Tutorial: Getting Started

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This tutorial is a great way to get familiar with freedom.js, where each step walks through a different application leveraging a different feature of the framework.

See how freedom.js superpowers your web app, without worrying about specific network stacks:

  • Build powerful P2P apps using only JavaScript and HTML in a single-page application.
  • Ship your web app using static web servers and CDNs (or use someone else's for free like GitHub Pages). No server-side code needed!
  • Be truly cross-platform. When you write your app with freedom.js, they magically work without modification in modern browsers, Chrome extensions, Firefox extensions, native mobile apps, and node.js. See our tutorial on running your app in an alternative environment. Link
  • Code against a high-level API, giving you access to abstractions like a user, friends on their social network, a binary network stream between users, and a key-value store. Want to use a different social network? No problem! Our plug-and-play API providers let you swap out the implementations behind the freedom.js interface, allowing your application to support multiple social networks, storage systems, and network stacks without changing your application code. Link
  • Safely link to other developers' code. When you host your freedom.js modules on the Web, any developer can link their app to your code, forming dynamic dependencies that are strongly isolated at runtime.

Note. Most tutorials are not yet completed. While we work on these tutorials, please feel free to email us.

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