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Releases: freechessclub/freechessclub



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Brand new major release with lots of new and exciting features and bug fixes. Enjoy!


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Two minor UI updates:

  • Increased board size, per several user requests
  • Fixed issues with choppy piece movement (when premoving or when navigating through game history)


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  • update logo
  • minor formatting fix for match request modal


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  • feature: add a setting to toggle auto-scrolling of chat messages
  • feature: show game requests (challenge, abort, draw and takeback, etc.) in the game status area in the left panel
  • feature: show ratings (as a badge) next to a player's name
  • bugfix: fix an issue where a game would be unplayable when multiple half-move takebacks are requested
  • misc: channel title update
  • misc: code reorganization and package updates


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  • minor rebranding


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  • feature: implement timeseal v2
  • feature: detect login issues correctly (invalid passwords, etc.)
  • feature: add support for emojis and images
  • feature: add new and improved sounds
  • bugfix: make sure private tells auto-scroll
  • bugfix: fix error when the tellcommand is invoked without sufficient parameters
  • bugfix: "private tell" commands in non-console tabs did not trigger creation of a new tab
  • bugfix: remove superfluous newlines in private/channel tells
  • bugfix: prevent server from crashing when there are connection failures
  • bugfix: make tab identifiers case-insensitive so we don't have two outstanding tabs for the same user
  • misc: open a tab when private tell is sent from console
  • misc: replace anchorme with autolink for hyperlink detection
  • misc: reduce bundle size


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  • bug fix: show own tells when sending private tells
  • general chessboard improvements
  • remove chat history feature
  • improve "game observe" support
  • general scalability improvements
  • ask before leaving the website if a game is on


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  • show own tells when sent using the tell console command
  • improve server message type detection
  • when a game ends, auto-scroll the left-hand-side panel so that the game status is visible
  • fix disconnection issues due to socket timeout


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  • tweak theme colors
  • gorilla/websocket is not thread-safe; fix all websocket-related data races
  • code reorganization and cleanup
  • tweak chat input layout
  • other miscellaneous fixes