Contributing Blender models for Freeciv WebGL

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Help improve Freeciv WebGL by creating improved 3D models

Freeciv WebGL 3D is an open source strategy game playable in a web-browser. The game is free for all to play, and everyone is welcome to improve the game. We need help from artists and designers to improve the 3D models in the 3D WebGL version and hope that you want to help improve the game! If you are an experienced Blender artist or still learning Blender, this can give you a nice little project to contribute graphics to a popular open source game used by lots of people around the world! This open source project can be improved a lot when developers and artists collaborate on improving the game.

Freeciv-web has a AGPL open source license, and the Blender models can have either a AGPL license or be in public domain. You will be given credits for your contribution to the game.

How can you improve a Blender 3D model?

If you want to improve a Blender 3D model in the game, then you can download an existing blender file, make your improvements to the Blender 3D model, then submit the updated Blender model by attaching it to a new issue here on Github.

The existing Blender models can be found here:

Submitting Blender models

If you have created a new Blender model, please submit it by attaching the file to a new issue here on Github:

You can also get feedback or help on the forum.

Editing the 3D model in Blender

For example, even the Settlers blender model could be greatly improved!

Some advice

  • Keep the file-size of the model reasonably small (less than 2MB), since the game will be played in a web-browser and downloaded over the Internet.
  • The goal is to make the game look better! Add some textures to the models. Try making a model easier to recognize. Have fun!
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