up things a bit.
  11. Add myself as a new committer and add adrian as my mentor.

    monthadar authored
    Approved by: adrian (mentor)
  12. Properly disable crc stripping when operating in netmap mode.

    luigi authored
    Contrarily to what i wrote in my previous commit, the 82599
    does include the CRC in the length. The operating mode is
    reset in ixgbe_init_locked() and so we need to hook into
    the places where the two registers (HLREG0 and RDRXCTL) are
  13. add the new memory allocator for netmap, which allocates memory

    luigi authored
    in small clusters instead of one big contiguous chunk.
    This was already enabled in the previous commit.
  14. A bit of cleanup in the names of fields of netmap-related structures.

    luigi authored
    Use the name 'ring' instead of 'queue' in all fields.
    Bump NETMAP_API.
  15. do not use a deprecated field in a structure.

    luigi authored
  16. Introduce configuration files for AP94 and AP96.

    adrian authored
    This uses the new firmware(9) method for squirreling away the EEPROM
    contents from SPI flash so ath(4) can get to them later.
    It won't work out of the box just yet - you have to add this to
    .. until I've added it as a configuration option and updated things.
  17. Introduce the ability to grab local EEPROM data from the firmware(9)

    adrian authored
    * Introduce a device hint, 'eeprom_firmware', which is the name of firmware
      to lookup.
    * If the lookup succeeds, take a copy of it and use it as the eeprom data.
    This isn't enabled by default - you have to define ATH_EEPROM_FIRMWARE.
    I'll add it to the configuration variables in a later commit.
    * just keep a firmware reference in ath_softc, and remove the need to
      waste the extra memory in having sc_eepromdata be a malloc()ed block.
  18. (ab)Use the firmware API to store away EEPROM calibration data for

    adrian authored
    future use by the ath(4) driver.
    These embedded devices put the calibration/PCI bootstrap data on the
    on board SPI flash rather than on an EEPROM connected to the NIC.
    For some boards, there's two NICs and two sets of EEPROM data in the
    main SPI flash.
    The particulars:
    * Introduce ath_fixup_size, which is the size of the EEPROM area in
    * Create a firmware image with a name based on the PCI device identifier
    * Hide some verbose debugging behind 'bootverbose'.
    ath(4) can then use this to load in the EEPROM data.
    This requires AR71XX_ATH_EEPROM to be defined.
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