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Here are a list of projects currently using freedom.js. Add yourself to this list. You know you want to

uProxy logo ### uProxy ([] ( uProxy is a browser extension that lets users share alternative more secure routes to the Internet. It's like a personalized VPN service that you set up for yourself and your friends. uProxy helps users protect each other from third parties who may try to watch, block, or redirect users’ Internet connections. * [Source Code] (

Take Turns, Sally. Wtf? ([] (

Take Turns, Sally is a meeting queue system for speaking order. Everyone opens up the app from their computer/smartphone and joins a common room. Select 1 leader and begin queuing up to speak.

File Drop ([] (

File Drop lets you easily share files with your friends. Just drop the file into the page and your browser immediately become a server for that file. Share your unique URL to serve that file to friends directly in true P2P fashion.


A social network for sharing and reviewing publications.

freedom.js Chat ([] (

freedom.js chat is simple anonymous global chatroom. Just load the page, get assigned a random name, and start chatting with other freedom.js users.


InstaCDN is a library that lets you automatically peer-to-peer-ify your webpage. Annotate your static content, run the tool, and your users will automatically begin to distribute static content amongst themselves so that you don't have to. Under development and unstable.


BitTorrent Sync, built for the browser. Open source, completely P2P, no native software. Under development and unstable.

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