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Commits on Nov 9, 2008
  1. - Copy from current HEAD

    rafan authored
  2. - Copy from current HEAD

    rafan authored
  3. - Copy from current HEAD

    rafan authored
  4. @EdSchouten
  5. @EdSchouten

    Mark uname(), getdomainname() and setdomainname() with COMPAT_FREEBSD4.

    EdSchouten authored
    Looking at our source code history, it seems the uname(),
    getdomainname() and setdomainname() system calls got deprecated
    somewhere after FreeBSD 1.1, but they have never been phased out
    properly. Because we don't have a COMPAT_FREEBSD1, just use
    Also fix the Linuxolator to build without the setdomainname() routine by
    just making it call userland_sysctl on kern.domainname. Also replace the
    setdomainname()'s implementation to use this approach, because we're
    duplicating code with sysctl_domainname().
    I wasn't able to keep these three routines working in our
    COMPAT_FREEBSD32, because that would require yet another keyword for
    syscalls.master (COMPAT4+NOPROTO). Because this routine is probably
    unused already, this won't be a problem in practice. If it turns out to
    be a problem, we'll just restore this functionality.
    Reviewed by:	rdivacky, kib
  6. - Flatten the vendor area

    rafan authored
  7. Revert to previous revision.

    matteo authored
    I should not commit anything at 3.50 AM.
    In addition to danfe's comments, I got others.
    I'll work on a better version of the patch.
  8. @jkoshy
  9. @jkoshy

    Change the meaning of a "*" argument to option -c to mean 'all

    jkoshy authored
    unhalted CPUs', instead of 'all CPUs'.  This change brings
    pmccontrol(8) in line with pmcstat(8).
  10. Ignore files that only differ in CVS Id tag.

    sobomax authored
    MFC after:	2 weeks
  11. Don't leave files in /var/cront/tabs when interrupted

    matteo authored
    PR:		17363
    MFC after:	3 days
  12. Be paranoid and use snprintf

    matteo authored
    PR:		bin/122137
    Submitted by:	Steven Kreuzer <>
    MFC after:	3 days
  13. @kmacy

    make kern.ipc.nmbclusters actually have a useful effect on nmbcluster…

    kmacy authored
    …s et al.
    initialize pkthdr in field order
  14. Add workaround for a back reference when no corresponding

    hrs authored
    parenthesized subexpression is defined.  For example, the
    following command line caused unexpected behavior like
    segmentation fault:
     % echo test | sed -e 's/test/\1/'
    PR:		bin/126682
    MFC after:	1 week
Commits on Nov 8, 2008
  1. @EdSchouten

    Reduce the default baud rate of PTY's to 9600.

    EdSchouten authored
    On RELENG_6 (and probably RELENG_7) we see our syscons windows and
    pseudo-terminals have the following buffer sizes:
    | ttyv0  0   0   0  7680  6720 2052 256       7 OCcl       1146  1146 term
    | ttyp0  0   0   0  7680  6720 1296 256       0 OCc       82033 82033 term
    These buffer sizes make no sense, because we often have much more output
    than input, but I guess having higher input buffer sizes improves
    guarantees of the system.
    On MPSAFE TTY I just sent both the input and output buffer sizes to 7
    KB, which is pretty big on a standard FreeBSD install with 8 syscons
    windows and some PTY's. Reduce the baud rate to 9600 baud, which means
    we now have the following buffer sizes:
    | ttyv0  1920    0    0  192  1984    0  199     7  2401  2401 Oil
    | pts/0  1920    0    0  192  1984    0  199  5631  1305  2526 Oi
    This is a lot smaller, but for pseudo-devices this should be good
    enough. You need to do a lot of punching to fill up a 7.5 KB input
    buffer. If it turns out things don't work out this way, we'll just
    switch to 19200 baud.
  2. @trasz

    Require write access on a directory being moved from one parent

    trasz authored
    directory to another in ZFS.
    Approved by:	rwatson (mentor), pjd
  3. @gkeramidas
  4. @amotin

    Don't use curthread to resolve file descriptor. Request may be queued…

    amotin authored
    …, so
    thread will be different. Instead require sender to send process ID
    together with file descriptor.
  5. @kientzle

    New command-line parser for bsdtar.

    kientzle authored
    This replaces the getopt()/getopt_long() wrapper, the old-style
    argument rewriter and the associated configuration glue with a more
    straightforward custom command parser.  In particular, this ensures
    that bsdtar will have consistent option parsing on every platform,
    regardless of whether the platform supports getopt_long().
    MFC after:	30 days
  6. @amotin

    Assign new cookie to the node to reflect API change.

    amotin authored
    All applications will have to be adapted and rebuilt.
Commits on Nov 7, 2008
  1. @amotin

    Don't assign completely meaningless name to the node on creation.

    amotin authored
    As soon as node is created from the netgraph side now, it can be found
    without using this. Allow application to assign whatever name it want later.
  2. @amotin

    Two minor fixes.

    amotin authored
  3. @trasz

    Add one more EACCES clause to rename.2.

    trasz authored
    Approved by:	rwatson (mentor)
  4. @trasz

    Make test for write access to the directory being moved a little more

    trasz authored
    Approved by:	rwatson (mentor)
  5. @trasz

    Improve output when a test fails.

    trasz authored
    Approved by:	rwatson (mentor)
  6. Range-check NFSv2 procedure numbers before converting to NFSv3.

    dfr authored
    Submitted by:	csjp
  7. Remove informational messages left. These messages were intended to

    yongari authored
    show up in verbose boot mode.
    Reported by:	pluknet ( pluknet<> gmail DOT com )
Commits on Nov 6, 2008
  1. @trasz

    Backoff the last patch. It was overly restrictive - we want to check

    trasz authored
    for write permission on target only when moving the target between two
    Approved by:	rwatson (mentor)
  2. @amotin

    A lot of spelling fixes.

    amotin authored
    Submitted by:	keramida
  3. @trasz

    Change ZFS behaviour to match UFS: when moving (rename(2)) a subdirec…

    trasz authored
    from one parent directory to another, in addition to the usual access checks
    one also needs write access to the subdirectory being moved.
    Approved by:    rwatson (mentor), pjd
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