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ROOT=$(realpath $(dir $(firstword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))
GO=$(shell which go)
all: build
$(ROOT)/fodcmd/fodcmd -domains=$(ROOT)/domains -foxyproxy=$(ROOT)/foxyproxy-patterns.json -pac=$(ROOT)/OmegaProfile.pac -proxifier=$(ROOT)/FOD.ppx
cd $(ROOT)/fodcmd && $(GO) build .
foxyproxy: build
$(ROOT)/fodcmd/fodcmd -domains=$(ROOT)/domains -foxyproxy=$(ROOT)/foxyproxy-patterns.json
pac: build
$(ROOT)/fodcmd/fodcmd -domains=$(ROOT)/domains -pac=$(ROOT)/OmegaProfile.pac
proxifier: build
$(ROOT)/fodcmd/fodcmd -domains=$(ROOT)/domains -proxifier=$(ROOT)/FOD.ppx
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