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FreeDNS::42 has been forked off XName a long time ago.
Since it was a private fork, a lot of docs are sorely outdated, sorry.

Contact: freedns @


XName is an engine providing modular web managed DNS hosting, with a 
lot of features like DNS server logs viewer, synthetical view of all
user's zones, and much more - for primary and secondary zones. 

Based on a MySQL database, PHP scripts for web front-end and
Perl scripts for back-end - files creation and logs parsing, all
parts can be run on different servers:
- database
- web frontend
- name server with backend

See INSTALL file for installation instructions.
See MIGRATE file for migration instructions from previous XName engine.
See doc/RULES for submitting patches.
See doc/multiserver.txt for understanding how multiserver works.
See doc/MULTISERVERS to enable multiservers.
See doc/dynamic-update.txt for dynamic update feature.

Source code is free (under GPL, see LICENSE file)