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Commits on Feb 1, 2009
  1. Put back SctpShowAliasStats.

    piso authored
  2. Fix a crashing bug.

    piso authored
    Submitted by: Jason But
Commits on Jan 12, 2009
Commits on Jan 5, 2009
  1. BSD indent a bit the code.

    piso authored
  2. shuffle the copyright/license at the beginning of file, to match

    piso authored
    FreeBSD standards.
  3. white space fix.

    piso authored
  4. link_type == LINK_SCTP is true only if we get called from findSctpRed…

    piso authored
    …irect, and
    findSctpRedirect is called from alias_sctp.c that is compiled out
    in userland, thus it's safe to undef link_type == LINK_SCTP code.
Commits on Jan 4, 2009
  1. -protect kernel code only with _KERNEL

    piso authored
    -move FindSctpRedirectAddress to alias_local.h together with all the
     others Find* functions
Commits on Jan 3, 2009
  1. -get rid of #ifdef _ALIAS_SCTP

    piso authored
    -white space
  2. -merge alias_sctp.8 with ipfw man page

    piso authored
    -mdoc style
  3. -get rid of #ifdef ALIAS_SCTP

    piso authored
Commits on Dec 28, 2008
  1. @kmacy
  2. Remove unused variable.

    ganbold authored
    Found with:     Coverity Prevent(tm)
    CID: 542
    Approved by: weongyo
  3. Include std.ixp425 for "cpu" and comment out duplicate memory map

    bz authored
    options. Using the already included std.avila is not considered
    to be entirely right (and the options slightly differ) but the best
    match we currently have. Upcoming work should fit better.
    Reorder another variable to match the layout of other configs.
    Reviewed by:	sam, warner (earlier version with options removed)
Commits on Dec 27, 2008
  1. Like in the rest of the file and the network stack use inp as

    bz authored
    variable name for the inpcb.
    For consistency with the other *_hdrsiz functions use 'size'
    instead of 'siz' as variable name.
    No functional change.
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  2. Non-functional (style) changes:

    bz authored
    - Always use round brackets with return ().
    - Add empty line to beginning of functions without local variables.
    - Comments start with a capital letter and end in a '.'.
      While there adapt a few comments.
    Reviewed by:	rwatson
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  3. Convert function definitions to constantly use ANSI-style

    bz authored
    parameter declarations.
    Reviewed by:	rwatson
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  4. @stass

    - Fix incorrect array declaration that was causing the stack overflow

    stass authored
      on some (most?) Asus laptops.
    Discussed with:	rpaulo
    Approved by:	kib (mentor)
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  5. Rewrite ipsec6_setspidx_inpcb() to match the logic in the

    bz authored
    (now) equivalent IPv4 counterpart.
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  6. For consistency with ipsec4_setspidx_inpcb() rename file local function

    bz authored
    ipsec6_setspidx_in6pcb() to ipsec6_setspidx_inpcb().
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  7. Change the in6p variable names to inp to be able to diff

    bz authored
    the v4 to the v6 implementations.
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  8. In additions to the configs from r185478, which also enabled the

    bz authored
    use of modules for arm, disable them by adding MODULES_OVERRIDE=""
    here as well.
    Reviewed by:	sam
    MFC after:	3 weeks
  9. arm is in DEFAULTS; remove dup

    sam authored
    Submitted by:	bz
  10. Removed duplicate

    bz authored
      makeoptions    MODULES_OVERRIDE=""
  11. Hide detect_virtual() along with the accompanying string

    bz authored
    arrays under #ifndef XEN to make XEN config compile again.
    In case of Xen vm_guest is hard coded.
    Move the list for the vm_guest sysctl out of the restictive
    bounds as the sysctl is there in either case.
  12. @akabaev
  13. Add support for the Oxford OX16PCI958-based card.

    rik authored
    Note, that the patch provided with this card for the Linux states that
    the card uses DEFAULT_RCLK * 2, while in fact it is '* 10'.  So probably
    we should also use the subdevice/subvendord here. For now just ignore
    that fact.
    PR:		kern/129665
    Submitted by:	bsam
    Obtained from:	united efforst with bsam
  14. Permit digits at the beginning and end of kernel config file names for

    bz authored
    `make universe'. This catches a few more arm and, once enabled, mips
    configs and permits having local configs named like NOINET6.
    Reviewed by:	phk
    MFC after:	4 weeks
  15. Fix memory leaks introduced in last commit.

    flz authored
    Bump version to 20081227.
    Reported by:	gcooper
    Submitted by:	Andrea Barberio <>
    MFC after:	1 month
  16. @lulf

    - Fix an issue with access permissions to underlying disks used by a …

    lulf authored
      plex. If the plex is a raid5 plex, and is being written to, parity data might
      have to be read from the underlying disks, requiring them to be opened for
      reading as well as writing.
    MFC after:	1 week
  17. @lulf

    - Back out r186038. Rather than changing the intent of the caller, th…

    lulf authored
    …e problem
      should be handled internally in gvinum.
    Suggested by:	pjd
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