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Welcome to poudriere!

poudriere is a tool primarily designed to test package production on FreeBSD. However, most people will find it useful to bulk build ports for FreeBSD.

Its goals are to use modern facilities present in FreeBSD (such as ZFS, jails), to be easy to use and to depend only on base.

Where is the documentation?

The canonical documentation is located at:


A copy of this documentation could be found in the doc directory.

You can also open the poudriere's manpage, located in the 8th section.


IRC: #poudriere on freenode
Mailing list: freebsd-pkg@FreeBSD.org (lists.freebsd.org)

Getting started with poudriere

  1. Install it by typing ./configure, make and make install at the top-level directory
  2. Copy /usr/local/etc/poudriere.conf.sample to /usr/local/etc/poudriere.conf
  3. Edit it to suit your needs
  4. man poudriere, search for EXAMPLES, read the wiki
  5. Follow "bulk build of binary packages" steps
  6. Enjoy your new fresh binary packages!

Build status

  • i386 FreeBSD i386
  • amd64 FreeBSD amd64
  • armv6 FreeBSD armv6
  • armv7 FreeBSD armv7
  • aarch64 FreeBSD aarch64
  • powerpc64 FreeBSD powerpc64