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Welcome to the Kyua project!

Kyua is a testing framework for infrastructure software, originally designed to equip BSD-based operating systems with a test suite. This means that Kyua is lightweight and simple, and that Kyua integrates well with various build systems and continuous integration frameworks.

Kyua features an expressive test suite definition language, a safe runtime engine for test suites and a powerful report generation engine.

Kyua is for both developers and users, from the developer applying a simple fix to a library to the system administrator deploying a new release on a production machine.

Kyua is able to execute test programs written with a plethora of testing libraries and languages. The library of choice is ATF, for which Kyua was originally designed, but simple, framework-less test programs and TAP-compliant test programs can also be executed through Kyua.

Kyua is licensed under a liberal BSD 3-clause license. This is not an official Google product.

Read more about Kyua in the About wiki page.


The latest version of Kyua is 0.13 and was released on August 26th, 2016.

Download: kyua-0.13.

See the release notes for information about the changes in this and all previous releases.


You are encouraged to install binary packages for your operating system wherever available:

  • Fedora 20 and above: install the kyua package with dnf install kyua.

  • FreeBSD 10.0 and above: install the kyua package with pkg install kyua.

  • NetBSD with pkgsrc: install the pkgsrc/devel/kyua package.

  • OpenBSD with packages: install the kyua package with pkg_add kyua.

  • macOS (with Homebrew): install the kyua package with brew install kyua.

Should you want to build and install Kyua from the source tree provided here, follow the instructions in the file.

You should also install the ATF libraries to assist in the development of test programs. To that end, see the ATF project page.


Want to contribute? Great! But please first read the guidelines provided in

If you are curious about who made this project possible, you can check out the list of copyright holders and the list of individuals.


Please use the kyua-discuss mailing list for any support inquiries.