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Commits on Feb 5, 2009
  1. explicitly add these

    sam committed
  2. sync w/ head

    sam committed
  3. device_shutdown returns an int.

    imp committed
  4. device_shutdown returns int.

    imp committed
  5. bus_add_child takes a const char *.

    imp committed
  6. add cfi test tool

    sam committed
    Sponsored by:	Carlson Wireless
    Reviewed by:	imp, Chris Andreson
  7. Add support for frobbing Intel StrataFlash Protection Registers:

    sam committed
    o add CFI_SUPPORT_STRATAFLASH compile option to enable support
    o add new ioctls to get/set the factory and user/oem segments of the PR
      and to get/set Protection Lock Register that fuses the user segment
    o add #defines for bits in the status register
    o update cfi_wait_ready to take an offset so it can be used to wait for
      PR write completion and replace constants w/ symbolic names
    Note: writing the user segment isn't correct; committing now to get review.
    Sponsored by:	Carlson Wireless
    Reviewed by:	imp, Chris Anderson
  8. Fix return type for detach routine (should be int)

    imp committed
    Fix first parameter for identify routine (should be driver_t *)
  9. Remove the assertive KA_HELD and KA_UNHELD as long as they are danger…

    attilio committed
    and not really helpful.
  10. Don't bother null-checking the thread pointer before the prison checks

    jamie committed
    in udp6_connect (td is already dereferenced elsewhere without such a
    check).  This makes the conversion from a sockaddr to a sockaddr_in6
    always happen, so convert once at the beginning of the function rather
    than twice in the middle.
    Approved by:	bz (mentor)
  11. Add more KTR_VFS logging point in order to have a more effective trac…

    attilio committed
    Reviewed by:	brueffer, kib
    Tested by:	Gianni Trematerra <giovanni D trematerra A gmail D com>
  12. Call prison_if from rtm_get_jailed, instead of splitting it out into

    jamie committed
    prison_check_ip4 and prison_check_ip6.  As prison_if includes a jailed()
    check, remove that check before calling rtm_get_jailed.
    Approved by:	bz (mentor)
  13. Remove redundant calls of prison_local_ip4 in in_pcbbind_setup, and of

    jamie committed
    prison_local_ip6 in in6_pcbbind.
    Approved by:	bz (mentor)
  14. @EdSchouten

    Don't leave the console TTY constantly open.

    EdSchouten committed
    When we leave the console TTY constantly open, we never reset the
    termios attributes. This causes output processing, echoing, etc. not to
    be reset to the proper values when going into single user mode after the
    system has booted. It also causes nl-to-crnl-conversion not to take
    place during shutdown, which causes a `staircase effect'.
    This patch adds a new TTY flag, TF_OPENED_CONS, which is set when the
    TTY is opened through /dev/console. Because the flags are only used by
    the kernel and the pstat(8) utility, I've decided to renumber the TTY
    flags. This shouldn't be an issue, because the TTY layer is not yet part
    of a stable release.
    Reported by:	Mark Atkinson <atkin901 yahoo com>
    Tested by:	sepotvin
  15. Don't allow creating a socket with a protocol family that the current

    jamie committed
    jail doesn't support.  This involves a new function prison_check_af,
    like prison_check_ip[46] but that checks only the family.
    With this change, most of the errors generated by jailed sockets
    shouldn't ever occur, at least until jails are changeable.
    Approved by:	bz (mentor)
  16. Standardize the various prison_foo_ip[46] functions and prison_if to

    jamie committed
    return zero on success and an error code otherwise.  The possible errors
    are EADDRNOTAVAIL if an address being checked for doesn't match the
    prison, and EAFNOSUPPORT if the prison doesn't have any addresses in
    that address family.  For most callers of these functions, use the
    returned error code instead of e.g. a hard-coded EADDRNOTAVAIL or
    Always include a jailed() check in these functions, where a non-jailed
    cred always returns success (and makes no changes).  Remove the explicit
    jailed() checks that preceded many of the function calls.
    Approved by:	bz (mentor)
  17. Use the correct creds when reconnecting so that we have enough privil…

    dfr committed
    …ege to
    bind reserved ports (if necessary).
    Submitted by:	Jaakko Heinonen <jh at saualaht dot fi>
  18. @trasz

    In some situations, mnt_lockref could go negative due to vfs_unbusy()…

    trasz committed
    … being
    called without calling vfs_busy() first.  This made umount(8) hang waiting
    for mnt_lockref to become zero, which would never happen.
    Reviewed by:	kib
    Approved by:	rwatson (mentor)
    Reported by:	pho
    Found with:	stress2
    Sponsored by:	FreeBSD Foundation
  19. @kmacy
  20. @kmacy
Commits on Feb 4, 2009
  1. Allow unprivileged users to run l2ping(8).

    emax committed
    MFC after:	1 month
  2. @nwhitehorn
  3. Clenup code a bit and do not call fork(2) before dameon(3) where not …

    emax committed
    MFC after:	1 month
  4. Shutdown routine returns int.

    imp committed
  5. Correct signature for the identify routine. The bad parameter wasn't

    imp committed
    used at all, so this is just a tidiness excersize.
  6. @rwatson

    Remove local variable 'ddp' from DDP's attach and detach routines; they

    rwatson committed
    were used only for assertions, and rather than ifdef'ing them
    INVARIANTS and using local variables, just directly access so_pcb.
    Submitted by:	Christoph Mallon <christoph dot mallon at gmx dot de>
    MFC after:	1 week
  7. @rwatson

    Remove written-to but never read local variable 'offset' from

    rwatson committed
    Submitted by:	Christoph Mallon <christoph dot mallon at gmx dot de>
    MFC after:	1 week
  8. @rwatson

    Eliminate the local variable 'ape' in audit_pipe_kqread(), as it's only

    rwatson committed
    used for an assertion that we don't really need anymore.
    MFC after:	1 week
    Reported by:	Christoph Mallon <christoph dot mallon at gmx dot de>
  9. @bsdjhb

    Tweak the ia64 machine check handling code to not register new sysctl…

    bsdjhb committed
    … nodes
    while holding a spin mutex.  Instead, it now shoves the machine check
    records onto a queue that is later drained to add sysctl nodes for each
    record.  While a routine to drain the queue is present, it is not currently
    Reviewed by:	marcel
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