A simple MI interface to LLDB for Eclipse
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A simple MI interface to LLDB.

Usable with Eclipse IDE (C, C++) and Lazarus IDE (Pascal)


Since Apple has withdrawn its support for GDB. The options to debug an application with CDT on Mac OS X are:

  1. Use Xcode:
  • Natural for Mac OS X, but limited for sharing projects or cross compiling on Linux or Windows.
  • Not adequate for multi language programs (eg: C with Java or Perl).
  1. Install GNU GDB:
  • Easy to install from Homebrew or Macports.
  • Does not support Mac OS X dynamic libraries preventing from debugging code inside these libraries.
  1. Install LLDB-MI:
  • This program is promising, but is not yet mature.
  • With Eclipse, it must be run in a manual remote debugging session implying to open a shell window and start manually a debug server with the program being debugged as argument (if there is a better way, doc do not mention it).
  • The actual version doesn’t display nor update variables correctly.
  • Many error messages with Eclipse (command arguments nor recognized).
  • The code is complex and not easy to debug for a newcomer.

LLDBMI2 is a lightweight alternative to LLDB-MI on Mac OS X. It allows:

  • Debug a local application
  • Attach to a running process.

It should be useful for Mac OS x users until LLDB-MI gets enough maturity or when Eclipse will support directly LLDB.


No remote debugging.

No support for Non-stop debugging, Multi-process debugging and Reverse debugging until LLDB support them.

To display arrays of structures, theses structures must be defines with typedef (limitation of DWARF)