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mail/ssmtp Signal 11 during installation #286

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% sudo make -C /usr/ports/mail/ssmtp install clean
===> Installing for ssmtp-2.64
===> Generating temporary packing list
===> Checking if mail/ssmtp already installed
===> Creating users and/or groups.
Using existing group `ssmtp'.
sSMTP has been installed successfully.

To replace sendmail with ssmtp type "make replace" or change
your /etc/mail/mailer.conf to:

sendmail /usr/local/sbin/ssmtp
send-mail /usr/local/sbin/ssmtp
mailq /usr/local/sbin/ssmtp
newaliases /usr/local/sbin/ssmtp
hoststat /usr/bin/true
purgestat /usr/bin/true

However, before you can use the program, you should copy the files
"revaliases.sample" and "ssmtp.conf.sample" in /usr/local/etc/ssmtp
to "revaliases" and "ssmtp.conf" respectively and edit them to suit
your needs.
===> Correct pkg-plist sequence to create group(s) and user(s)
===> Compressing manual pages for ssmtp-2.64
===> Registering installation for ssmtp-2.64
*** Signal 11

Stop in /usr/ports/mail/ssmtp.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/mail/ssmtp.
[1] 10790 exit 1 sudo make -C /usr/ports/mail/ssmtp install clean

Backtrace below:

(gdb) bt
#0 0x00000008014d1e8c in sbuf_cat () from /lib/
#1 0x000000080088c8bb in pkg_appendscript (pkg=0x8034951c0,
cmd=0x803468100 "echo \"===> Creating users and/or groups.\"\nif ! /usr/sbin/pw groupshow ssmtp >/dev/null 2>&1; then echo \"Creating group 'ssmtp' with gid '916'.\"; /usr/sbin/pw groupadd ssmtp -g 916; else echo \"Using "..., type=PKG_SCRIPT_POST_INSTALL) at pkg.c:775
#2 0x00000008008778e5 in flush_script_buffer (buf=0x803417700, p=0x8034951c0, type=1)
at pkg_ports.c:707
#3 0x0000000800877e52 in ports_parse_plist (pkg=0x8034951c0,
plist=0x803504070 "/usr/ports/mail/ssmtp/work/.PLIST.mktmp", stage=0x0) at pkg_ports.c:820
#4 0x000000000040bec9 in exec_register (argc=6, argv=0x7fffffffd948) at register.c:184
#5 0x0000000000408d28 in main (argc=6, argv=0x7fffffffd948) at main.c:314



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