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Welcome to the wiki of the FreeDict project

This wiki documents the software and formats that we use within FreeDict. It serves as an entrance point for new starters as well as for developers, which organize priorities and tasks.

As a normal user, you probably simply ask yourself: "How can I access your dictionaries?". This and many more questions are answered in the FAQ.


Top priorities for the project are:

  • work on tightening the dictionary schemas,
    • making the databases fully machine-readable,
  • aligning the content of grammatical descriptions against a reference ontology.
  • update the web site

Regarding the usage of dictionaries, the following is planned:

  • support more output formats (we always want this)
  • provide a more helpful web interface for dictionary lookup
  • create a Windows installer to bundle a dictionary program with dictionaries

Development And Contributions

Below is a list of resources which help to understand the internals of the FreeDict project. If you want to contribute and are unsure what to do, please ask on the Freedict mailing list or visit us in #freedict in the OFTC IRC network ( or try the web chat. If you don't have a technical background, please don't hesitate to contact us, you can be certainly of great help to our project. If you however are a skilled programmer, we definitely are in need for your skills.

Where else to go

Please bear in mind that our home page is located at We have no affiliation with sites represented by addresses with other suffixes. Some of them are meant to make a buck by luring people and showing them a lot of advertisements, but this is not our doing, this is just the nature of some humans.

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