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Development requirements:

  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio 1.0+
  • JSoup 1.7.2 (customized, check the libs folder)
  • ActionBarSherlock
  • Android 3+ (Honeycomb)

Application requirements:

  • Recommended: Android 3.0+ (API Level 11)
  • Minimum: Android 2.2 (API Level 8)
  • Some features might not working if running below the recommended version.

Line endings & source encoding config


Q1: I cannot load the Main Novel List/empty novel list!
A1: Try to disable the AdBlocker/Firewall.

Q2: The last updated date is showing 43 years ago!
A2: Try to disable the AdBlocker/Firewall.

TASK LIST — Version 1.1.0 beta build 31 (Old Version 20130106)


  • inverted default VolumeRocker scroll direction.
  • Removed annoying sound when using VolumeRocker.
  • Database backup/restore implemented
  • Downloads intent+++ Make it cooler
  • anti sleep function
  • Fix volume buttons when not in scroll mode
  • Unit steps for scrolling Volume Rocker 1 = 100 normalized
  • make bookmarks accessible in every part of the app
  • Download all info make a background task
  • Reformatted last update/check text
  • Jump to inside content layout fixed
  • Bookmarks screen fix layout
  • fix novel content headers/titles
  • Fixed an issue where only the last updated novel was notified
  • Add update service to download list.
  • Add status message in download list.
  • Add download List too all intents
  • Remove Downloads and from main menu, add them as popup menu.
  • Rename ImageActivity to something better
  • Add Orignal Light Novels List
  • Teaser and Original list to use Download List Model
  • Clicking an undownloaded chapter will add it to the download list if it hasn't been downloaded.
  • Added more visual tips about novel states "Read", "Has Update" and "External"
  • Novels, Teasers and Original novels lists are all shown under "Light Novels", separated by tabs.
  • Added option to enable auto downloading an undownloaded chapter on the download list
  • added "Go Top" and "Go Bottom" to chapter menu
  • preloading all lists on the tab activity
  • "download XXX novels" instead of "complete novel"
  • Add Update History Activity
  • Consolidate updates into single notification
  • Fix formatDateForDisplay() bug
  • Refactor some Util method.
  • Fix issue #20: Infinite Loading for Empty Watch List
  • FIx too many update notification problem - Impolemented Notification Screen
  • Home button (mascot) on download list not working
  • Webview Dynamic buttons first implementation
  • Remove asyncTaskCount from settings
  • Added options menu in Novels lists
  • Fixed database location issues

Crash fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would occur if trying to unbind an unregistered service on low memory warning.
  • Fixed a crash that related to scrolling while reading a novel.


  • Manual Add Crash fix
  • Tabs not showing correctly on Android ver 2.2 - 2.3.7
  • Light Novel List / Main Menu Layouts

low priority

  • Add first time Tutorial for new users to show off functionalities, skipable. // May go to next version only, or will be added later.
  • EULA/BT Copyrights on first time run // Need to prepare a EULA.
  • Manual add series tutorial for new users

TODO next version only

  • let finished downloads stay unless deleted*

maybe ill add an option to "remove complete downloads automatically" for those who dont like removing manually...

Needs rethinking/checking

  • Reduce image download message sizes on download list
  • make external chapters open in an internal customized webview (not all externals open the same way?)
  • Verify clicking mascot in chapter and going to jump to screen.
  • Make lightNovel list download a download list task
  • When loading main page for first time, add message "found x novel series" lowPriority

this mascot (is the icon on the upper left, only shows on newer android versions, like a back button) bug is not checked yet.

Future ideas

  • Advanced Customization options
  • Integration with external cloud apps for image/database saving:
    • DropBox
    • Box
    • Skydrive
    • Google Drive

(This is just an IDEA, and as such, not to worry for now.)

Android permission list

  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
    • For checking Internet state.
  • android.permission.INTERNET
    • For downloading data from Baka Tsuki.
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
    • For saving image cache.
  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
    • For reading image cache.
  • android.permission.VIBRATE
    • For notification.

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Light novel reader for android test project collab







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  • CSS 2.1%
  • JavaScript 0.5%