[WIP] Repository for anime characters recognition website, powered by TensorFlow
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Repository for anime characters recognition website, powered by TensorFlow.

Demonstration page (Alpha version): MoeFlow Website.

MoeFlow is featured in:

Project Introduction

This project is related to freedomofkeima/transfer-learning-anime.


This project is heavily inspired from characters indexing website such as saucenao and iqdb. In general, character indexing websites work well since character arts are generally limited in terms of number compared to real-life photos.


However, there are cases where character indexing websites will not work well, e.g.: the image is cropped or altered.

Full Image (Top: Saucenao, Bottom: MoeFlow)



Altered Image



Or, there are cases where you want to recognize a character from a photo.

(Top: Saucenao, Middle: iqdb, Bottom: MoeFlow)




Transfer Learning

This project only uses 30* 60 images per character for learning, which are very low in number for image recognition learning. However, this number is chosen since the majority of characters has a limited number of arts.

In yande.re, there are around 35000 registered character tags. However, top 1000 characters only have 70+ images while top 2000 characters only have 40+ images.

(*) The number of dataset is increased from ~30 to ~60 and the overall accuracy is increased by 5% to 10% (from 60% - 65% to 70%).


How to create initial environment

Python Environment:

$ virtualenv -p python3 venv  # Ensure python3 version is 3.5, otherwise TensorFlow might not work
$ . venv/bin/activate
$ pip install tensorflow==1.4.0

Since nagadomi/animeface-2009 is an independent project, you need to clone it somewhere in your local directory. Note that the project requires Ruby, ImageMagick, and gcc to run.

After you finish installing it, go to detect.rb and update the require part (line 4) accordingly.

After that, you need to download MoeFlow model via models/download_model.sh (~ 100 MB).

How to run

After running steps above, you can simply run it by:

$ export MOEFLOW_MODEL_PATH='/path/to/MoeFlow/models'
$ pip install -e .
$ app

If your application is configured to run in a relative path, e.g.: https://freedomofkeima.com/moeflow/, then you can set static URL path via export MOEFLOW_RELATIVE_URL_PATH='/moeflow/'.


This project itself is licensed under MIT License.

Face recognition feature is developed by nagadomi.

All images are owned by their respective creators.