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The new pkg command uses the ".pkg" extension for all files,
independently of the archive format chosen.

This update adapts portmaster to that convention and removes all
support for other extensions. (This might be considered premature,
but supporting multiple extensions would require logic changes and
I expect all users to quickly convert their local repositories to
comply with the new naming.)

The package format can still be selected as before.

If you have package files in /usr/packages/* that you want to be
visible to portmaster, then rename them, e.g. from "*.txz" to "*.pkg".
(The "mmv" command (misc/mmv port) performs this renaming with the
following command in /usr/packages/All:

          mmv "*.txz" =1.pkg

Port revision:	3.19_31

Merged from port commit 4812894fc19a4eb92315d4ad57b0d13ff1018453

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This script uses the existing ports infrastructure to track dependencies, and keep them up to date. It is written in /bin/sh so it has no dependencies.

Portmaster has the following features:

  • Updates and repairs (as needed) entries for dependencies in both +CONTENTS and +REQUIRED_BY files for both the port that is being updated, and any ports that depend on it
  • Runs make config recursively through all ports before starting build
  • Downloads distfiles in the background
  • Recursively checks and upgrades (or installs) all dependencies
  • User can force upgrades of all dependent ports
  • Offers the user the opportunity to delete stale distfiles
  • Supports ports/MOVED and non-default settings of PORTSDIR and PKG_DBDIR
  • Interactive update mode (prompts for each update)
  • Option to rebuild port, and ports that depend on it
  • Options to make packages out of installed, and new ports
  • Option to clean out stale port dependencies
  • Options to list installed ports by category, and those with new versions
  • Packages can be used for installation either exclusively, if available, or only for build dependencies


IRC: #portmaster @ Freenode


FreeBSD port management script without external databases or languages



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