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General Information

The pkg-plugin-zfssnap plugin is a plugin meant to be used for creating snapshots on a system with ZFS prior any install/deinstall actions are taken.

pkg-plugin-zfssnap is useful in a way that if something breaks in case your installation or deinstallation of package(s) fails you will be able to rollback to a previously known and working state of your system.

How to build the plugin?

In order to build the plugin enter into the plugin's directory and run make(1), e.g.:

$ cd /path/to/pkg-plugins-zfssnap
$ make

Once the plugin is built you can install it using the following command:

$ make install 

The plugin will be installed as a shared library in ${PREFIX}/lib/

Configuring the plugin

In order to configure the plugin simply copy the zfssnap.conf file to the pkgng plugins directory, which by default is set to /usr/local/etc/pkg/plugins, unless you've specified it elsewhere by using the PKG_PLUGINS_DIR option.

$ cp /path/to/pkg-plugins-zfssnap/zfssnap.conf /usr/local/etc/pkg/plugins/

Next, open /usr/local/etc/pkg/plugins/zfssnap.conf and configure any ZFS related options.

Testing the plugin

To test the plugin, first check that it is recognized and loaded by pkgng by executing the pkg plugins command:

$ pkg plugins
NAME       DESC                                VERSION    LOADED    
zfssnap    ZFS snapshot plugin for pkgng       1.0        YES       

If the plugin shows up correctly then you are good to go! :)

Once you start installing/deinstall package(s) zfssnap will create a snapshot for you!

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