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Hey! Great to have you here. This is where we describe how you can contribute to our project. The Encryption Works document is community built; we encourage you to get involved.


If you'd like to see any specific changes or improvements to this document, feel free to open an issue on this repository. To comment on particular paragraphs or sections, you can reference the line numbers — here is a handy StackOverflow thread that tells you how to do that. Normally, just referring to the section using natural language should be enough, though.

We use GitHub because it has a process for discussing lines and sections of the code easily, and it is close to the source. If you need help, at all, please open an issue asking for help and we'll be more than happy to see what we can do.

Directly contributing

If you want to really get your hands dirty, fork our repository. Then, if you'd like to contribute to this document, please follow these instructions:

  1. Create a "feature branch" referencing the issue's ID (i.e. git checkout -b issue_34).
  2. Make your precise correction to the document, and commit it.
  3. Submit a pull request on our repo for consideration.

Pull Requests are great ways to show how you think the code or documentation could be better, and they allow us to comment on your changes before merging them into our document. If you need help doing this, don't be afraid to ask.